Can I Give My Dog French Fries?

Can I Give My Dog French Fries?Hot, greasy, and salty is a triple threat to the taste buds when it comes to french fries. Dogs also love gobbling up fries as fast as you can dish them out. But are they okay for your dog? Will they be able to digest them properly?

The digestive system of a dog is different than ours. In regards to french fries, they’re made up of mostly potatoes with added oil; they’re likely heavily salted as well. These are all things a dog doesn’t need in their diet.

It may seem generous and sweet by giving a dog some comfort food like french fries on occasion. In truth, you aren’t doing them any favors by giving them your french fries.

Can I Give My Dog French Fries? Answer: Not Recommended

You shouldn’t share french fries with your dog. It is certainly a bad habit.

While a dog is not going to keel over if you give them a few french fries, or if some drop on the floor, you shouldn’t allow them to partake in fries as a treat. They just don’t provide nourishment in any way, quite the opposite.

We find french fries so delicious and tempting. It’s natural to want to share something like french fries with our furry friends. Unfortunately, there are so many reasons not to do so. When a dog wolfs down some fries it reflects poorly on the owner. More importantly, it will eventually catch up to the dog.

No Alternative to Dog Food

Don’t even think of substituting french fries for one of your dog’s regular meals. There is not any protein in french fries, and in fact there’s no redeemable quality to them except for the fact that we think they taste good. It’s just that simple. No fries with that!

Just Not Healthy for Dogs

Everyone knows that french fries will make you fat and eventually clog your arteries. They are loaded with trans fats and other manufactured and processed ingredients. While you can toss a few of them to your furry friend, it’s not as if you are doing them any favors. At the very least, it’s just a bad habit to get into.

Their canine system can process it, as it’s just potatoes, oil, and some salt, but it’s not giving them any of what they actually require. There’s no real point in giving french fries to a dog. It means more french fries for you.

When it comes to your dog and their feeding habits, it’s important to remember that they don’t need much. Don’t try to think for your dog and keep it simple. You may assume that a bland boring diet of daily dog food would be unbearable, but they are not thinking like that, even if you think they are.

An Example Situation

You might crave the occasional burger and fries, and once the smell has flooded your house your dog may be really interested in what’s making the intoxicating aroma. Then your eyes might roll back in your head when you take a big bite from a juicy burger and follow it up with some yummy fries. They are now begging.

But your dog eats at such a speed, and with no true appreciation for what they are inhaling. You could pretty much substitute anything in place of french fries and they’d be equally satisfied. Keep that in mind next time you face this type of situation. You’ll have a healthier dog for it.

Stick to the Plan

Don’t deviate from your dog’s daily eating regiment unless you upgrade to something of better quality. They’ll have no trouble eating the same thing every single day. The only one who might get bored is you. Give them the occasional treat, but try to pick one that is formulated especially for dogs and is healthy. It’s preferable that the treats are made by the same company that produces their regular food.

In any case, never feed a dog french fries, not even a French Bulldog!

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Terence January 17, 2014

French fries and potato chips are among the top 20 Acrylamide-high foods. Acrylamide is a cancer-causing chemical created when carbohydrate -rich foods are cooked at high temperatures above 250F/120C.

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Tikia August 31, 2013

When I give my dog French fries or potato chips it gives him terrible gas. I don’t do this on a regular basis. I did before I realized what it does to him.

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