Can I Give My Dog Something for Pain?

Can I Give My Dog Something For Pain?Nothing is more distressing than to see your pet in pain. There are so many causes of pain in dogs. Common illnesses, injury, infection and depression are among the most common sources. Still others are more elusive and require further diagnosis at the vet. Whatever the reasons, you want to lessen their pain which is totally understandable.

Understanding the different symptoms, causes and treatments involved will help to fast track alleviation of your dog’s misery. Being lax when you see that there is obviously something wrong is not the way to go. Since you are here reading this, it is likely you are a proactive K9 owner, great!

Dogs may not understand what they are going through whenever they experience pain. In a lot of cases, they might find such a scenario frightening. This is the reason why some of them become aggressive when in pain. There are instances when they may even bite their owners after suffering for so long.

Can I give my dog something for pain? Answer: Yes!

There are many over-the-counter medications which you may give your dog to help ease the discomfort. Several medications are available and on the market that you can buy which doesn’t require prescription, like Aspirin. You should consult with your vet before administering such drugs.

In fact, to be on the safe side, you should bring your pet to the veterinarian for proper diagnosis. There may be something going on in your dog’s internals which can only be determined with a thorough check-up.

Giving medication to your dog without proper diagnosis and prescription of a vet must be avoided at all costs. Aspirin, for instance, can be damaging to dogs since it thins the blood. In cases of bruising, soft tissue injuries or internal injuries, the medication may only result to internal bleeding. So, instead of alleviating the problem, it may just end up causing more damage.

If your dog has been struggling for a long time and you haven’t found much success there are other options. You may consider trying acupuncture as more and more vets are training to be become knowledgeable in this traditional practice.

Symptoms – Signs Your Dog Is In Pain

Some dog owners may not be aware that their dog is in pain. Listed below are the most common signs you should watch out for:

  • Shivering
  • Turning down food and water
  • Decreased level of activity
  • Aggression
  • Depression
  • Physical problems, like limping
  • Whining

You are in the best position to know if and when your dog is acting strangely. This can be a very scary experience for your pet. When you see the onset of the above-mentioned symptoms, seek professional help and get that piece of mind. Your dog is worth it.

Helping Your Dog with their Aches and PainsWhat to Do When Your Dog Is In Pain

Pain in dogs may be short-lived or long-lasting. It is sometimes very important to visit the veterinarian at the soonest possible time in order get treatment.

However, there are instances when you should wait until the next day or so because under some circumstances it can just go away on its own.

You can also provide your dog with lots of effective remedies at home. Sometimes it is better to save that hard earned cash. You may need it for when your dog is really in pain! This is a judgment call you’ll need to make.

Apply a Hot/Cold Compress

Hot or cold compress are two of the most effective ways to ease your dog’s pain which can relax and soothe. Cold compress helps to minimize swelling. Hot compress applied on the back or shoulders, homologous joint, can also help alleviate pain. However, avoid direct application on the swollen area. A hot compress is especially helpful when your dog is suffering from a pulled muscle or arthritis.

Limit Movement

Constant movement will just worsen your dog’s condition. To control your pet from moving about, you can temporarily crate them. Avoid taking your K9 out for walks for the time being. Be sure to have plenty of water and food on hand for them.

Giving Water and Food

Eating may prove to be quite a challenge if your dog is in pain. This is because your pet has a tendency to lose their appetite when not feeling well, same goes for water. Take whatever measures necessary to constantly keep your dog hydrated. For food, try to find special treats which they might not be able to refuse. If your canine still refuses to eat, you probably need to head out to the vet.

Pain Management

Yes, you can give your dog something to ease pain. Though it might be tempting to immediately give a pill to ease the pain of your pet, you must refrain from doing so based on emotion.

There are some pain relievers for humans which may also work on dogs. Still, these must be properly prescribed by your veterinarian unless you are 100% sure it is ok. Simply providing medication to your pet without a vet’s guidance or proper research may just cause more harm than good.

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Hailey February 5, 2013

My dog won’t get out of her dog bed and she is shivering. What do we give her to help?


Anonymous July 20, 2013

Go to your vet!


James July 23, 2013

Going to the vet is always your best bet, especially when in doubt.

Will February 1, 2014

Aspirin is not a great thing to give dogs or cats especially if they are bleeding or prone to bleeding easily, as it can make this worse. Aspirin is a blood thinner. Ask a vet before you give your dog any pain meds to be on the safe side.


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