Can I Give My Dog Pepcid AC?

Can I Give My Dog Pepcid AC?Pepcid AC is often used for treating dogs with upset stomach, gastric reflux and associated symptoms. For safest results, learn as much as possible before providing this over-the-counter medication to your best bud.

Many dogs experience symptomatic gastrointestinal issues. Pepcid, also known as Famotidine, can help but long term stomach problems should really be addressed by a veterinary professional.

In other words, don’t experiment with Pepcid AC. Medicating the family dog is serious business. Here we’ll talk usage, including proper dosage, and other important considerations.

Can I Give My Dog Pepcid AC? Answer: Yes, but not for long term use

This histamine blocker is frequently prescribed for treating canine ulcers, gastritis and other stomach problems.

Obviously this is a medication that was developed for humans, but it’s been found effective and generally safe for dogs. It reduces stomach acid levels so mild gastrointestinal episodes can be treated with Pepcid AC. One of the biggest benefits for dogs may be it’s ability to allow stomach ulcers to heal. Symptoms typically clear up within 24-hours but more serious situations should be addressed with the guidance of a vet.

A high quality probiotic designed for dogs may be a more desirable fix than Pepcid.

Dosing Pepcid AC for Dogs

Many dog owners use Pepcid AC without a prescription. If you are planning to do so, know the correct dosage to prevent complications. It should be given on an empty stomach but never administer more than half of a milligram (0.5mg) per pound of your dog’s body weight. The consensus is a dose between 0.25mg to half of 1mg for each pound, either once or twice daily.

Before providing Pepcid, or something similar, you really should speak with a vet. Actually, a diagnosis should be carried out if your dog has recurring stomach issues. Never combine medications and Pepcid isn’t for pregnant or nursing dogs or those with liver, kidney or heart disease.

Dog Diagnosis Difficulties

There are many reasons why dogs get upset stomach or GERD. Overeating is the most common culprit. If they go through trash then a stomach problem is inevitable. Another reason could be an abrupt change in diet which could upset a delicate gastrointestinal balance.

Long term vomiting, and stomach troubles, are signs of something more serious. Your dog could possibly have worms or worse. Parvovirus is a deadly disease which is why a vet visit is smart. A hit or miss approach with Pepcid isn’t the way to go!

Some Things You Can Do

If your dog is vomiting, try Pedialyte to hydrate them, and offer ice chips or partially melted ice cubes for nausea relief. Assuming the cause of upset stomach is the food they’ve eaten, allow them to fast in order to give the digestive tract time to recover. Fasting can be 24 hours for an adult dog. Puppies should be limited to 12 hours.

A bland diet, like rice and boiled chicken, given during recovery is usually effective. Remove the skin because an upset stomach is sensitive to oily foods. Also, get some canine-formulated grain-free lamb meat meals since they’re easier on the stomach. Pepcid AC is often unnecessary.

Checking for Dehydration

Severe dehydration is a serious problem so know how to check for it. Simply lift up your dog’s skin on the shoulder blade area. If the skin immediately returns to it’s place, then you have nothing to worry about.

Your dog may be severely dehydrated if the skin takes a few seconds to return to a normal position. Such a scenario shouldn’t be taken lightly, and an intravenous hydration procedure may be needed. Pepcid doesn’t hydrate!

Conclusion on Pepcid-AC

You can treat your dog’s upset stomach with a proper dose of Pepcid AC. Recurring gastrointestinal problems, however, should be treated by a vet. In truth, all human OTC meds are a potential danger to pets to some degree. Your dog’s hydration needs to be closely monitored during Pepcid AC use, and particularly during times of sickness with vomiting.

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Yvette March, 2016

I have two 7 year old Dachshunds that a friend gave to us because his schedule doesn’t allow him to care for them as he should. They are great dogs, active and well. However, I noticed that one of them tends to vomit once every day before their dinner time. Sometimes it’s once every two days.

Last night he woke up in the middle of the night to throw up (yellow fluid as usual) and later was fine and went back to bed. I don’t see anything else unusual. He eats, is active and drinks water. Should I try the Pepcid AC?


Freda March, 2016

Have you considered having lab work done? I wonder if yellow bile on a regular basis could be an indication of liver issues. Personally I would make an appointment with a trusted veterinarian as soon as possible to make sure something serious isn’t developing.

I request that pancreatic enzymes be checked whenever one of my dogs vomits regularly. It could just be nerves or stress, or even just an empty stomach. If finances allow, I would take him to the vet.


Marleen March, 2016

I have a 128 pound Bernese Mountain Dog who has gagging issues. You never know when he will start this, but when he does we must get him out to eat grass or he starts to eat curtains, rugs, towels, etc.

He is 6 years old and I have talked to vets, friends and anyone else who would listen. We have done all that we can with different foods including a raw diet. We’ve come to the conclusion that he just needs Pepcid AC. Does anyone know how much to give him based on his weight?


Steve April, 2016

Use 0.25mg per pound of body weight and give without food. Don’t let him run for 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating. 2 doses worked well for my Greyhound. Consider seeing a vet because there can be other issues.


Ken March, 2016

My Lab/Shepherd mix gets occasional stomach upset. He also leaves food half-eaten, starts eating grass and passes gas that will bring tears to your eyes. Regular strength generic Pepcid, recommended by my vet, works great. I may have to re-dose a couple of days later, but beyond that, I’d probably take him to the vet. This just occurs a 6-7 times a year. I just push it down his throat.


Susan October, 2015

Just got home from the vet who said we could give our dog Pepcid if the upset stomach continued. However, I forgot how to give it to her. Do you dissolve the tablet in water or give it to them as a tablet/part of a tablet?


Anne February, 2016

My little dog, 10 pounds, was prescribed Pepcid or famotidine by the vet. He just ate the pill with no problem at all. It does work. I hope this helps.


Beverley August, 2015

My 2 year old dog goes through periods of eating grass like crazy. Sometimes she vomits it up and other times not. Just out of the blue, she’ll act like she doesn’t feel well and won’t eat at all. Then she’ll want to eat everything in sight. I have caught her with plastic spoons, she’s eaten the stuffing out of her bed, you name it.

She went through a period of mucous covered stools and I took her to the vet for a checkup. They said she was fine. She’s been on Hill’s Ideal Balance Chicken and Rice dog food for a long time. I sometimes put a little plain yogurt on her dry food or gravy from the canned food I give my Chihuahuas which is IAM’s Beef Stew. Last night she had a ton of energy and ran for a straight 30 minutes at the dog park. This morning, not so much. She didn’t even bark when I came back from the doctor’s office which isn’t normal. Then she threw up her dinner from last night.

I had a Doberman that had issues like this and he was on Pepcid twice a month. So I just gave her 10mg of Pepcid since she’s 39 pounds. If this continues I’m going to insist on an ultrasound. Her stool looks fine. She does have loose stools occasionally. This dog is literally my best friend. I’m a single senior that travels full time and I’m so careful with her, I even give her bottled water because the water quality changes as I move from place to place. It’s driving me crazy worrying about her so much.


Rachel November, 2015

You might want to check her sugar levels. It sounds like it could be diabetes. I would do blood work and get an ultrasound but also have them checked for diabetes. That tends to make them really hungry and not feel well. Try to give her bland diet of chicken and rice.


Dawne July, 2015

Since giving our dog Pepcid, as per the vet because suddenly he can’t digest his dry dog food, he’s been unable to hold his urine. He’s peeing all over the place. He lets us know he has to go out but, before we can get him out the door, he loses his urine. Could this be related to the Pepcid? It’s the only thing that’s different since this problem surfaced. He was drinking a lot more than usual, when on a thyroid medication, but that was months ago.


Nakia July, 2015

Not to diagnose, but your dog may have a UTI or diabetes. Follow up with your vet.


Dawne July, 2015

Thanks. Since I posted this, the dog has had multiple trips to the vet. They’re ruling things out and it’s down to either Cushing’s syndrome or diabetes, the non-insulin kind. He had an ultrasound yesterday and we’re waiting on those results before proceeding to the next step.


Nakia August, 2015

How is the diagnoses process going? My Wonton had diabetes with the same symptoms. I have to give him insulin 2 times daily. It’s easy though. How is your dog?


Dawne August, 2015

We’re waiting for the next round of tests, but the symptoms have all but resolved themselves. With the Pepcid, he’s able to eat his dry food again. With our limiting his water, he hasn’t peed in the house again. He actually seems pretty normal. We did one more urine test recently, and then the vet said they may have him come in to do some tests with and without food.

Ron July, 2015

I was giving my 3 year old Lab 2 fish oil capsules daily, some fried chicken and baked salmon as a treat. After ten days, she got severe diarrhea with blood. Off to the nearby vet who said, “too much fat”. Now, small amounts of boiled chicken and rice water. After 2 days, fasting and Pepcid. Stay away from fat and oily foods!


DorrieL April, 2015

1 mil per pound of body weight how frequently? Per day? The article left out this important information.


Bob May, 2015

My little Yorkie just came back from Pancreatitis and severe dehydration. He experienced vomiting and bloody discharge and is now on Pepcid. He suffered a lot, not eating for 5 days. It’s a good thing he was in solid health for a 10 year old prior to this episode. Anyhow, he’s been on Pepcid for 5 days since this was a severe case. I would say 3 days maximum unless told otherwise by a vet. I asked about possible ulcers, perhaps that’s why they prescribed it for 5 days. Otherwise, for just upset stomach, I’d say 1 to 2 days or maybe 3 at the most.

I noticed a possible allergy as his skin gets red and he seems like he might be hyperventilating because of it. So definitely don’t over do it. Just consider, as humans, we don’t normally take anymore than maybe 1 to 3 doses. So smaller dogs shouldn’t need much unless, as mentioned, it’s treatment for possible ulcers.


Juan February, 2015

My dog has inoperable cancer and his cancer medicine started causing a lot of stomach problems after around 40 days. My vet prescribed Famotidine. It’s like Pepcid, may even be the same. If my dog’s upset tummy doesn’t get better, the vet can adjust his meds. I would always ask for a veterinarian’s opinion before giving any OTC medicine to my dog. He’s like one of the family.


Bruce February, 2015

We believe our 2 year old 80 pound Labradoodle has bilious. We already feed him three times a day with Costco Grain-free Turkey Diamond Dry dog food and Costco canned turkey and vegetable wet dog food. We also give him one capsule of fish oil in the morning. We feed him at when I get up, about 6-8am, again at 6:00pm and when Donna retires around 11:00pm. He has been getting up between the last night and morning feeding.

Should we try Pepcid AC? Does one milligram per pound of his weight makes sense? Should we administer it at night? Is there anything else we could do? Do H2 blockers or antiemetics make sense? What dosage? Do we need prescriptions or should we get them over the web?


Sue March, 2015

We began feeding our dogs the same brand you do. It sounded like a good food until recently I discovered many people were having all kinds of issues with their dogs on that food. Mine did also. I got them off of it immediately and they are fine now. I love Costco but not their pet food which is all made by Diamond. In fact, a couple pet stores in my area won’t even sell any pet foods made by Diamond.


Jennifer March, 2015

Bruce, I’m not sure why you are feeding at 6pm and then again at 11pm when he has gone 10 – 12 hours between first 2 feeds? He is probably too full. Do you make sure he has a bowel movement after the 11pm feed? Adult dogs only need to eat twice a day. I would eliminate that 11pm feed and see if his behavior improves.


Pamela April, 2015

I was reading a while back that a man had the same problem with his furbaby and found out fish oil tablets cause all kinds of trouble. When he stopped the fish oil pill, no more problems. I hope this helps. I really just read it, I don’t know.


Jeanette January, 2015

My dog recently had surgery to have a mast tumor removed in his hind leg. The vet put him on Rimadyl but he got very sick with diarrhea and vomiting. She’s now put him on 12 Benadryl a day, 2 Pepcid AC and also Metronidazole once a day. It this safe?


Jack January, 2015

Sorry about your baby and the recent surgery. My Schnauzer had an allergic reaction to Rimadyl. He has a very sensitive stomach to Benadryl, Pepcid, Metronidazole and Tramadol for pain. Tramadol has proven to help his aches and pains. I always give him half the dose of what the vet suggests because he is so sensitive. Good Luck.


Anonymous September, 2014

Great site, glad I found it.


Bob September, 2014

We have 4 year old Chiweenie that’s had vomiting issues. Our vet prescribed 10mg of Pepcid twice a day. She also put him on the Prescription Diet GI restore food. It has helped but he still has flare ups. I’ve never known Pepcid to cause any problems and would recommend it for those with concerns.


John April, 2014

My 2 year old black lab ate between 10-20 Pepcid AC out of my briefcase. Is this an emergency situation or can I ask about her using net vet care?


James April, 2014

Hi John. I would say you should visit a real vet, not a net vet, and as soon as possible unless her symptoms have subsided already. That is quite a high dose for a canine especially if your dog is on the smaller side. Hopefully she’s OK!


Jill December, 2013

My 30 pound mini bull terrier has acid reflux and takes Omeprazole 10mg twice daily, a 1/2 hour before meals. I have since switched to 10mg of Pepcid twice daily, a 1/2 hour before meals. Now there is no more throwing up undigested food 12 hours later.


Mattie May, 2015

My 15 year old 26 pound female Herding-mix has gallbladder disease and 2 nodules in her liver which may or may not be cancerous. So far she is quite well for the most part on Ursodiol, a gallbladder med, taken 2 times daily. She also takes Denamarin, a liver med, 1 hour before dinner and Pepcid 10mg twice daily to help prevent nausea. She’s had a couple of bad bouts since diagnosed and the second time she was given Cerenia for a few days. Now she’s back to chasing me, playfully mouthing on my hands and she loves her walks.


Kat October, 2013

I have an 11 week old puppy (for 2 weeks now), that vomits after drinking any amount of water. He weighs 13 pounds. I’ve tried Ranitidine (Zantac) for the past 3 days, twice a day. He hasn’t vomited during the night on it, but is still vomiting throughout the day. I would like to try Pepcid AC to see if it might stop the vomiting altogether. Does this sound like a good idea? And how much shall I give the little guy?


Rachel November, 2015

Take him to the vet! That is not normal!


Gina January, 2016

I would also take him to the vet ASAP.


Christa April, 2013

I have a 12 pound Terrier/Poodle mix. How much Pepcid could I give him, being how small he is?


Lisa February, 2013

I have a 13 pound Bichon in acute renal failure. I feed him 4 times a day and was also using Tagamet divided in the meals. It did not help. I switched to Pepcid AC, 1/2 of a 10mg tablet in his last meal at night. I was trying to find out online if I could give him 1/2 in the morning. Pepcid works a lot better for my dog than Tagamet.


Sandie October, 2012

My nearly 12-year-old yellow Lab, named Andy, has a malignant tumor on his side that we have decided to not surgically remove, partly because of his age among other reasons. He is probably in his last days, however, we have been saying that for more than six months.

He feels poorly in the mornings in particular and if he does eat his breakfast (Iams lamb, chicken and rice) he usually throws it up. His stomach seems to feel better in the evening. We are no longer going to the vet because of the trauma it causes.

So we would like to make him as comfortable as we can and it seems like Pepcid or Pepcid AC might give him some stomach relief. Andy weighs 105 pounds (last time at the vet) and we would appreciate your advice for dosage.


Sandra November, 2012

My wiener dog was getting 10mg per day and he was 20 pounds. However, our vet gave us a prescription that we got filled by a lab where they compound the medicine into a liquid.


Sandra Reich January, 2013

I have a 11 year old Lab who just had 4 mass cell tumors removed. Along with discharge medications, they recommended I give her Pepcid AC 10mg twice daily. They said this could help with inflammation and help prevent tumors from returning. She weighs 68 pounds so I’ll give her one 10mg tablet twice a day for life. I hope this helps you. Twice a day meaning every 12 hours. I stick it in her food and she eats it right up. Good Luck with Andy.


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