Dogs Getting Plastic Surgery? How Crazy of an Idea is it?

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Nowadays plastic surgery is very popular and for good reason:

Cosmetic improvements greatly boost self-esteem. But, by contrast, dogs couldn’t care less about how they look!

Can I Get My Dog Plastic Surgery?All joking aside…

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for dogs to get plastic surgery done.

That’s right! It is the right thing to do in certain situations.

Let’s dive into the prospect of plastic surgery for canines. It sounds crazy, but there are a few valid justifications.

Dogs Can Get Plastic Surgery (if it improves quality of life)

Certain limited circumstances warrant it.

More and more, plastic surgery is being performed on dogs as a way to improve their quality of life. If it helps, we’re all for it!

However, it is irresponsible and selfish to get plastic surgery for a pet solely for cosmetic reasons.

Surgery for Breathing

Nose jobs for dogs are one of the most popular procedures.

While humans primarily have it done for cosmetic reasons, some dogs can greatly benefit through improved breathing.

To be clear…

Some pets have poor air flow via the nostrils. Plastic surgery could enable a more active lifestyle.

There are many such cases where it was a great thing to do for the dog.

Fixing Eyelid Issues

Another procedure fixes a common eye problem. Entropion is a condition whereby the eyelids are turned in.

Basically, this causes the eyes to water which is annoying and painful for dogs.

A good surgeon can fix this type of problem which would help avoid permanent eye damage.

The Wrong Reasons

We hear of people getting Botox and/or using silicone wedges on their dogs to fix things like ear floppiness.

Surgeries also apparently include:

  • Facelifts
  • Tail docking
  • Ear cropping (yes, for dogs!)

In Brazil plastic surgery is all the rage. Lawmakers criminalized cosmetic surgery for pets.

Yup! Inappropriate procedures were being performed on dogs so frequently that something had to be done.

Reality of Prize Dogs

Some people with show dogs are too overly concerned with superficial cosmetics.

They think a better appearance will give their prize canines an advantage over the competition.

This is something we strongly disagree with.

Plastic surgery is totally wrong when it’s done for selfish reasons!

Getting your dog facelift? Are you kidding me?

It’s terrible!

Some owners of larger breeds get chin lift procedures done to reduce drooling.  This really doesn’t justify surgery because it does not truly improve the dog’s health.

Stand Up for Animals

Hopefully you also oppose these unnecessary surgical procedures.

Do you know of a place performing plastic surgery on animals, without an intent to achieve improved health or quality of live?

Please speak out against it!

The Bottom Line

Plastic surgery can be carried out on your dog. But it should be an option only for improving quality of life.

It’s sad when dogs undergo plastic surgery to improve appearance. That is animal abuse, plain and simple.

If considering cosmetic surgery for your dog, hopefully it is for the right reasons.

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2 thoughts on “Dogs Getting Plastic Surgery? How Crazy of an Idea is it?”

  1. My dog had an abscess removed that was caused by pin hip surgery. He now has a bald spot and the vet will do surgery to remove the bald spot by cutting it away and sewing together the skin with hair. He will be back in the same condition prior to the surgery. Does this seem practical?

  2. My dog needed surgery to improve breathing and it really helped. It was totally worth it.

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