Can I Give My Dog Fish?

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Can I Give My Dog Fish?Nutritionists say you should eat fish at least two times a week. The Omega-3 fatty acids help to lower blood pressure and reduce your chances of getting diabetes and cancer. Perhaps your dog could also benefit from fish?

A serving of salmon gives you the required daily dose of vitamin D and a half of the required dose of vitamin B12. Sardines in cans contain soft bones, and these bones will help you gain calcium as they are easy to digest. They also provide you with a quarter of a daily dose of magnesium which helps your mood, among other benefits, some research shows. Fresh fish is a rich source of amino acids that assist your metabolism and can aid in weight loss. With so many health benefits, we wonder if dogs can be put on a fish based diet.

Dogs and humans both need similar nutrients to survive and function normally. Proteins for dogs are found in foods of animal origin. Some amino acids can be produced in your dog’s body, but the most essential of them must be gotten from food. Most dogs are able to digest high amounts of carbohydrates that are found in dry dog food, but this can cause problems with the ears and skin of dogs.

Can I Give My Dog Fish? Answer: In small amounts on occasion

Dogs shouldn’t have a diet based solely on fish.

However, there is no good reason to exclude fish from your dog’s diet altogether. You do need to watch out for something that is called salmon poisoning. This can usually occur if your dog eats raw salmon.

Raw salmon can contain parasites that are potentially fatal to dogs. You should never feed your dog raw salmo so be sure to properly cook this fish before feeding time.

In general, you can feed your dog many different types of cooked fish. You just need to be careful not to include tiny bones so fillets may be best.

Fish is a great protein source for dogs as well as people. Naturally, there should be a limit, and you should give your dog small portions once or twice a week. By doing that, you are avoiding mercury poisoning.

Fish oil is great as well. It’s used for treating many different diseases plus it seems to have positive effects for dogs with aggression problems.

The omega-3 found in fish contain what are considered good fats. In contrast, most meats have high levels of saturated fat. Fish does not contain such unhealthy fats.

Salmon Is Beneficial

Generally, dogs benefit greatly from eating salmon since it provides them with lots of proteins. However, you have to make sure that salmon is cooked well enough before you feed it to your dog. There are a lot of different types that your dog can eat. Please comment below and tell us what types of fish your dog likes to eat.

Everyone knows that consuming fish has great health benefits. People in North America probably don’t eat enough fish. I’d say people need fish more than dogs do. Therefore, try not to go overboard, and make sure your dog eats salmon or any type of fish in moderation.

Careful of Fish Bones

Unfortunately, fish bones are not so obvious and are often sharp. This is one down side to serving fish. These pesky fish bones can easily get stuck in the throat or further down your dog’s digestive system.

Feed Your Dog Healthy Food

A dog that has good eating habits and healthy meals is a happy dog. There are so many great foods available for dogs. Making sure you are providing a well-balanced meal for your canine friend has become a piece of cake. Developing such habits can help your dog stay in great physical shape. This is the most important factor for helping your dog live a long and healthy life.

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Andrew October 24, 2014

I feed my Akita raw fish every day. It’s ridiculous to suggest that feeding raw fish with bones would be hazardous to a dog. It’s their natural diet. Akitas have been fed fish for centuries in Japan!

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