Can I Give My Dog a Donut?

Can I Give My Dog a Donut?Dogs and delicious donuts don’t mix. This favorite treat is surely one that your pet has had their sights on. Sharing is not caring, but you probably already know this.

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So don’t look to your dog to finish off a box of donuts. We’ll give you many convincing reasons why this is an inappropriate feeding choice for a beloved best buddy.

Donuts fall flat (hopefully not on the floor) from a dietary standpoint. A dog will eventually suffer consequences from too much consumption. Behavioral begging is also a concern.

Can I Give My Dog a Donut? Answer: No, bad idea

Either finish them off yourself or throw the leftovers away. Don’t feed a pet this sweet filler food.

You want your dog around for a long time. Never feed them any donuts. Be strict and don’t share. Instead, get a supply of quality canine treats that are nutritious and tailored for their dietary requirements. The next time your dog sees you eating a donut, you can include them by providing something healthy.

This will also make pet ownership easier. Begging is a tough habit to break.

The Ultimate Junk Food

Donuts are obviously a sweet confectionery comfort food for many folks. They’re one of the worst treats anyone can consume. It’s bad enough that people like to eat donuts.

They’re high in saturated fat, sodium, sugar as well as cholesterol. These are the facts. Your pet dog’s system cannot handle these unattractive attributes.

Fido may be fine in the short-term, but sharing donuts will render them unhealthy in their older years.

All the Donut Variations

It doesn’t matter what type of doughnut you’re thinking of sharing with your dog. All kinds are off limits. This popular dessert-like treat is somewhat similar to a bagel, but it’s actually much worse for dogs.

Forget about feeding this fried and sugary food. The decision is easy regardless of where you get your donuts. Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts, bakeries or those at the supermarket are all terrible treats for dogs.

Unhealthy & Obese Dogs

Donuts, in their basic form, are fried dough. Then they’re loaded up with sugar, sometimes sprinkles and many other dessert toppings. The result is a classic contributor to obesity.

Everyone knows this, but the problem of overweight dogs is rarely discussed. Make no mistake about it, pet obesity is a serious issue. Owners are to blame. You’d be smart to withhold donuts.

Chocolate and Canines

Lots of donut variations incorporate chocolate in one way or another. This can be a recipe for doggie disaster. It’s well known that chocolate can be extremely harmful for dogs.

Besides this scary ingredient, it’s unlikely the typical donut contains anything toxic. That’s not the point! Do yourself, and your dog, a favor and throw those leftover doughnuts away.

Conclusion on Donuts

Do not feed your dog a donut. Even sharing a small amount isn’t smart. There’s no nutrition whatsoever, but begging could become a factor. Donuts will make your dog sluggish and unhealthy over time. There’s no reason why doughnuts should even be considered for pets. This fried and sugary treat is off limits to dogs.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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