Can I Get My Dog Microchipped?

Can I Microchip My Dog?Having your dog microchipped is not only possible, but also affordable. Tech has come a long way. Recovering a pet can be much easier due to tracking technology.

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Animals go missing all the time, which is why tracking is so appealing. An RFID microchip can be safely implanted under your dog’s skin. This, of course, isn’t without controversy.

Having your dog fitted with a scannable microchip doesn’t have to be scary. Do your research, weigh all the factors and then make an informed decision.

Can I Have My Dog Microchipped? Answer: Yes

Having this done is actually mandated by law in some countries.

In the future, it will be required to have dogs chipped. All pets, for that matter, will be implanted with a microchip. The world is changing fast. Consider that microchipping a dog is much more foolproof than a collar ID tag.

Low-down on High-Tech

A vet can inject your dog with a microchip. It looks like a small glass cylinder. Cost is usually $100 or less. It’s placed at the back of the neck and is functional for life.

Having it done won’t be painful for your dog. It doesn’t even require an anesthetic. The needle is only a bit bigger than those used for standard injections.

Not Real-Time Tracking

We should note that having this type of microchip implanted won’t allow you to pinpoint your dog’s exact location. That would be much more expensive and not permanent (see our GPS article).

If your dog gets lost though, scanning of this RFID microchip will enable animal shelters to easy reunite you two.

Chip Database Registration

You’ll complete a registration form detailing the dog’s new unique ID number, contact information, Fido’s name and description, an emergency backup contact as well as the vet’s information.

This is sent to a registry which maintains a database that’s linked up with the microchip. Look into SmartTag as they have a great system in place.

The chip ID number should be imprinted on your dog’s collar. This way it will be obvious that your pet is micro-chipped which will enable early scanning.

Microchips Becoming Law

Parts of Australia, New Zealand, Israel and the UK require pet dogs be micro-chipped. It’s a matter of time before legislation is passed in the USA.

In the future, Americans may be required to have their dogs implanted with RFID microchip technology. There will most likely be a universal database and stray pets will be a thing of the past.

RFID Medical Concerns

There are documented cases of dogs developing tumors which were perhaps linked to their embedded microchip. Internal bleeding can also occur but is extremely rare.

Anytime a medical procedure is performed infection is possible, whether it be a person or a dog. Having a good vet do the microchip procedure will help to ease concerns.

What We Can Recommend

The SmartTag ISO microchip is the best system. There are no annual fees and it works on all scanners (universal). Most importantly, the signal alerts local shelters and rescue organizations when your dog is lost.

Alternatively, there’s a well regarded but affordable microchip kit which you take to your local vet for routine implantation.

Conclusion on Microchips

You can have your dog microchipped to ensure you’ll never be separated. Collar identification tags don’t always work as intended. Microchipping of dogs is relatively painless, affordable and effective for life. Medical problems are minimal and relatively rare. If you worry about losing your pet dog, a microchip implant is something to consider.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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