Can I Give My Dog Hydrogen Peroxide?

Can I Give My Dog Hydrogen Peroxide?If your dog has ingested something that they shouldn’t have, a quick way to induce vomiting is to give them hydrogen peroxide. Dogs are usually pretty simple to take care of, but a curious dog can get themselves into a lot of trouble.

Hydrogen peroxide is a handy thing to be familiar with in certain canine emergencies. Administering it is a reliable method and works on most every dog without fail.

The only thing in question is figuring out the correct dosage. A quick call to the vet will ensure that you give your dog the proper dose. If you’re having trouble, they can walk you through the process and give you pointers. But read more here for some additional information regarding Hydrogen Peroxide for dogs.

Can I Give My Dog Hydrogen Peroxide? Answer: Yes, in an emergency

Getting a dog to throw up an offending item is often the quickest and simplest way to undo the potential damage.

But keep in mind that peroxide might not be the only thing that’s needed. This is why you should consult your veterinarian. Even if do get your dog to throw up, they may need more care. In some instances this might be your only task. But if your dog has swallowed a poisonous substance, that has already entered their bloodstream, it may be too late even if they do vomit.

Call a Vet Immediately

If you suspect that your dog has swallowed something toxic or poisonous, you don’t want to delay. Call the vet and get directions on what to do next. It doesn’t matter if you turn out to be wrong, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dogs are always trying to find things to eat, they’re always exploring, which means they can get into all sorts of things that you might not have thought about. Hydrogen Peroxide can only do so much especially if you haven’t witnessed your dog actually consuming something they shouldn’t have. Time is critical in such a situation!

Giving Hydrogen Peroxide

Before giving your dog hydrogen peroxide you should get them corralled into a room that will be easiest to clean. Most folks choose the bathroom, or maybe a laundry room or even outside if you’re able to keep them in one location.

You may need some assistance if you’ve got a larger sized dog. One person can hold the dog while another administers the hydrogen peroxide down the canine’s throat. More people than that might freak your dog out and could make it harder to keep them still.

Once you get the Hydrogen Peroxide down the hatch, it’s now time to play the waiting game. It can take anywhere from 1 minute to up to about 5 minutes, so you may need to be patient. Once they get it up, vomit, you should check the mess to make sure the offending item or substance has made its way out as best you can tell.

Dog Dosage Tips

For small dogs you could use the cap from the bottle for measuring a dose. Larger dogs may require up to two tablespoons to get the job done. This is the part where calling the vet comes in handy. Veterinarians can better advise you on the right dosage for your dog’s breed and weight.

Some Prevention Ideas

Avoid future problems, and the use of Hydrogen Peroxide, by going around your home and yard while trying to think like a dog. Remove anything that could cause a problem which is often located below your knees, near the floor.

Find and check places where dogs get into most trouble, sticking their snouts where they don’t belong. Under outdoor decks and patios, in crevices and crannies around the home, and in obvious places like trash bins inside and out.

Hydrogen Peroxide & Teeth Cleaning

Some owners wonder if they can use hydrogen peroxide to clean or otherwise bleach their dog’s teeth. This isn’t recommended because they may vomit if they ingest too much. Dogs don’t spit so things that go in their mouths usually end up in their stomachs. To properly clean your dog’s teeth, take them in for regular cleanings or do your research!

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Terry April, 2016

We gave my dog too much hydrogen peroxide. He threw up twice and we got the sock he had swallowed. He can’t keep food down. How can we neutralize the hydrogen peroxide?


De December, 2015

My dog has mucus. A few months ago she throw a bunch up and felt much better. She has respiratory congestion. We don’t know how to get her to throw up. I don’t want to hurt her but I don’t want to lose her. Can you help me please?


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