Can I Give My Dog Ice Cream?

Can I Give My Dog Ice Cream?Everyone likes ice cream, but sharing with the family dog raises eyebrows. One thing is for sure, when a furry friend turns on the charm, it can be difficult to say no.

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Strictly speaking, you shouldn’t share this delicious dairy dessert with a dog. Though ice cream isn’t poisonous for pets, we still cannot sign off on this treat.

Avoid feeding Fido sugary foods. Ice cream contributes to obesity, dog diabetes and poor overall health. Quick canine consumption can even cause a condition called Bloat.

Can I Give My Dog Ice Cream? Answer: Not Recommended

It could be argued that a scoop or two can’t hurt, but we still say no.

Never feed a dog more than a small serving of ice cream. This dessert is obviously loaded with too much fat and sugar. If you really want to include your dog consider Meltdown Ice Cream Cones. Those popular treats aren’t as unhealthy compared to regular ice cream. Popsicles are also better, especially if you make them at home.

Just don’t make a habit out of it, if you occasionally feed your dog a bit of ice cream.

Ice Cream and Dairy

A good percentage of dogs cannot digest dairy very well. Many are lactose intolerant to some degree. Lactose is a type of sugar in ice creams.

Be familiar with lactose levels when sharing dairy foods with your dog. For instance, ice cream contains a lot more lactose than cottage cheese.

Ideas for Alternatives

Homemade popsicles or frozen yogurts are much preferred to ice cream. Considered chilled pumpkin, a very nutritious treat for a dog. Anything made at home will be healthier than store-bought ice cream.

Your Dog’s Digestion

Pet dogs should be fed foods that help aid digestion. Ice cream tends to work in the opposite way. It may lead to loose stools and other gastric issues. This is in addition to all the nutritional negatives.

Ice Cream Accidents

If your dog ate some ice cream, hopefully it wasn’t a chocolate variety. That would be a big concern since chocolate is terribly toxic for dogs. You need a vet’s help if this has happened.

Otherwise, your furbaby may be sick for a short time. Diarrhea and vomiting are possible, but often nothing noteworthy occurs. For the most part, a dog eating a bit of ice cream isn’t a disaster.

A Dog Bloat Warning

Be aware of something called Dog Bloat. It’s a life threatening condition that happens quickly and can be fatal. You can avoid this by rationing a canine’s consumption of ice cream.

Bloat occurs more often in large breeds. Eating too much and too fast are known causes. The sugar in ice cream will make your dog want to ‘go to town’ and you must prevent this.

Conclusion on Ice Cream

Don’t give your dog any ice cream. It lacks nutrition and may not even agree with their stomach. Though your buddy may love ice cream, there are good reasons to not share. Lactose and the high fat content are just a few factors. If your dog accidentally ate some ice cream, they’ll likely be just fine.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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