Can I Give My Dog Pickles?

Can I Give My Dog Pickles?Pickles seem like a harmless enough treat for a dog. But could there be reasons not to give your pet a taste? Instead of just tossing them this crunchy food, it’s good that you’re checking first. As you know, many people foods are inappropriate for canines.

There are several pickled cucumber varieties which range from spicy to sour to sweet. If you provide your dog with a pickle on occasion, a mild kind is best. This will minimize the possibility of an upset stomach.

That said, giving your dog a fermented pickle doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s essentially a strange new food, which is usually high in salt, and could disrupt their digestive system. That’s one reason why many owners refrain from giving their dogs certain human foods.

Can I Give My Dog Pickles? Yes, but cucumbers are better

There’s more nutrition, and much less sodium, in a cucumber compared to a pickle.

Giving your dog fermented foods is questionable, though not necessarily harmful. To answer the question directly, you can most likely give your best buddy a jarred pickle without incident. Just keep it to a minimum and cut it up so there’s no way they can choke on it.

It’s funny but our younger pup plays with his treat dispensing pickle toy and he loves it. No real pickles for him though!

They are Cucumbers

Pickles come from cucumbers which are soaked in a briny solution of vinegar, salt and assorted spices like Dill. Most people would rather eat a pickle than a raw cucumber. Luckily, your dog isn’t so fussy so treat them to a cucumber minus the pickling process. That said, you don’t need to be overly concerned if Fido snatches a pickle off of your plate. They’ll be fine so don’t worry!

Pets & Pickle Processes

If you’re still keen on a pickle for your pooch, consider how the pickle process actually works. There are two methods which could factor into your decisions, even for your own consumption! Basically, there’s fermentation and quick pickling. Which kind of pickles do you have sitting in the jar you’ve purchased?

Perhaps you bought cucumbers that were soaked in vinegar with added spices and other seasonings. This is the quick pickling way. The other style involves fermentation, without vinegar, which could offer probiotic-like benefits due to the presence of micro-organisms. However, this gut health perk is very likely of no use to your dog.

Interestingly, you can pickle other vegetables besides cucumbers!

Preparation for a Pooch

If you aren’t so strict and enjoy providing some pickles to your dog on occasion, make sure you prepare them. While rare, it’s possible for a canine to choke on a whole pickle. After all, they tend to be quite big as you look at them through the glass jar. So don’t forget to slice them up, long ways, before letting your dog chow down. That’s how everyone likes to be served pickles, right!

What About Pickle Juice

The leftover pickle juice that sits in the jar should never be given to your dog. This oily, salty and vinegary liquid is quite honestly very nasty. Just pour it down the drain and forget about this idea.

Good Nutrition & Habits

However your pickles were made, they generally aren’t healthy for the family dog. Most of the nutrition in a cucumber is gone by the time it’s transformed into a pickle. At that point, it’s of no great benefit besides the calories. Instead, the idea could backfire. Your dog may come to expect this snack whenever they see you eating it which is yet another reason to choose foods wisely.

Conclusion on Pickles

You can give your dog a pickle, now and then, but consider better options for a treat. Cucumbers are the same food but they offer significantly more nutritional benefits. It’s very important to establish a quality daily diet for your dog and that probably shouldn’t include pickles. It’s also best not to complicate your best buddy’s digestive health. On a side note, don’t stress if you came here because one was accidentally eaten since pickles aren’t toxic.

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Sherry April, 2015

I have a one-year-old Lab and German Shepard mix. She gets knots on the insides of both hind legs at the top. I can give her pickle juice?


Sarah September, 2014

My dogs kept begging me for a bite of my pickle. I gave them a piece to prove that they did not want it. Phfft! They love them!


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