Can I Give My Dog Popsicles?

Can I Give My Dog Popsicles?Almost everyone enjoys popsicles. Well, dogs love them too! Maybe you would like to give your best buddy a popsicle to eat. This question pops into our heads when it heats up outside. Ice cream popsicles are particularly good to have around during the hot summer months.

After all, your dog probably needs to cool off more than you do since they have a fur coat on 24 hours a day! But can you really give your pet dog popsicles?

Ice popsicles for dogs is debatable. Some say it’s alright while others say it’s bad for canines. We are here to settle the issue once and for all.

Can I Give My Dog Popsicles? Answer: Yes, but make your own

Generally, popsicles are okay to be given to dogs but what’s better is making your own!

There are certain restrictions on this. Giving whole popsicles to your dog, especially on a regular basis, is probably a bad idea.

When you do give your dog this kind of summer treat make sure they are made of safe and natural ingredients. Popsicles containing artificial coloring and sweeteners are harmful to dogs over the long term.

If you’re sure that your frozen popsicles are made of sugar-free ingredients and that there are no preservatives in them, then go ahead. Enjoy this tasty treat with your best friend on occasion.

Making Safe Popsicles at Home

To make absolutely sure that you aren’t feeding your dog unhealthy popsicle treats, you can make your own popsicles at home. Since dogs particularly like the coldness of popsicles, the flavor only comes secondary to enjoying this type of treat. Think of the blazing summer sun!

Even popsicles made of just plain water will be enjoyed by your dog. You can keep it simple. If you have one of those popsicle makers, just put plain water in the containers (minus the popsicle stick) and your pooch can have a cold treat anytime. Afternoon hours during the hot months of summer are really brutal for K9s. You’d be really helping them out.

Dogs really do need to cool off during hot weather conditions in order to avoid becoming dehydrated. Popsicles serve the dual purpose of being a doggy treat and a preventive measure against summer dehydration. If you keep it healthy you are definitely doing the right thing.

If you want to get fancy and keep your dog hydrated at the same time, use Pedialyte and Gatorade as the main ingredients in your homemade popsicles. Simply mix a sufficient amount of Pedialyte or Gatorade in water and freeze it using popsicle containers. Dilute the Gatorade to cut down on their sugar intake. If you don’t have a popsicle maker, use ordinary ice trays instead.

Popsicle Recipes for Your Dog

Using your imagination you can create fantastic, delicious, and nutritious popsicle recipes for your dog. For example, try combining peanut butter and banana in a blender and then freeze in ice trays or paper cups. You can even enjoy this homemade cold treat with your dog (it’s good for both of you!).

Another way to create a healthy popsicle is to mix yogurt, fresh fruit juice and peanut butter in a blender. Then freeze the pureed mixture in the freezer for a delicious treat for the whole family.

For a really fast and improvised popsicle to give as treat to your dog, you can simply freeze carrots or bananas. These are healthy foods and it will soothe them.

Advantages of Healthy Popsicles

There are many advantages of giving popsicles, either fruit flavored or not, aside from your dog’s increased happiness. There are cases of dogs losing consciousness due to prolonged heat exposure. Heat stroke can also occur when a dog gets badly dehydrated. Once your canine is weakened and vulnerable the damage can quickly worsen so hydration is key.

Popsicles help! Avoid this problem in a fun and enjoyable way by sharing cold treats with your dog. Just stick to healthy ingredients. There’s no reason to provide chemically laced foods when trying to achieve K9 hydration.

Cooling Down Conclusion

During hot and humid summer months, when the heat can get scorching hot, don’t forget to share some popsicle treats with your dog. For best results make your own popsicles so you know they won’t be harmful for your dog. Enjoy the summer!

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Krista June 5, 2015

If I squeeze fresh oranges is it okay to freeze it in ice cube trays? If I can, do I have to dilute it? I want to give it to my dog for a summer treat.

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