Can I Give My Dog Motrin?

Can I Give My Dog Motrin?Motrin is one of the most common pain reliever medicines used by people for mild to severe pain. While not intended for dogs, when a headache hits you, taking a Motrin tablet can usually provide almost instant relief. Likewise, if you have back pain or joint pain, this drug can help.

Unfortunately, pet dogs are not spared from similar types of pain. They experience all kinds of similar issues such as headaches, back aches and joint pain. You may notice that they whine when you touch certain parts of their bodies. This usually indicates some degree of pain or tenderness around that particular area.

So, should you give Motrin to a dog in pain? Will this over-the-counter medicine ease their suffering safely and effectively?

Can I Give My Dog Motrin? Answer: No

Never give your dog Motrin. It’s one of the most dangerous human medicines that can be given to pet dogs.

Actually, most pain relievers that are being used by humans are harmful for dogs. Please resist the urge to give this human pain reliever to dogs.

Even if your dog survives the initial dosage of a pain reliever like Motrin, you shouldn’t feel confident that it has no adverse effects on your dog. The toxicity in these types of medicines can build-up in a dogs’ system leading to more serious problems later on.

Spotting K9 Pain

Since your dog cannot fully express how he or she feels, you as the dog owner should be very observant. If your usually energetic dog becomes suddenly sleepy and weak, you should suspect that something is wrong. Are they just lying around your feet all day and not begging you to play? Your dog could be in some kind of pain or they could be suffering from depression.

By closely monitoring your dog’s unusual mannerisms, you can inform your veterinarian so they can better evaluate the situation and prescribe the proper medicine needed for your K9’s particular case.

The Tell-Tale Signs

Sleeping too much is not a good sign especially if your dog is typically active. Limping is another sign that you should be wary of. If a dog is limping, it could mean that a paw or limb is in pain or fractured. Motrin won’t help with this, in fact it will make matters worse. Instead, check them for cuts or sores in the affected area to prevent possible infections. Later you may need to visit a vet.

Licking a certain part of the body is another telltale sign of pain or discomfort. The act of licking is actually your dog’s defense mechanism for healing their own pain or wounds. In such a case you should immediately check on the exact spot that your dog is licking to see if there are any visible signs of wound or infection. Again, there is no need for Motrin as it is extremely harmful.

Your dog’s appetite is also a good gauge of his or her health. Loss of appetite can mean that your dog is not feeling well. It can be compared to people who are sick and find even the tastiest of foods unappealing. Make sure plenty of water is available at all times and call a vet if the problem lingers. Don’t assume anything here because they need to be properly diagnosed. Whatever you do, don’t just give your dog pain relievers indiscriminately.

Motrin Poisoning Symptoms

What’s done is done. If you have accidentally given Motrin to your canine friend, out of desperation to ease their pain, you should closely observe them for signs of poisoning.

An elevated temperature is not a good sign. A typical dogs’ temperature should not be higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit or 39 degrees Celsius. Watch for vomiting and symptoms of stomach pain as well. If your dog’s poop contains blood, you should bring him or her to a vet right away.

Safety First!

No matter how good your intentions are, you can accidentally hurt your pet dog by not knowing which human medicines are safe and which are dangerous for the canine breed.

If you really need to give a pain reliever to your dog and you can’t find any vet around to consult, you can give them a baby aspirin. This is totally safe for dogs, in proper doses, and it will provide some relief to your furry friend until you can call a vet.

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Chantal December, 2014

Not everyone can afford a vet. They want blood work which here is $120, then xrays for $150. I can’t afford that. I need relieve now for my Roscoe. My husband of 42 years died this last February. I don’t have the money for this. So now what? Put him to sleep? Tell us what OTC meds we can give. Maybe a half dose, I don’t know. What do we do?


Andrew January, 2015

I’m not a vet anything, but I am a RN for humans. I know a little about checking symptoms and you didn’t give us any to form an opinion around. If you’d like us to recommend something, tell us what is happening with your dog Roscoe. Exactly what you’re seeing going on with your dog?


Donna September, 2014

I have a 12 pound puppy who just had surgery. How much aspirin should I give?


Karen September, 2014

Does aspirin work as a blood thinner like it does in humans? If that is the case, then giving aspirin after surgery may not be the best option either.


Karen October, 2014

Dear Donna and anyone else reading: please do not give your dog aspirin. My little dog was given aspirin (1/4 tab) for torn ligaments. Long story short, after 5 or more vet visits, 2 overnight stays, home IV fluids and round-the-clock meds, she is just now showing signs that she may beat this. Her kidneys, intestines, pancreas, etc. were all damaged and inflamed. They call it aspirin toxicity or something like that.

She had perfect health her whole life, 7 years before this, and I almost lost her. The worst part is I read all over the net that a little bit of aspirin won’t hurt a dog and they even have dog aspirin. Well, please don’t learn the hard/painful the way I did. I can’t believe the suffering my baby has gone through because of something that seemed so harmless.


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