Glucosamine For a Pet Dog? Read This First!

Can I give my dog Glucosamine?

Find out if pet dogs can really benefit from Glucosamine and Chondroitin w/ MSM. There’s a lot of hype about these supplements. Here’s the truth!

Read This Before Giving Your Dog Celebrex!

Can I give my dog Celebrex?

Celebrex (active ingredient Celecoxib) is primarily taken to reduce symptoms of arthritis. Are you thinking of using a leftover supply to help ease your dog’s aches and pains? Let’s start by pointing out something key: Despite this pharmaceutical being a Read More …

What Can I Give My Dog For Arthritis?

What can I give my dog for arthritis?

It’s not at all surprising that older dogs are prone to painful arthritis, but a chronic condition can affect man’s best friend at any age. It’s a huge quality of life issue. One thing’s for sure: It is heartbreaking to see Read More …