Can I Give My Dog Peas?

Can I Give My Dog Peas?Peas come in many varieties, but they’re all fairly healthy. This protein-packed food complements family dinners. What about adding some to a dog’s diet?

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From canned green peas to Snow or Sugar Snap peas, we’ll look at the merits of this popular health food as they apply to our curious canines.

Peas are a great addition to any diet. Mix them in with dog food for a nutritional boost. Virtually all types offer high fiber, protein and vitamins. They’re also low in calories.

Can I Give My Dog Peas? Answer: Yes

Fido can partake assuming it’s a modest part of their diet.

Peas, however, can be harmful for dogs with kidney problems due to a purine compound. If you’ve never given your dog any, start out with a small portion. For a more consistent and convenient way to provide this health food, get a quality dog food containing salmon and peas.

Lots of Nutrition for Dogs

Few foods offer the bang for your buck compared to peas. If they agree with your dog’s stomach, adding them helps strengthen the immune system and reduce arthritic symptoms.

The anti-inflammatory properties are fantastic. Your dog may also experience higher energy levels.

Peas contain antioxidants including alpha and beta-carotene as well as flavonoids which may slow down your dog’s aging. They prevent constipation and improve bowel health due to the fiber.

The Benefits are Bountiful

The polyphenol in peas helps to ward off cancer. The vitamin K and B assist with strong bones, making osteoporosis less likely.

Did we mention the phosphorous, thiamin (vitamin B1) and potassium? It’s a super food and peas contain natural sugar, not the artificial kind found in junk foods.

Everything in Moderation

Nutritional benefits from consuming peas also apply to dogs. However, this isn’t to say that your buddy requires peas in their diet. In truth, a good dog food provides all the essential nutrients.

Introducing humans foods isn’t normally necessary. In other words, focus on a quality canine diet instead of any one particular health food such as peas.

The Best Kinds of Peas

There isn’t one type of nutritious pea that stands out among the rest. Fresh is best because the natural sugars will turn into starch.

Shelled garden peas tend to have more calories than most others. They also pack more nutrients. Snap Sugar Peas are easy to consume for dogs, including the edible pods.

What About Canned Peas

Canned or frozen green peas are popular. They’re cheap and convenient. However, this popular supermarket item has added sodium which isn’t great for dogs.

Check out our info on chick peas. They’re okay when cooked and in moderation. Limit pea consumption so it’s a small part of your dog’s diet. Meat should be the primary source of nutrition.

Pea Pods & Pet Precaution

Some pea pods can be consumed while others aren’t edible. Assume that dogs also shouldn’t eat the same kinds of pods considered inedible for humans.

One example would be garden peas which needs to be shelled prior to eating. Avoid any possibility of choking for your dog’s sake.

Conclusion on Peas

You can feed your dog peas. Mixing some with regular chow is an option. Low-calorie fresh peas have excellent protein, vitamins and nutrients. The fresher the better. Be aware that some peas require preparation. Certain pod types aren’t edible. Getting a dog food recipe that incorporates peas is highly recommended.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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