Can I Give My Dog Food With Gluten?

Can I Give My Dog Food Containing Gluten?Gluten free diets seem like a fad but that’s a misconception of those who are unaffected. Even more surprising to some is the fact that dogs can also have this same sensitivity.

It you suffer from this intolerance problem then you know how terrible the effects of gluten can be. It can ruin quality of life for people, but the same applies to dogs.

It makes sense to try eliminating gluten from your pet’s diet if they have been suffering from difficult to diagnose health problems. You could be surprised at the results.

Can I Give My Dog Gluten? Answer: Yes, but try gluten-free

This trend is something owners should understand for their canine’s health as well as their own.

Gluten and its effects on the body is poorly understood. Most people eating foods containing it have no idea they could be better off without it. If you think this type of diet may be negatively affecting your dog, why not try a quality grain free dog food!

Be Healthier, Be Gluten Free

Some chronic health problem are frustrating and difficult to diagnose. A gluten-free diet may change your dog’s life. Maybe you have a pet suffering from allergies, digestive problems, constant scratching or some other lingering problems. Grains and starches can reduce your dog’s overall gut health and create inflammation.

The Long-Term Symptoms

Gluten intolerance can cause lots symptoms which makes finding the source of misery difficult to pin down. Most vets don’t know much about gluten which tends to prolong poor health for affected dogs. Suffering from gluten sensitivity could go on for years, even a lifetime, before relief is discovered by switching to a gluten-free diet.

Many dogs suffer from chronic illnesses and other diseases because of a poor diet. Celiac disease, the autoimmune condition triggered by gluten intake, leads to other complications which can literally kill a dog. This hereditary disease starts in the small intestine and leads to malnutrition which, in turns, leads to other health problems.

So What Exactly is Gluten?

Gluten is a plant-based protein primarily found in grains. Rye, oats, barley and wheat are loaded up with it. Anything processed from these grains also contains gluten. Many pre-made foods, including dog food, have elements of gluten-laden grains. A dog wouldn’t normally eat grains but they are probably getting it daily!

Being gluten-free requires discipline and sacrifice to avoid eating certain foods. Feeling much better makes it well worth it, if you’re intolerant. Why not try gluten-free dog food for your pup’s sake?

Is Gluten Okay for Dogs?

About 1% of people show adverse reactions meaning they’re celiacs. Others experience less severe bloating and other forms of gluten sensitivity. Dogs can suffer from gluten intolerance as well. On the flip side, since canines digest foods quicker than we do, they may be less susceptible. More study is needed.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or frequent diarrhea, they may at the very least be gluten intolerant. The intestines can be damaged from long term exposure to gluten. This affects their digestive tracts causing malabsorption of vitamins and other proteins which dogs need to thrive.

What About Dog Food

Most dog foods have gluten. A lot of the fillers such as wheat and corn-based ingredients contain gluten. Even small amounts can be harmful to certain dogs. Consider switching brands, shop for gluten-free dog food. While it’s usually more expensive, you may find it to be a small price to pay.

Conclusion on Gluten

If you worry about gluten in your dog’s diet, consider preparing their meals yourself. Do this especially if Fido suffers from certain ingredients, ie. grains. You’ll be motivated to continue creating meals if you’ve witnessed your dog recover from a long and difficult illness by eliminating gluten. Alternatively, just get a top quality grain-free dog food.

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Chris November, 2015

Without getting into anything on gluten in general, you state that oats are ‘loaded with gluten’. In fact, oats nourish their seedlings with avenins, which are not biologically similar. Even actual celiacs can almost universally tolerate avenins.


Tyro January, 2014

Is it okay for dogs to be fed rice? That’s one thing I wanna know before feeding it to them.


Marika October, 2014

Yes, it is okay to feed them a little rice with cooked skinless chicken, good for their tummy.


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