Can I Give My Dog Pickles?

Can I Give My Dog Pickles?Are pickles an appropriate treat for a pet dog? You can feed Fido this fermented food, but the high sodium is why you should only share in small amounts.

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From spicy to sour to sweet, pickles come in many varieties. It’d be best to go with a mild-tasting kind. You don’t want your dog to get an upset stomach.

A pickle won’t be toxic but canine consumption of salty snacks also isn’t great. Moderation is a must for your dog’s digestion as well as their long term health.

Can I Give My Dog Pickles? Answer: Yes, but don’t overdo it

But there’s more nutrition, and way less sodium, in a cucumber.

A mild pickle, or two, won’t be harmful for your dog. You can feed a best buddy a jarred pickle on occasion. Just keep it to a minimum and never let them drink the salty brine liquid. It’s important to restrict your dog’s sodium intake which means limiting pickles.

A pickle should be sliced up so there’s no way a furry friend can choke on it.

Pickles are Cucumbers

As you know, pickles are cucumbers soaked in a briny solution of vinegar, salt and assorted spices like Dill. Most people would rather eat a processed pickle than a raw cucumber.

Luckily, your dog isn’t so fussy. Why not treat them to a cucumber instead? It’s healthier and they may actually like it more than a sour pickle.

In any case, don’t be too concerned if your dog snatches a pickle off of your plate. They’ll be just fine.

Pets & the Pickle Process

If you’re keen on this food for your dog, consider how the process of making pickles works. The two methods could factor into a decision, even for your own consumption!

There’s fermented and quick pickling. Which type do you have? Cucumbers soaked in vinegar with added spices and other seasonings is called quick pickling.

The other kind involves fermentation, without vinegar, and has probiotic-like benefits due to micro-organisms. In reality though, this gut health perk is likely of no use to a dog.

Interestingly, you can pickle other vegetables besides cucumbers.

Proper Pickle Preparation

Do some preparation if you enjoy providing the occasional pickle to your pet dog. While rare, it’s possible for a canine to choke on a whole pickle.

Play it safe and slice it up before your dog chows down. Rinsing the pickle off will reduce the sodium which is smart. Not all dogs like this fermented food as much as this one does!

No Pickle Juice for Dogs

Leftover pickle juice shouldn’t be given to your dog. This oily, salty and vinegary liquid is nasty. Pour it down the drain and forget about this idea.

Good Nutrition & Habits

Pickles aren’t exactly healthy for dogs. Most of the nutrition in a cucumber is gone by the time it becomes a pickle but they have some vitamin A and K as well as fiber, calcium, iron and manganese.

That said, you can’t depend on pickles to nourish a dog. Keep it as an unexpected treat. Fido shouldn’t expect this salty snack.

Conclusion on Pickles

Your pet pooch can have a sliced up pickle, but dogs shouldn’t be eating too many due to the high sodium. Cucumbers would be a better choice. Pickles aren’t a terrific treat for a dog though they aren’t toxic. Just no pickle juice!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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