Can I Give My Dog Fried Food?

Can I Give My Dog Fried Foods?We know that fried food is bad for us, but how about for a dog? Since they’re more active will they just burn it off, or does it have the same ill effects?

When you consider what’s okay to give your dog, you have to think of the long term as well as the short term, and treat them the same way you’d expect to be treated. Even though you may have given your dog some fried food in the past with no repercussions, it doesn’t mean it’s good for them.

And if you hear of other owners giving it to their dogs with no problems, it still doesn’t mean you should incorporate it into your list of approved foods. This is one example of a food that’s unhealthy for people also being unhealthy for your pooch.

Can I Give My Dog Fried Food? Answer: No

Fried foods are probably worse for dogs than they are for people.

Since there’s also the possibility of it doing them harm, you want to avoid giving it to them, and keep it away from them while you’re eating so they don’t make off with any of it. Many owners will toss their dogs french fries, or pieces of fried chicken, but it’s not doing anyone any good.

It’s definitely not something you want to get into the habit of giving your dog, even if they are pretty active and you’ll figure they’ll just run it off. Smaller breeds are especially at risk for problems, but all dogs might respond negatively to too much animal fat or fried food.

Fried Food & Pancreatitis

If you feed your dog too much animal fat or fried foods they could end up with pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas. This can lead to other problems in their digestive system and really muck up what should be a very reliable process.

If you’ve been giving your dog fried food for some time and are just now learning of its dangers, you should know the signs of pancreatitis so you can get them help quickly, which includes a sudden bout of vomiting. You should take them into the vet immediately for further tests to see if this is the problem.

The Good, The Bad, & the Neutral

When it comes to feeding your dog there are generally three categories that foods fall into. Those that are good for your dog to eat, those that are bad, and those that don’t seem to have any effect. Our motto is only feed your dog foods from the good list, which includes their daily dog food, dog treats, and a few select other foods that are things their wild cousins eat today.

Of course you don’t want to give your dog foods from the bad list, and a startling number of owners will give their dogs food that isn’t necessarily bad for them but has no visible short term effects.

Fried food falls into the category of being bad for your dog, and therefore should be avoided. If your dog got into some fried food that you turned your back on, they’ll likely be fine, but you might notice that they have problems processing it and have a bout of diarrhea later. You might want to observe their behavior and be quick to let them out if they look like they’re having a tough time with it.

A Dog Wouldn’t Fry Food

Dogs wouldn’t have the ability to fry their own food, which is the first indication that it’s not good for them. In the wild dogs would be raw meat eaters, and that’s what a good quality dog food will try to replicate for them so you don’t have to go out and hunt for them. Today’s domesticated breeds are quite used to eating their dog food, but not all of the brands out there are created equally.

Get your dog the best quality you can afford, and then stick to it, as it will provide them with the nutrients they need each day, and you’re off the hook as far as wondering what else to give them.

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Cece March, 2015

I give my dog McDonald’s french fries every now and then. Should I cut that from his diet completely?

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James March, 2015

I would cut it completely. Come up with a better idea for a snack. Anything else would be relatively healthier!

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