Can I Give My Dog Mono?

Can I Give My Dog Mono?Mono is a viral infection that can cause fever, sore throat and swollen lymph node glands. It can be quite painful. This condition is also known as the kissing disease since it can be transmitted to others through a kiss.

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Many people are fond of kissing their pets. Most of the time it’s your pooch who initiates the affection, innocently kissing those they love out of excitement. Mono comes to mind since dogs usually go for the mouth and lips for a smooch!

So transferring this disease to your dog is a concern. If a person in your household has mono, is it alright to kiss them? Your buddy won’t be danger because it isn’t contagious for them.

Can I Give My Dog Mono? Answer: No, not possible

Mononucleosis is only transmittable between humans.

Your dog will not be infected by you or anyone that has Mono. You shouldn’t assume, however, that all human diseases aren’t transferable to dogs. There are certain viral, bacterial and other types of diseases that can be transferred from humans to dogs and vice versa.

A textbook example would be parasites.

Symptoms & Transmission

When a person has mono some of the symptoms include headache, dizziness and feelings of fatigue. The tonsils may also get inflamed. Because of these signs, mono can be mistaken for the flu.

If you have mono and you kiss your dog, they won’t be at risk of getting the disease. Mono is simply not transferable from humans to dogs.

If you observe that your pup has a fever, it may only be a coincidence. In such a case, consult with a vet so as to find out the real cause of your dog’s sickness.

To Kiss or Not to Kiss

Kissing your dog is a matter of personal choice. Generally it’s considered to be unhygienic. As previously stated, people can transfer certain diseases to their dogs. However, it is humans that are at a higher risk of getting some diseases or infections from their dogs.

Aside from rabies and parasites, skin diseases can infect a dog’s human friend. The fact is that canine saliva can carry germs even though dogs are known to have fairly clean mouths overall.

Some Infectious Situations

Aside from kissing, human and canine diseases can also be transferred in other ways. Sharing your eating and drinking utensils with your dog can pass on contamination. It’s not recommended that you share these things with your pets.

If you have a habit of giving that last bite of burger to your dog, by using your spoon or fork, you are exposing yourself to some contamination but not Mono specifically.

To be safe, allow your dishes and kitchen tools to soak in hot water or the dishwasher when cleaning them. It’ll likely kill any germs and bacteria that may have gotten on your dishes through your dog’s saliva.

Helpful Suggestions

If you allow your dog to kiss you, at the very least, take the necessary precautions so as to safeguard your health. Keep your mouth closed when your dog kisses you. Wash your face and your mouth area with soap and water afterwards.

As for your dog, you can brush their teeth to reduce the amount of bacteria possibility present in their mouth. Just don’t use human toothpaste, as it’s toxic for dogs. Instead, get a toothpaste intended for canines if you don’t already have some.

Conclusion on Mono

Rest assured, Mono is not transferable to your dog. But take simple precautions to protect yourself from the unlikely event of a canine infection transmittal. Mono, however, is not one of the sicknesses that you need to be concerned about spreading to a pet.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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