Can I Give My Dog CoQ10?

Can I Give My Dog CoQ10?CoQ10 is becoming a popular supplement. This promising coenzyme offers important health benefits, but does this apply to pet dogs as well?

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It’s surprising but dogs produce their own CoQ10. With the right vitamins and minerals, from regular canine chow, they don’t require this type of supplementation.

A healthy heart is why CoQ10 is taken, but cardiovascular disease is much less common in dogs. There are, however, situations where your buddy may benefit from this supplement.

Can I Give My Dog Some CoQ10? Answer: Yes, Ubiquinol is best

Pets with heart problems could use Ubiquinol, the reduced form.

CoQ10 is generally a safe supplement that may prolong your dog’s life. This is especially true if they suffer from congestive heart failure or some other heart problems. A proper diagnosis is needed. While CoQ10 may help, there may be more suitable solutions for Fido’s situation.

If you are ready to put Fido on CoQ10, we recommend getting a quality CoQ10 supplement designed specifically for dogs. Another one to consider is the product pictured above.

A CoQ10 K9 Supplement

CoQ10 is normally produced within your dog’s body. They usually don’t need extra. In that sense, it works like vitamin C. As your pup ages, their ability to generate this coenzyme begins to degrade.

This is part of the aging process but the well-being of your dog could be affected. That’s why it sometimes makes good sense to provide CoQ10.

Ubiquinol vs. Ubiquinone

Not all CoQ10 is created equal. We’re talking supplements, so there’s very little regulation. Choosing a brand can be frustrating and confusing.

Know that Ubiquinol is preferred. It’s more easily adsorbed by your dog’s system compared to the non-reduced form known as Ubiquinone. The following video is worth watching.

Others may have a different views about CoQ10. Yet another reason why you should talk with a veterinarian.

The Correct Dosage

In general, 30mg-50mg per day is sufficient. The biggest factor is your dog’s weight. An advantage of securing a top quality canine-formulated CoQ10 product is that it’s already dosed for four-legged friends.

Other Health Benefits

It’s proven that Co-Q10 can boost overall health. There are several other benefits besides cardio. Dogs may experience healthier gums and improvement against periodontal disease.

Renal function may also improve. The immune system is strengthened due to CoQ10 use. It may reduce arthritis and/or joint pain which is so common in older dogs.

Another noticeable CoQ10 effect could be that your dog will display higher energy levels.

Fido’s Free Radicals

All the cells in your dog’s body are affected, to some degree, by free radicals. They can do serious damage and accelerate the aging process. This coenzyme is an awesome antioxidant that’s fat-soluble.

Vital organs, canine or not, can get a boost from Co-Q10 if the body is lacking. This powerful supplement can regulate the flow of oxygen to your dog’s cells and improve organ functionality, at least in theory.

So while this naturally occurring compound is primarily known for heart health, there is an aspect which points to excellent preventative health benefits for dogs.

Conclusion on CoQ10

Geriatric dogs may benefit from CoQ10. Pets with heart problems need to be diagnosed. CoQ10 could help and the reduced form, called Ubiquinol, is safest. It promotes health, including the cardiovascular aspect. A Co-Q10 supplement can help people and dogs alike.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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