Can I Give My Dog Pasta?

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Can I Give My Dog Pasta?Pasta is one of those dishes that seems to produce lots of leftovers. It’s easy to make too much and to have a bunch remaining after everyone has had their fill. It’s nice to feed your dog, but is pasta something that is healthy for them?

Dogs are simple creatures that don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to be happy and healthy. They get on quite well with their dog food, but you might be tempted to shake things up once in a while. Supplementing a dog’s diet with people food seems alright, especially if the food is very simple in nature and not heavily processed with artificial chemicals.

Today’s pasta is nearly devoid of any nutrients and features industrial grade flours processed in factories. So while there’s nothing inherently wrong with giving your dog some pasta, it’s not really benefiting them in any way.

Can I Give My Dog Pasta? Answer: Occasionally

Cooked pasta, while not providing any benefit to your dog, won’t harm them either.

If you turn your back and your dog gets into a whole pot of pasta, they may suffer indigestion, but you won’t need to rush them to the vet.

High in Carbs

If your dog has weight management problems, it’s best not to give them any pasta. It’s got a lot of carbohydrates in it and your dog will not be able to process them correctly. Just as it can make a human obese, it can lead to an overweight pooch.

Your dog can process some carbs, but not at such a high level, and not by themselves. If you give them some pasta, make sure you give them a morsel of meat to go with it. For example, if you’re having spaghetti and meatballs, try to give them a meatball to go with their noodle.

Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet, but they need it balanced for their system, which includes plenty of protein.

Dogs Need Protein

Dogs are carnivores and pasta wouldn’t be one of their top picks in their natural environment. Since there’s no nutritional benefit for your dog, you can forgo giving them pasta and just stick to their regular diet of a high-quality dog food.

If you’re wondering which dog food is best for your canine, just ask your vet the next time you have a scheduled visit. They’ll give you a proper recommendation for your dog’s size, weight, breed and history. They’ll also tailor a plan if your dog needs to gain or lose some pounds.

As a Treat

If you want to give a dog pasta as an occasional treat, it won’t disrupt their system too much, and won’t lead to immediate weight gain. Because of it’s mushy, al-dente nature it may stick to your dog’s teeth so you’ll want to give them a brushing afterwards.

Better Options

There are plenty of better things to give your dog than pasta. Even though noodles are really cheap and easy to make in bulk, they are not the best option to give your dog as a regular treat, or every time your family has a pasta dish.

Stick to lean meats that will actually provide some protein for your dog. Think of foods that are closer to what they’d eat in the wild. Forget the pasta.

Dogs Are Boring Eaters

While it may be fun to watch your dog light up when they eat from the table, they are just opportunistic eaters and don’t need any supplemental food scraps. Their dog food is designed to give them all that they need. As humans, we can’t get our minds around eating the same kibble every day. Eating a delicious variety of foods is one benefit we get that dogs don’t.

It’s okay to be a boring dog feeder as long as the food is healthy and well suited for them. Remove it from your head that your dog needs any extra foods, like pasta, to be happy.

Your own desires for food varieties do not transfer over to your dog. Bad feeding habits only give you temporary satisfaction but your dog doesn’t benefit from receiving it.

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Terence March 9, 2014

Pasta is a noodle product, made mainly from wheat flour. Wheat of course, is an inexpensive cereal grain nutritionally similar to corn. Wheat can be a GMO ingredient.

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Anna November 13, 2012

A couple noodles or a small plateful is okay, but not a whole pot.

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