Can I Give My Dog Pickles?

Can I Give My Dog Pickles?Pickles seem like a cool, crunchy treat for a dog, especially the smaller sized pickles, but are there any reasons not to give them one? Some owners will toss their dogs just about anything and see what happens. It’s good that you’re checking as to whether a pickle is something to be concerned about.

Some pickles are spicier than others, and the spicier they are, the less good they become for your dog. If you’re thinking of giving them a sweet pickle, that might be a better choice.

Overall though you have to wonder why you’re giving your dog a pickle at all. It’s not something that they need to be eating, and will just be a strange new food on their digestive system. It’s usually a better idea to refrain from giving your dog foods made for people.

Can I Give My Dog Pickles? In Small Amounts

While there isn’t anything necessarily toxic in a pickle, they’re not something your dog would really need to be eating.

That being said, you can give them a bit now and then. Just keep it to a minimum and cut it up so they don’t choke on it.

Pickled Cucumbers

Pickles come from cucumbers, and soak in a briny solution made up of vinegar, salt, and assorted spices like dill for dill pickles. While these aren’t bad for your dog the way something like chocolate is, they’re also not necessarily good for your dog, so you don’t have to go out of your way to give them pickles. You also don’t have to be overly concerned if your dog snatches a pickle off of your plate at a picnic. They’ll likely be fine.

Better K9 Snack Options

If you’re looking for a go-to snack to give your dog between meals, there are better options than pickles. Dog treats are specially formulated to give dogs added nutrients in addition to what they’re already getting from their dog food.

That’s why if you’re training your dog, or if you want them to have snacks each day, you should simply keep a box of treats on hand. There are also treats that can help them with bad breath issues so you can get the double benefit of giving your dog a daily treat.

The Importance of Nutrition

So even though we’ve established that dogs are basically indifferent to pickles, let’s bring up just why it’s so important to give your dog food that they will respond to, and that their bodies can use. Dogs need to have the right mix of protein and calories so that they have the energy they need to be a the best dog they can be.

If you are feeding your dog oddball things like pickles they aren’t going to benefit too much, as opposed to getting a diet rich in vitamins that their body knows how to break down.

If you give your dog run of the mill dog food, you’re also shortchanging them as far as nutrition goes. They don’t need fillers like vegetables and grains as the top ingredient, so check the K9 food you’re giving them and consider upgrading if it doesn’t measure up.

This has a direct impact on your dog’s overall health, and you’ll be amazed at how much more energy they have, and how much better than coat looks. It extends the number of good years you’ll have with your dog, and also increases their life experience along the way.

Your Dog’s Daily Diet

Establishing a daily diet for your dog is important. It lets them know what to expect each day, and takes the mystery out of what they’ll be eating and when. The easiest way to go about this for most people is to buy a high quality dog food and give it to their dog at roughly the same day each day.

Your dog will come to know when their feeding time or times are, and they will typically leave you alone at other times. It helps their digestive system get into a rhythm as well and they can start having predictable bowel movements, which is great for making sure they do their business outside.

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Sherry April, 2015

I have a one-year-old Lab and German Shepard mix. She gets knots on the insides of both hind legs at the top. I can give her pickle juice?

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Sarah September, 2014

My dogs kept begging me for a bite of my pickle. I gave them a piece to prove that they did not want it. Phfft! They love them!

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