Can I Give My Dog Popcorn?

Can I Give My Dog Popcorn?Popcorn is great for munching, but there’s one problem if you have a pet dog. Your buddy will be eyeing that delicious snack sitting in your lap. You will have a decision to make!

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As your dog turns on the charm, it’s normal to want to feed a bit of popcorn. It’s a conundrum as a stare-down unfolds in your living room. Do not feel guilty about not sharing.

Popcorn is derived from corn which, itself, is not great for dogs. The other ingredients, such as butter and salt, also aren’t appropriate. A furry friend could even choke!

Can I Give My Dog Popcorn? Answer: Not Recommended

It’s not a particularly harmful food, in small portions, but don’t turn it into a habit.

Pupcorn would be better than popcorn! In any case, a little bit of popcorn isn’t so terrible. There are worse things your dog could be eating. Choking is actually unlikely. It’s the additives such as salt, butter and sweeteners that are unhealthy for pets. Popcorn is generally not a good choice for dogs.

Salted, oily and sugary foods are obviously bad for pets. They should be restricted, or completely eliminated, from your dog’s diet.

Pro Popcorn Perspective

A small serving of unsalted and unflavored popcorn, without butter, won’t harm your dog. It’s sometimes used as a rewarding treat for training purposes.

Just be conservative if you feel comfortable giving popcorn to your dog. Feed it only occasionally, plain and unsalted, and there will be no consequences for your canine.

We aren’t fans of corn, but plain popcorn could theoretically be a decent snack. It’s high in fiber and the carbs provide extra energy. If your dog gets lots of exercise they’ll able to burn those corny calories.

Popcorn Pitfalls for Pets

We’re more concerned with the flavored and/or heavily salted types of popcorn. This processed junk will be harmful and affect your dog’s health over the long term.

Fido shouldn’t be getting such high levels of salt or artificial chemicals. Excessive salt or sweet flavoring will eventually lead to obesity and dog diabetes, possibility even heart problems and arthritis.

Dogs can also experience organ failure in extreme cases. More commonly, they’ll become lethargic and overweight from a diet that often includes foods like popcorn.

Careful of Corn Kernels

Dogs tend to wolf down popcorn pieces pretty fast. They can quickly reach the bottom of a bucket where the kernels are found. You don’t want your dog swallowing any corn kernels.

They aren’t really digestible and can trigger an upset stomach. There are rare cases of pets choking on unpopped popcorn kernels. Though this rarely happens, it can cause a quick death.

Tiny pieces of popcorn can also get caught between the teeth. This will eventually lead to your dog having tooth decay and gum disease. That said, here is a vet who thinks this food is fine.

A Much Better Alternative

Get high quality vitamin-fortified dog treats. They are far healthier compared to feeding your dog popcorn. Some even have the added benefit of helping to clean your dog’s teeth.

Conclusion on Popcorn

Plain popcorn probably won’t harm your dog, but limit portions and don’t make it a habit. Additives like butter, salt and artificial flavors are best avoided. Prevent your pet from swallowing kernels. Overweight dogs shouldn’t eat salted and buttered foods like popcorn.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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