Can I Give My Dog Lysine?

Can I Give My Dog Lysine?Lysine is literally essential. Your dog absolutely needs this amino acid, but supplementation is usually not necessary.

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Dogs get so many benefits from Lysine. Yet most folks are unaware of this dietary need. But what’s a sufficient amount for a pet pooch?

First off, Lysine plays a huge role in your dog’s ability to stay healthy. The immune system is strengthened. It is especially important for puppies.

Can I Give My Dog Lysine? Answer: Yes, but extra may be unnecessary

Dog food typically contains enough. This means you don’t have to worry about adding more.

Lysine’s benefits can’t be overstated. Your dog’s general well being depends on it. Thankfully, this requirement is easy to meet. Most dog foods contain plenty of Lysine. Consult with your veterinarian if you have reason to believe a precious pet is deficient (ie. weight loss).

Note: A fully grown dog should be getting somewhere between half a gram to a gram of Lysine daily.

Is Lysine Harmful?

It’s pretty safe. This amino acid is not known to be harmful. A possible exception would be if a huge amount is somehow consumed.

The kidneys can be damaged by¬†L-lysine doses of more than 2,000mg per pound of body weight. That’s an overdose.

Be safe and keep all your supplements out of reach.

Cats Versus Dogs

It is ordinarily pet cats that are prescribed a Lysine supplement, not dogs. It is more useful for them in certain situations.

Of course, dogs definitely need Lysine. It’s just that providing extra, beyond what they get from regular chow, is questionable without a diagnosis.

Diet Does the Trick

Lysine is classified as essential because your dog’s body cannot¬†synthesize this amino acid. It must come from food sources.

The dose doesn’t need to be exact. In other words, you shouldn’t need to measure it. It’s not that critical.

There’s a long list of human foods that contain lots of lysine. Fish is actually a great source, as are most meats.

But, again, dog foods contain plenty. It would be a rare case to not be delivering enough to your best buddy.

Why It’s So Important

Lysine plays a super integral role when it comes to your dog’s internals.

Antibodies, enzymes and even hormones will function better with this amino acid’s help. These are related to how it fortifies the immune system.

There’s some debate about whether Lysine can be an effective treatment for dogs with chronic viral infections. It’s inconclusive.

Protein and Calcium

Everyone knows that dogs require plenty of protein. That, as well as calcium, is how canines can thrive.

What isn’t really talked about is how lysine enables the¬†biosynthesis of protein and calcium absorption.

Your dog can’t begin to properly utilize (synthesize) protein without the essential amino acid known as Lysine!

Conclusion on Lysine

You probably don’t need to worry about giving your dog Lysine. It’s key to having a healthy hound, but additional amounts are mostly applicable to cats. Lysine is beneficial for optimal health. Luckily it’s in quality dog food. It’s not a dangerous supplement. But talk to a vet if you suspect a Lysine deficiency.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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