Can I Give My Dog Sesame Seeds?

Can I Give My Dog Sesame Seeds?Sesame seeds are in many recipes. Think bagels, breads and hamburger buns. Know that allergies are a small concern when sharing these nutty seeds with a pet dog.

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A bit of sprinkled sesame seeds is unlikely to have adverse effects. If your dog’s already had a taste, and they’re fine, you don’t need to worry yourself about it.

Nutritionally speaking, sesame seeds are super. There are, however, downsides for dogs. While loaded with protein and other vitamins, they’re also high in calories and carbs. If Fido occasionally eats these seeds be sure to limit portions.

Can I Give My Dog Sesame Seeds? Answer: Yes, moderation

Even humans consume only small portions of these nutty seeds.

There’s nothing harmful about sharing a small sampling of sesame seeds with a pet dog. They are a great nutritional supplement, but it depends on how they are served. If sesame seeds are attached to a big bad bagel then, obviously, this is a poor feeding choice for any dog. Likewise, sesame seeds on a McDonald’s Big Mac is much different than sprinkling a bit onto regular canine chow.

Everything in moderation and for sesame seeds in particular.

Sharing Some Sesame Seeds

Be smart when giving your dog a taste of delicious sesame seeds. Any human food, but especially this type, requires rationing for pets.

High carbohydrates combined with calorie density makes this a sensible sesame seed policy.

What’s great is these nutty seeds are loaded with healthy natural oils, magnesium, iron, calcium and fiber. Sesame seeds are a health food. Allergies, though, can’t be ruled out.

On Cookies, Pretzels, Buns

No doubt that sesame seeds are nutritious when fed to dogs sparingly. The problem is people foods that incorporate these seeds tend to be hamburger buns, pretzels and cookies.

Sometimes sesame seeds even show up on sushi rolls. Of course, some of these foods shouldn’t be given to dogs, especially on a regular basis.

Doggie Digestion Doubts

There’s another potential drawback to sharing sesame seeds with dogs. You may see them, undigested, in your buddy’s bowel movements. This indicates the sesame seeds aren’t being broken down.

There is nothing to be alarmed about, if this is the case with your dog. Just be realistic when you feed these types of human foods to Fido.

Different Types of Seeds

While we are on the topic of sesame seeds, let’s touch on other kinds of seeds and their appropriateness for dogs. Many fruits, watermelon for example, contain seeds or pits.

These are not edible. Well-cared for pets should never be allowed to consume seeds found inside fruit. So these foods, while healthy, need preparation for dogs.

Chia seeds, however, are another super seed with fabulous nutritional benefits. Dogs can partake on occasion.

Conclusion on Sesame Seeds

You can give your dog small amounts of sesame seeds. They aren’t toxic. This nutty seed is actually a good addition to meals. They contain proteins and other valuable vitamins and minerals. You must ration sesame seed portions. Don’t feed your dog any when they’re stuck to a doughy bagel or fattening burger bun.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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