Can I Get My Dog Health Insurance?

Should I Get Dog Health Insurance?Vet bills for medical procedures continue to skyrocket higher. The problem just seems to be getting worse. That’s why health insurance for dogs is becoming a bit more popular.

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Pets are often overlooked when it comes to health care coverage. You just don’t hear too much about medical insurance for dogs. That is gradually changing.

Canine care spending is rising faster than human medical care. Veterinarians have more sophisticated equipment and advanced diagnostic tools. Dog health insurance makes sense?

Should I Get My Dog Health Insurance? Answer: No, read why

There’s a better strategy than medical insurance for Fido.

While dogs don’t live nearly as long as people, they still get sick and hopefully grow old. The idea is if you pay a monthly premium, your dog is then covered for treatment of unexpected illnesses,¬†surgeries¬†and even¬†medications.

But instead, why not just set aside a fund for your buddy’s future medical bills. These companies providing insurance coverage for pets seem to have many unhappy customers.

Sad stories about how they somehow wiggled their way out of paying for treatments are all over the internet. The reviews are in and I’m not impressed with health insurance for dogs.

Canine Insurance Rant

There’s risk in insurance, an oxymoron I know! Co-pays, annual caps and¬†deductibles apply to the pet insurance industry. It’s just like how regular health insurance works. The game is stacked against you.

Throw in extra fees for older dogs, rules on pre-existing conditions and you’ll probably need a doctor yourself after learning, “what’s the catch” in the dog insurance industry.

It’s a Judgement Call

Most companies offering dog insurance are making a killing with your hard earned dollars. In our opinion, the math just doesn’t seem to add up. We think self-funding is the way to go. Start saving now.

The average pet typically needs about $4,000 to $7,000 in treatment over their lifetime. Be realistic about how much you can actually do for your dog medically, no matter how much you love them.

Art of the Doggie Deal

Networking with neighbors, who also own dogs, is very smart. These people have been to the locals veterinarians. Get the scoop about pricing, affordability and payment flexibility.

Visit those vets just to say hello. Discuss dog health insurance with them if time permits. Veterinarians are often willing to cut a deal in order to obtain you and your dog as clients. Try to negotiate!

Good Deeds Come Back

Our neighbor volunteered at an animal shelter run by a vet tech. It didn’t go unnoticed. Her dog will be taken care of if the need arises. That’s canine health insurance through good deeds. Food for thought!

The best, and cheapest, health insurance for dogs is preventative care and a healthy diet.

Conclusion on Health Insurance

Instead of buying dog health insurance, for say $30 per month, set aside that amount for a dedicated 401k-9 (that’s a joke folks!)¬†Ideally, you’d do this early on with a puppy. This self-funded health insurance will be there, for your pet dog, when they need it. Depend on yourself, not an insurance company intent on controlling costs and maximizing profits.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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