Can I Give My Dog Fish?

Can I Give My Dog Fish?Eating fish is associated with many health benefits. It makes a lot of sense to provide a pet dog with this type of meat. They can also use the outstanding nutrition, including the Omega-3.

There are many positives to feeding Fido fresh fish. It’s likely that your dog won’t be overweight if this is as aspect of their diet. So, you may be wondering, “what’s the catch” no pun intended!

Canines and humans require similar nutrients to survive and thrive. The difference is that proteins for dogs have, over thousands of years, been derived from consuming meat from land-based animals and not fish from oceans or lakes.

Can I Give My Dog Some Fish? Answer: Yes

But your dog probably shouldn’t have a diet based primarily on fish, unless you get a formulated dog food containing it.

To be clear, there’s no good reason to exclude fresh fish from your dog’s diet altogether. You just need to take some basic precautions. Case in point, there’s something called Salmon Poisoning Disease which can occur if your buddy eats uncooked salmon, for example, as it may contain potentially fatal parasites. If spoiled, any type of raw fish could be harmful in this respect.

The safest, most convenient and consistent way to incorporate fish into your dog’s diet is with a highly rated dog food containing fish in the recipe.

Fido and Fish Food

No doubt that consuming fish offers great health benefits for dogs and people alike. So, yes, you can treat your pet to different types of cooked fish and even crab on occasion. This type of food is generally a great source of protein for active dogs.

However, servings should be restricted to approximately two times per week. Don’t stray too much from their regular chow. Besides, excessive consumption can lead to mercury poisoning.

Omega-3 & Amino Acids

The omega fatty acid found in fish is considered good fat. In contrast, most meats have high levels of the saturated kind. Fish oil is great as well. It’s used for treating many different diseases plus it seems to have positive effects for dogs with aggression problems.

With regard to amino acids, some are already being produced in your dog’s body. However, the most essential of them must be derived from their food supply.

Meats, including fish, will help to top up amino-acid levels assuming they’re lacking in these important organic compounds.

Which Types of Fish

Different types of fish are beneficial for different reasons. It’s confusing because there are a lot of fish varieties, both seafood or fresh water, to choose from. For example, salmon contains the required daily dose of vitamin D and about half the vitamin B12 requirement.

Generally, dogs can benefit from occasionally eating salmon since it provides lots of essential proteins. However, as stated above, make sure that salmon is cooked well enough before you provide it.

Another type is sardines which can contain soft digestible bones for an excellent calcium boost. They also are packing (pun intended) a quarter of a daily dose of magnesium which can help with mood, among other benefits.

Careful of Bones

Be mindful of tiny fish bones which can be quite sharp. Unfortunately, the presence of these bones isn’t so obvious but they can certainly be harmful to your dog. This is one downside to serving fish, besides edible whole sardines which are safe.

Regular fish bones can easily get stuck in the throat or further down your dog’s digestive system. Carefully screen any serving for difficult to see bones before chow time!

Conclusion on Fish

Dogs love eating fish and you’ll be happy to know that cooked fish is okay to provide in moderation. It is actually very healthy but you still need to ensure that Fido gets well-balanced canine formulated meals. Limit fish consumption to a couple times weekly unless you plan to provide an excellent dog food containing fish. If you do give your best buddy some actual fresh fish, please cook it and carefully check for bones prior to serving.

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