GPS For Dogs Worth It? The Truth About Pet Tracking Technology!

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The idea of using GPS on a pet dog is a super cool prospect.

Who wouldn’t want to track their best buddy’s location!

Track A Dog With GPS?And today’s thousands of stray dogs could eventually become a thing of the past with innovative devices like these.

Is it realistic though? Too expensive? Reliable?

Here’s the truth:

There are excellent GPS gadgets already being sold for this very purpose.

Your Dog Can Be Tracked With GPS (useful to say the least)

Think of it! You could easily locate your pet, if they lost or hurt, and bring them home.

Yup! GPS can literally be a life saver for the family dog.

And that is just one of the uses for these devices. The technology has come a long way.

And buying one of these products does not have to break the bank.

The following is a solid GPS recommendation for most dog owners…

Best Affordable Device

A company called Whistle has the most poplar pet GPS tracker.

It uses nationwide cellular technology. This means you’ll get texts or email whenever your dog wonders off.

What’s really awesome is that the product also doubles as an activity tracker.

This GPS service (and the device itself) are surprisingly affordable.

How much does it cost?

Less than $100 US dollars in addition to a Whistle 3 service plan which is billed monthly.

We happen to think it is well worth it for owners who are worried about losing their dogs.

A More Advanced Option

Looking for something a bit more sophisticated?

Consider going with a Garmin.

A Garmin unit (designed for dogs) is an option
This is a fairly expensive Garmin unit (popular for hunting dogs).

In particular, they sell a GPS handheld that can track up to 20 dogs at a time.

The range is also quite impressive at up to 9 miles.

But the Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle will set you back several hundred dollars. It’s more geared towards sport/hunting dogs.

GPS vs. Micro-chipping

GPS tracking of a dog is way less intrusive than…

Having a microchip placed under their skin. Yes, that’s also a thing now!

An implant compared to a collar?

Easy decision. We’d go with a dog collar every time!

The Bottom Line

GPS tracking for dogs has improved a lot. Prices have also dropped.

If you are interested in this technology, now may be the perfect time to get some type of GPS for your dog.

Definitely shop around for a pet tracking product that best suits your needs.

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2 thoughts on “GPS For Dogs Worth It? The Truth About Pet Tracking Technology!”

  1. I live in Newfoundland and I want to be able to track, pinpoint accurate, my dog from one end of the island to the other. Is there a GPS device available to do this?

  2. I can’t afford to loose my dog so having him equipped with a GPS tracker sounds like a great idea.

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