Read This Before Using Orajel On Your Dog!

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Do you think your dog may have a toothache?

The truth is that canines with oral discomfort can also get relief from Orajel. Many owners find that it works for their pets!

Can I Give My Dog Orajel?And vets commonly use Benzocaine which is the active ingredient in Orajel.

With that being said, human-grade versions have caused side effects in some animals.

In particular, Orajel is not recommended for puppies or small breeds. And all dogs should be prevented from ingesting it.

There is more to learn about this toothache reliever. Keep reading…

Avoid Using 3X or 4X Orajel On Your Dog

High amounts of benzocaine can be toxic.

20% formulations or Maximum Strength Orajel (like the one pictured above) are a little on the strong side for most dogs.

Safer in Lower Concentrations

The regular Medicated For Toothache Gel has a 10% benzocaine potency. That’s the Orajel you’d want for a desired numbing effect.

But, if you can, get your veterinarian’s diagnosis because it can be difficult to know if your dog actually has a toothache!

And even if that is the case, a professional’s prescription is recommended for any type of pain relief – even if it’s just temporary.

A Bad Blood Disease

While not the norm, dogs can suffer a severe side effect from the main ingredient in Orajel.

A study published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information documented 3 canine cases whereby benzocaine triggered Methemoglobinemia (a type of anemia).

Two of the dogs required full blood transfusions after their Methemoglobin levels spiked.

The lesson here is that Orajel, like any pharmaceutical, has potential for harm.

Not For Open Sores

Based on the above study there is reason to believe excessive absorption of benzocaine should be avoided.

In practical terms that means:

Orajel should not be used on open sores, lesions, wounds or if your dog’s mouth is bleeding.

Orajel Not a Real Fix

Preventative maintenance (ie. regular cleaning of teeth and gums) is the key to having a hound with a healthy mouth.

Older dogs in particular need periodic dental work done.

Does your buddy’s mouth smell terrible?

Bad breath is a symptom of halitosis or tooth decay. And neither Orajel or Anbesol can fix it!

Other troublesome signs include:

  • Difficulty eating
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Excessive drooling

A toothache could be the least of your dog’s problems!

Again, Orajel cannot help your dog with issues that result from tartar build-up or gum diseases.

See our article on taking care of canine teeth!

For Puppies With Pain

Do you have a teething puppy?

Consider getting a gum massager or try chicken-flavored teething rings.

The Bottom Line

Orajel is, at best, only a temporary solution for your dog’s toothache.

And while Benzocaine is effective, this local anesthetic could be a bit overkill.

Stick to Orajel concentrations of 10% or less and do not apply any to open wounds. Further, avoid use if you have a small dog or young pup.

Why not get your vet’s prescription? They’ll likely provide a reduced strength equivalent for the pain.

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11 thoughts on “Read This Before Using Orajel On Your Dog!”

  1. The use of Orajel in any sized dog is dangerous. This product is not made for dogs for a reason. This product could kill your beloved pet. There are safer alternatives. It is not safe in any concentration.

  2. I have a Boston Terrier/Pug mix and she’s got dental problems which will involve surgery. Her liver enzyme is elevated to 1500 and surgery is not safe for her at this time. I was going to use this product because I don’t want to fill her up with meds. I never thought of Orajel as a drug. With her medical issues and age (10 years), I am sure I would have killed her. Thank you!

  3. My dog is 10 pound Miniature Dachshund. He has really bad teeth and now there’s an infection which is making his eye water. I can’t afford to get his teeth cleaned. The vet wants $1,000! I don’t know what to do.

    1. I also have a Mini Dachshund. He is 12 and his teeth were getting really bad. We were able to find a loving place that teaches future vets. We decided to take our Billy in.

      They pulled the rotting teeth out, but left the important ones in (front canine teeth and a couple molars). He had swelling and needed his meds but he is doing so amazing now!

      Look up a vet school in your area. They are actually very reliable. I don’t work for a school. I just want to help those who don’t have the money.

      1. I need that kind of help for my senior dog. I am also on a fixed income and can not afford dental care for my dog. I know she is in pain and has some rotten teeth.

        1. My dog is the same. How did you help her?

  4. I’ve also read that clove oil can kill a dog too. A big no-no!

  5. My sister used Orajel on her Chihuahua and the dog went into cardiac arrest. She is a doctor, not that it matters, and administered CPR. She revived him three times and on the fourth, her precious pet perished. It was a reaction known as Methemoglobinemia. The conclusion was that her dog was too small. Something to definitely keep in mind.

    1. I almost did not read this response. God only knows what could have happened if I had not! I was planning on giving Orajel to my Chihuahua! Thank you very much for sharing. You may have saved my Tiffany’s life! I don’t mean to be dramatic, but I it really shook me up to think…

      I’m so sorry to hear about your sister’s dog. Poor baby. My heart goes out to her and you.

      1. Wow, sorry Josh, but your pet has probably saved countless other pets because of your comment.

      2. Same for me. I was just going to apply Orajel. He is a small Pomeranian and quite old. It may have killed him. Thank you so much for sharing.

        I cannot afford a vet. My Romeo is my baby. I love him so much. He as only like 4 teeth left and wow he is suffering so much. I’m devastated to say the least.

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