Read This Before Adding Eggs To Your Dog’s Diet!

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Are you thinking of adding eggs to your dog’s diet?

As an affordable food, with plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as protein, the idea would seem to make a lot of sense.

Can I Give My Dog Eggs?Good news!

Feeding your dog an egg or two will not harm them. On the contrary, it’s generally healthy to share.

Perhaps you’re concerned for your canine due to the cholesterol aspect? Honestly, it’s not a factor if you simply limit your dog’s portions.

Keep reading to learn more…

Your Dog Can Eat Eggs

We feed them to our dogs boiled.

Interestingly, the calcium in egg shells is excellent for dogs. And the yolk, where many of the other nutrients are found, is beneficial as well.

FYI: Canines are less prone to cholesterol risks and the associated diseases. After all, they don’t live as long.

Pet-Friendly Protein

It is well known that dogs thrive on protein.

Eggs have a bunch but also essential amino acids. They are also fairly low in calories!

Folks who eat eggs for breakfast tend to have more energy throughout the day. There is no reason why this can’t be true for your pet dog.

Here is an idea:

Mix in some egg with regular chow for a fantastic protein boost!

Super Food For Fido

Besides the protein, eggs contain plenty of vitamin D. This works in tandem with calcium (found in eggs as well) for nutrient absorption.

You can expect healthy bones and teeth.

A lesser known benefit is Choline which is an excellent essential vitamin. Iron and selenium are in abundance as well.

Think of eggs as a super supplement for your dog.

They are also a great source of iodine which ensures a healthy thyroid.

Last but not least…

The vitamin E, zinc, Riboflavin and fatty acids are outstanding.

A Downside For Dogs?

When feeding your dog eggs do consider that egg whites contain enzyme inhibitors which sometimes affects digestion.

So just be sure to limit portions to just a few per week. Then, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Overall, eggs are a fantastic feeding choice.

Raw Eggs And Shells

Feeding raw eggs is a bit controversial.

But wait!

Consider that dogs have quick and short digestive tracts. As such, some raw egg is unlikely to be harmful.

Quite the opposite in fact…

Raw eggs and even the shells can improve your dog’s coat. The unaltered proteins will keep fur shiny which is an indication of good health.

Regarding eggshells, again they’re quite beneficial — this type of calcium is very desirable for dogs.

One Caveat: Animals in poor health or those with weakened immune systems should not be fed raw eggs because any sort of contamination could cause complications.

The Bottom Line

It is smart to occasionally feed your dog eggs including shells and yolks.

Keep servings to a few each week. Do that and cholesterol is, thankfully, not a concern.

The nutrients in this budget-friendly food are absolutely beneficial for dogs too!

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49 thoughts on “Read This Before Adding Eggs To Your Dog’s Diet!”

  1. Can I give my dog a fried egg?

  2. Are eggs good for Mini Schnauzers? My 11 year old rescue came down with pancreatitis so we are trying to find things he will eat that are very low fat.

    He will not touch the Royal Canine or Purina the vet said he should eat so I’m searching for foods I can make for him that also have the nutrients and are well-balanced. He does love sweet potatoes so I’m lucky there.

    1. My mini Schnauzer has pancreatitis and gets bladder stones. Hills WD didn’t work and Royal Canine started the pancreatitis after one week. So I tried Pure Pet Food dehydrated Chicken Dinner and he loves it so much. His urine pH is right for the first time in years. He’s so excited for his food now and he’s 13 years old.

    2. Please watch a documentary called Pet Fooled.

  3. My wife insists on giving our dog two scrambled eggs for breakfast and for dinner. I’ve told her that’s way too much; that eggs should be considered as a treat for a dog. Now, our dog won’t eat her regular food. Any suggestions?

  4. We have been feeding our 3 dogs grain-free chicken and egg formula dog food and they are not eating it much anymore. Any suggestions on what types or kind of dog would be good to go with?

  5. I have a Shih Tzu. He is 15 and has been ill of late with a virus and age-related problems (seizures). I was told to use honey in his food once a day. This has lessened the seizures.

    He has become quite thin in certain parts of his body although he eats okay. My friend said to give him scrambled eggs a couple of times a week. Lots of vitamins which should help to build him up a bit. The vet said there are no major problems regarding his health.

  6. Al & Sadie says:

    I have a 10 year old Beagle with a liver problem. She eats a 1/4 of a container of Cesar wet food twice a day with a handful of dry and maybe some white plain rice. Can I also incorporate an egg once in awhile? We lost her sister to kidney failure 6 months ago. They were eating the same diet. This one’s kidneys are okay.

  7. I feed 1 raw egg per day to each of my 3 Springer Spaniels on top of their dry kibble. I raise backyard chickens so there’s no threat of salmonella. My flock is clean so when there is an abundance of eggs, the dogs sometimes get 2 in a day.

    They are healthy, bright eyed and have beautiful coats. They are never sick and the vets said this is just fine. My dogs are active so they easily burn off the extra calories. By the way, cooking the eggs causes loss of nutrients.

  8. Thank you! This is so well written, answering the question first, then supplying the reasoning behind it. This is my first visit to this website, I’m sure it won’t be my last.

  9. I have a 23.5 pound, 3 month old Rottie. In addition to a raw egg beaten and added to her NutriSource dog food, she also gets raw fish oil (eggs 3 days, fish oil 4 days). Her coat is beautiful, she’s active and healthy per her vet checks.

    Her godmother (breeder) has been in the Rottweiler breeding business for 25+ years and gives her Rotties eggs every day. They are all healthy, beautiful full blood German Rottweilers.

    1. I have a Rottie too. I give him an egg every week.

  10. We have 4 pound Morkie and she gets kibble with no grains. It’s called Taste Of The Wild high Prairie Puppy formula. Would it be okay if I gave her 1/2 of a hard boiled egg along with the kibble once a day? Is that too much? She devours all of her food, but don’t want to give her too much.

    1. If your dog is an adult, not a puppy, you should not feed it puppy food. Puppies have different needs such as different vitamins and minerals.

  11. Can the egg be cooked in oil for my dog? Also, what about egg shells, cooked or raw?

    1. I feed my dogs fried eggs in, preferably, olive oil but at times animal fat. I haven’t fed them the shells but if I did they would have to be finely crushed for my small dogs. They will have hard boiled eggs this morning mixed with their dry food. I have operated a kennel for years, in the past, and the only issue eggs produced was gas when fed in a raw state.

  12. My dogs are allergic to chicken. Therefore, is it necessarily true that they should not eat chicken eggs?

    1. I think that this is an excellent question. I have been struggling with trying to find an answer. I’ve tried asking Google but no luck! I hope someone can help with the answer.

    2. My dog was having bad skin problems. He’s allergic to beef and chicken. So he eats sardines, pumpkin and 5 eggs twice a day. He seems fine with it.

  13. I have a 4 month old Blue Heeler pup from the RSPCA and I give her whole boiled eggs with the shell as a toy/treat especially when leaving home for work to occupy her. She loves to pick it up and play until she decides it’s time to chow down. 2 or 3 times weekly she has a raw egg with her normal food, so overall she has 5-7 eggs weekly.

    Any very active or growing dogs will be highly benefited by a few eggs weekly served any way. Just apply the same rules as your own food hygiene, fresh produce with no additives or fillers is better for you and your dog.

  14. I just got a new puppy last week. She is about 9 weeks old and I am trying to figure out the best diet possible. I was wondering if cooked egg yolk is good for her. Does anyone know?

  15. We give our dogs brunch on weekends with a scrambled egg and a small amount of cheese. Sometimes we will put 1/2 of a boiled egg in their food at night.They always love their Greenies in the morning and before bed. Spoiled! 🙂

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I have a 6 year old Terrier/Pug mix. We adopted him from the SPCA last July. I give him half of a scrambled egg every morning and he loves it. Would it be okay if I scrambled some eggs and gave them to him as a treat during the day? Not the whole egg, but a little at a time.

  17. I have a nearly 3 month old Morkie. We decided as tiny as she is, we don’t want to encourage her growth by way of eating the wrong foods/treats. I gave away the treats I was giving her occasionally and only scramble her a plain egg in the microwave.

    But I only give her a bite of the egg after she goes outside. Right now, it’s a healthy treat for her and she loves it. Later, I will incorporate a little more into her diet because she likes it.

    We did away with all OTC treats and garbage she doesn’t need. She gobbles up the egg and when she comes in, she goes straight to the fridge for her treat. I am interested in the raw eggs and shells. I guess I am afraid to do this, but will ask her vet.

    He does not like dogs getting all the dog bones, because of what he sees, and the fattening treats and neither do I.

  18. When you give them the egg raw, how do you give them the shell? Also, if you are boiling or frying them, do you still give them the shell? I have read about grinding up the shell and putting it in their food. Then again, I see pictures of people just giving their dogs entire eggs.

  19. My Dachshund loves eggs but my Terrier mix not so much. I give Lola 2 eggs about 3 times a week and I have not seen anything to be concerned about. She loves them! They are a good source of protein for her.

  20. I’ve had a Yorkshire Terrier for 14 years and a Cocker Spaniel for 13 1/2 years. I fed both a bit of egg from my own breakfast when I finished eating each morning. They both always had very shiny coats. I plan to do the same with our new rescue dog, a 4 year old Maltese-Cairn Terrier, to be sure her coat is shiny and beautiful too.

  21. I cook my eggs over easy for breakfast, scoop out the yolks and mix it in with their breakfast. I eat the rest of the eggs myself. This is great for my diet and they seem to really love it!

  22. Dogs will regularly steal eggs. I saw this as a young boy living on a farm with lots of chickens and hens. The telltale was dogs with shiny coats!

  23. Can I give my 4 month Pit Bull a boiled or scrambled egg 1 or 2 times per week with his dry food for his breakfast? I also give him fruit sometimes such as strawberries, pears and apples without the skin and seeds and he loves that.

    1. I give my Pitty and my Blue Heeler a hard boiled egg every day as a treat after their main meal in the evening. They love it. I also find that when my Pitty has an allergic reaction to something, and loses her fur, that it grows back lusher. I shell them though. I don’t feed them the shell at all and instead give them to my chickens as it helps them lay stronger shells.

  24. Cooked eggs can cause inflammation while raw egg shells help prevent inflammation. Grind raw eggs and if your dog likes them, great. If not, try carrots or pumpkin, without the seeds, with organic butter or a bit of Himalayan salt and the egg. Good luck!

    1. Pumpkin seeds (ground up) supposedly are good for getting rid of parasites.

  25. My girl is a 5 year old Rottweiler. She always gets an A+ at the vet when she goes for a nail trim every 6 weeks or to update her shots. She eats President’s Choice (Real Canadian Superstore brand) Chicken and Brown Rice mix and she also loves a hard oiled egg cut up into her dry dog food. Our vet is aware of what she eats and suggests I don’t change a thing.

  26. My dog is almost 2 years old and weighs 52 pounds. He has been on a raw food diet of mainly chicken and turkey for almost a year. Thankfully, he is doing great on it. I have given him eggs and he loves them. He doesn’t eat the shell but I won’t fault him for that.

  27. My Pomeranian is of senior citizen age. We lost our first one, he would not eat. Now I scramble eggs and I add them to moist dog food along with some canned food. The only one he will eat is Alpo Filet Mignon but he eats this mixture pretty good.

  28. My dog is small and weighs about 9.5 pounds. He is a Shorkie. I feed him one scrambled egg everyday but he will not eat on his own. Do you think one egg is too much?

    1. I wouldn’t feed my Rottweiler 1 scrambled egg per day. If he has to be fed it, he’s not really enjoying it anymore. I’d probably stop giving him that many eggs. I give my dog an egg once in a while, and he still loves them.

  29. How often should you give eggs exactly?

  30. I’m feeding my 15 pound, 9 month old Miniature Pinscher 2 fried eggs per day. Is that good or bad?

    1. Eggs are an awesome treat for your pup. However, if you do fry them, be sure not to use too much butter or oil because they aren’t healthy for dogs. Two eggs a day is a bit much for a small pup such as yours.

      I’m a proud owner of a 110 pound Rottweiler and even he only gets a few eggs, fried or boiled, twice a week. It’s great for their coats and they love it. My pup enjoys his eggs sunny side up and over his dog food. Remember, too much of anything can be bad.

    2. I would say 15 pounds for a 9 month Min Pin is a little overweight. Mine is 13 years old and is 12 pounds. I went on this site to see how many times a week I can give him eggs. I cook them in a microwave and scrambled.

  31. Eggs are allergenic ingredients for dogs. Some dogs are allergic to chicken too. The chicken is normally cooked and not the raw form.

    1. It’s all the chemicals and parasites. Doctors have known for years that chemicals create a hostile environment leading to inflammation and creating health problems. We must remove as much chemicals as possible and put back into our foods all the herbs, fruits, vegetables and grains.

      1. Dog are not herbivores. They should not be fed vegan diets and should never be fed grain (I’m fairly certain you won’t see a wild dog stalking a wheat field). You may make diet choices for yourself based on your beliefs or how certain foods make you feel but your dog is a carnivore. They will not thrive on a diet of herbs, fruits, vegetables and grains…especially grains.

        1. The amount of people that get this wrong is astounding. Wild dogs eat a diet which includes the intestines and stomach of herbivores (normally the first part of a kill that is eaten). They are eating semi-digested grains and grasses too. Feeding your dog a carnivorous diet is as bad as only feeding them a herbivorous diet. Dogs are omnivores, just like us humans!

          1. My 90 pound GSD, a shelter dog, is fed raw gizzards with his kibble once daily. Twice a day he gets flax seed, fish oil capsules, pumpkin, cooked carrots, green beans and a boiled egg every other day alternated with canned dog food.

            When he first came to live with us, he surfed the counter and demolished a turkey carcass which was cooling on the stove with its broth. 6 boiled eggs with shells and a pumpkin pie. I would say he is an omnivore!

            We keep his weight in check with the veggies and chasing balls at the dog park.

          2. I agree. There are many wild herbivores where we live and when my big dog finds road kill he eats the stomach first. You can see that what he is scoffing down are guts full of green grass. This is his favorite.

            I always drag the road kills away from the road and say a prayer for them, but my big dog remembers where they are and goes and eats the meat over the next week as he prefers it rotted.

            My dog loves rotted meat and fresh grass filled guts. My other dog adores carrots and apples and if I leave the orchard gate open she will go in and pick apples off the lower branches.

            I wouldn’t mind if it was just the windfalls. She learned this from ponies (eating apples and carrots) and her sister we had before was the same. My big dog loves oats. Really loves them! Also, they all eat grass.

  32. I know of no physiological reason why it would not be okay to feed an egg a day if you choose to. Check with the nutrition department at a leading vet school like UC Davis or Cornell. I believe this will be confirmed.

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