Can I Give My Dog Holiday Leftovers?

Can I Give My Dog Thanksgiving LeftoversMost families have lots of holiday leftovers after Thanksgiving and Xmas. Lots of folks enjoy the extra food but, let’s face it, finishing it can sometimes be a chore. Your pet dog is probably the most willing for such a salivating scenario.

You can feed Fido holiday leftovers but there are a few factors to consider. On these occasions, there are many types of wonderful foods but that potentially complicates matters for dogs. Canines can get sick during feasts, and a condition called Bloat may be the most worrying which we’ll discuss.

Nobody likes to waste food but you also don’t want to unnecessarily sicken your dog. We’ll try to breakdown what’s generally safe and what’s not when allowing your dog to help out with Thanksgiving or Christmas leftovers. Beyond that you just have to use good judgement and moderation.

Can I Give My Dog Holiday Leftovers? Answer: Yes, selectively

Pets can enjoy these special occasion leftovers as well, if you know which foods to withhold.

We’ve previously covered a similar topic regarding table scraps. But if you’re reading this article, there’s likely to be some special holiday-specific foods sitting in your refrigerator right now. It should be noted that many dog owners refuse to give their dogs table food of any kind, even during the holidays. We respect that and offer this information only for those wanting to do so.

Turkey Meat, Skin & Bones

Meat in itself, including turkey, is probably the best suited holiday food you could give your pet dog. After all, canines are primarily carnivores. Since your family has prepared this choice meat, one could argue it’s actually better than their normal dog food. Who said Thanksgiving is only for people?

As for the skin, it should be withheld because eating too much turkey skin can be a recipe for pancreatitis. Large pieces of such skin may also present a choking hazard. You also shouldn’t allow your dog to chew on the leftover bones. Turkey bones, in particular, can easily splinter and so they aren’t at all appropriate for your dog.

Stuffing, Carrots & More

Besides the main course, there’s usually a wide variety of other offerings. Careful with these side dishes though since some of these can be harmful for your dog. For example, stuffing is often prepared with onions as an ingredient which is dangerous for them.

A small amount of mashed potatoes should be fine, preferably without any cheese or sour cream mixed in. Gravy is usually okay but it depends how it’s made. Cranberry sauce tends to be too high in sugar for dogs. Pure green beans and carrots are mostly what we serve our four-legged friends besides the main course.

Every Situation is Different

Your family will, of course, have different types of left over dishes after Thanksgiving and Christmas. The point is to be mindful of any ingredients used during preparation and be conservative when feeding your dog any leftovers. In other words, play it safe when sharing with Fido.

Never Allow Binge Eating

Your pet dog can only help so much with those Thanksgiving leftovers. Some dogs are prone to what’s called Bloat which can be quite serious, even life threatening. It’s thought to be caused by eating or drinking too much. Keep that in mind when you’re serving them leftovers on festive holidays. Sometimes you wish you had more pets!

Conclusion on the Leftovers

Dogs don’t like to be left out on the leftover Thanksgiving eats! Just be sure to limit their holiday serving size and be selective. So the quantity you provide, but also which types of foods they get to chow down on, should be carefully considered. Turkey meat is fine and even some gravy but withhold the bones. Giving your dog Thanksgiving or Xmas leftovers doesn’t have to be problematic. It can be okay for pets to be accustomed to being included as part of the family on such joyous occasions.

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