Can I Give My Dog Fiber?

Can I Give My Dog Fiber?Fiber is an important part of any human or animal’s diet, it helps with digestion and helps with constipation. You will notice that the dog foods you buy for your dog, whether it’s kibble or wet food, will contain fiber. There are times when the vet may suggest your dog goes onto a high fiber diet, this may be if your dog is old or if it’s suffering with constipation.

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Diets rich in fiber are not at all dangerous for dogs, though if you notice your dog developing diarrhea after eating fiber rich diets for a couple of days, you may want to ease up a bit until it settles again.

Fiber plays such an important role in a dog’s life, it can help ward of diseases and it can fight obesity. There are also many natural choices you can add to your dog’s diet to give them the additional fiber you want to give.

Can I Give My Dog Fiber? Answer: Yes

All dog foods contain a percentage of fiber which normally covers the required daily allowance.

However, vets do prescribe a senior diet for older dogs which contains added fiber. But if your dog is suffering with constipation you can offer them a couple of foods you have in the home to increase the fiber they’re digesting on a daily basis.

Benefits of Fiber

There are a number of benefits to feeding your dog a fiber rich diet. The first is to combat constipation, the fiber is easily digested and will help with discomfort. Once your dog is having normal bowel movements, you can reduce the fiber intake to normal levels.

Other benefits are it helps combat obesity in dogs. An overweight dog will develop a lot of conditions, such as heart conditions and high blood pressure. Giving them a higher fiber diet will help them lose the weight and be healthy again. There are many dog foods designed for obese dogs which will automatically have a higher fiber level, so bear this in mind when thinking of increasing the fiber you give to your dog.

Another benefit is it controls the dog’s sugar levels. If you have a dog that has low sugar levels, you can control it by offering a fiber rich diet.

Natural Fiber Solutions

Adding some bran to the daily food you put out for your dog will automatically increase their fiber intake. Soak the bran in some water and when soft pour it over their kibble.

Apples are also a fantastic source of fiber. You can give your dog a small piece of apple and let them enjoy some sweet fruit and they soak up the fiber it offers. Brown rice is another great source of fibre. If you’re making rice for the family, keep some back and add some chicken or meat to it and give your dog a fiber rich treat.

What to Watch Out For

It’s very easy to give your dog too much, especially if you have a small dog. Deciding on the right amount of additional fiber may be difficult to determine. If your dog develops diarrhea, you should immediately decrease the fiber until their tummies have returned to normal.

If you are unsure of the amount you can give your dog, you can confirm with your vet. Your vet may have some suggestions for you on what is best to give your dog depending on their medical history. While no damage can be done, diarrhea can be a concern because it leads to dehydration which can be fatal.

Healthy Dog Diet

Every dog owner wants what is best for their dog. Feeding them a healthy well balanced diet is an important part of dog ownership, you need to ensure that they are getting the right minerals and nutrients to stay healthy and fit.

Ensure the food you are feeding your dog offers the best: the first three ingredients should be meat products. If it’s bone do not use it. There will also be a percentage of fiber included in the food which is beneficial to the dog’s digestive system.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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