Can I Give My Dog Pasta?

Can I Give My Dog Pasta?Pasta produces lots of leftovers and your pet dog is probably more than happy to help. But is this cuisine canine appropriate or not?

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Low in nutrients and high in carbohydrates, pasta is an Italian food that should not be fed to dogs in big portions or on a regular basis.

Giving a bit of pasta to a dog is not dangerous. Just don’t make it a habit. Keep your best buddy’s diet as simple and as healthy as possible.

Can I Give My Dog Some Pasta? Answer: Not a good choice

It contains too many carbs which will pack on the pounds.

Plain ol’ pasta isn’t toxic for your dog and it won’t directly cause harm. That said, it could contribute to a dog becoming sluggish and overweight. At the very least, strictly ration a pet pooch’s pasta portions if you plan to provide some on occasion.

Don’t make a habit of feeding the family dog leftover pasta and limit the amount. Moderation is a must!

Pasta’s Carbohydrates

It’s best not to give your dog any pasta, especially if they are already a bit heavy. This popular food has too many carbs and the amount is inappropriate for pets.

Just as pasta consumption contributes to human obesity, it can make Fido fat. A quality dog diet should not contain a bunch of starch. Pasta is basically a filler food and, honestly, it’s not optimal.

Curious K9s & Carbs

Sure, your dog can chow down this staple Italian food made from flour. But a four-legged friend’s stomach can’t process pasta as well as the human digestive system.

Canines require lots of calcium and protein, rather than calories from carbs. If you give pasta, now and then, whole wheat is healthier.

Tip: Adding a morsel of meat to go with the pasta would make sense.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

There are many kinds of pasta (noodles) yet they’re all fairly similar. Macaroni, Rigatoni, Lasagne, Vermicelli, Penne and Spaghetti are popular. Unfortunately, none are beneficial for pet dogs.

Again, if you’re having spaghetti and meatballs, give your dog a meatball to go with a modest portion. That’d be a more balanced meal. You’d be incorporating protein from a meat source.

As for the sauce in your typical pasta dish, read up on feeding your dog tomatoes!

Gluten and Gut Heath

Keep your dog’s digestive system as healthy as possible. Pasta, and foods like it, are also high in gluten. Too much may cause all sorts of difficult-to-diagnose problems in addition to weight gain.

Leftover pasta is a cheap and convenient treat but it’s a poor choice. Try not to share with your dog when there’s a pasta dish on the table. Stick to lean meats for much needed protein.

Tasty Is Not Terrific

Dogs, if you let them, are almost always opportunistic eaters. They are usually up for delicious pasta, but be choosy with food scraps. Garlic is often an ingredient in Italian cuisine. Too dangerous!

Conclusion on Pasta

You can give your dog a small amount of pasta but limit portions. There are very few nutrients and too many carbs in pasta. Feeding this food too often is a bad habit and will eventually make your dog overweight. Just a taste is a reasonable policy.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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