Can I Give My Dog Glucosamine?

Can I Give My Dog Glucosamine?Lots of people take a Glucosamine supplement. It’s an anti-inflammatory that can soothe aching joints and help to prevent arthritis. Older dogs often experience these debilitating problems which is why owners ask about this amino sugar.

Watching an arthritic dog can be tough. Your pet may be spending lots of time in the same spot, only moving around when they have to, or when they’re hungry. That’s why owners want to help their dog feel better, and to soothe their aching joints.

Since Glucosamine usually works well for people, it’s hoped that such results can also be achieved in canines. But it’s not really the case, since it’s a different species, and a different digestive system. There’s no apples to apples comparison here, even if we are both mammals.

Can I Give My Dog Glucosamine? Answer: Not Necessary

Although you can give your dog Glucosamine without a lot of negative side effects, it’s not something they process the same way that we do.

Dogs process foods faster than we do, and their stomach acid is also different, so giving them the same pill or supplement that we take will not produce the same effects. There are better alternatives that you can get from the vet, and also through a good dog food formulated for older dogs. This is a better way of going about it than giving them something that is made for people.

If you are searching for another solution to your dog’s joint problems look into Rimadyl. Also, it’s not too late to start giving them premium dog food if you haven’t already. Your vet can help you choose a good brand, and this alone should allow you to see some positive signs from them. Glucosamine isn’t necessary in such a situation.

Providing an active life, not cooping them up indoors all the time, and buying good quality dog food is really all you can do to help your dog have a good life from the start to the finish. These factors play a huge part of their overall well-being. Tinkering with supplements and other additives is pretty useless and can even make the problem worse.

Glucosamine or Better Food

Just like they make specially formulated puppy chow for puppies, they make dog food that’s specifically for older dogs. It contains extra nutrients that older dogs need. This is an important transition to make as your best buddy ages. You can help to ensure that your dog will have some great golden years, free of arthritis pain and joint problems. The ingredients in these specialized dog foods are similar to the Glucosamine supplements formulated for humans.

Concerns with Aging Dogs

Many dog owners can’t bear the thought of losing their dog, and don’t even like to see them suffer, or not be their happiest and healthiest. But dogs age so much faster than humans that their health problems can really start piling up, even if you do your best to provide them with the right diet, and give them exercise and a great home.

It’s just something that you’ll have to come to terms with, that no matter what you do for them they’ll eventually get old and won’t be able to do the things they once did. Your solace is that you’ve done the best you can to give them a good life, and allow them to age gracefully.

By embracing your dog the way they are, and not trying to get them to be a youthful puppy their whole life, you are accepting them and all of their conditions. They just want to be happy and even though they’re in pain they still love you and accept it as a part of life.

It’s us humans that feel that we can’t suffer any pain and have to treat every little thing that happens to us. But animals just take life one moment at a time and even though they might be suffering they still get along with their lives.

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