Can I Give My Dog Coffee?

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Can I Give My Dog Coffee?Drinking fluids with caffeine, like coffee, can keep us from falling asleep, and often times when we stop drinking caffeine we get something called caffeine withdraws. The body can become addicted to caffeine. Caffeine is a type of stimulant which gives the brain and metabolism a boost.

Often times we consume caffeine and do not even realize it. In the morning we have our 8-12 ounce cup of coffee before leaving for work, at lunch we get a hot or iced sweet tea, and if we are tired we get an energy or cold coffee in a bottle.

What we do not realize is the amount off caffeine that has been consumed, not to mention if you have had a chocolate bar or a chocolate doughnut. Then before we go to bed we wonder why we cannot fall asleep. Some adjustments may need to be made.

Can I Give My Dog Coffee? Answer: Not Recommended

You probably wouldn’t give your dog something like alcohol since it is toxic to dogs and can be fatal to their health causing, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty with breathing, tremors, depression of the nervous system, and could even cause death. Drinks like coffee also affect the nervous system, and also the heart. It can also cause vomiting, a racing heart, and sometimes death.

Dogs should never consume coffee, and you should be sure your dog does not have an opportunity to get into any coffee beans or your drink. If your dog does somehow get some coffee watch him closely just in case he has any reaction. If he is not acting like his usual self contact your vet and make sure he is okay.

Caffeine In General

Caffeine is a drug, and shares a few traits with drugs like amphetamines, cocaine, and heroin. Caffeine can stimulate brain function just like other drugs. So, after a few shots of espresso or a pot of coffee you may feel like your mind and pulse rate is speeding.

Your dog will not know what foods and drinks he should not consume. That is one thing they look up to you the owner, for. Any foods or drinks with caffeine should always be avoided. If they get in contact with it it could be fatal. Foods with caffeine are coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, and other foods.

The lethal dose of caffeine for dogs is 150 mg/kg, a regular cup of coffee contains over 65 mg per cup. If your dog gets caffeine poisoning there is no antidote and your dog may or may not die.

A Note on Chocolate

So we all know our dogs should not have chocolate because it contains caffeine. But chocolate also contains a stimulant diuretic called theobromine. Theobromine affects the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. Indigestion of chocolate could cause death to your dog, so if you think your dog has eaten any chocolate a trip to the vet may be necessary.

Signs of chocolate poising include vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, hyperactivity, muscle tremors, increased urination, and increased heart rate. To be sure your dog does not get into any chocolate do not leave any within his reach, just be cause it is dangerous to your dogs health does not mean your dog will not like it. In fact most dogs love the taste of chocolate.

Foods Your Dog Should Avoid

Who would of thought that there was so many foods that dogs should not eat? Other foods that your dog should not eat is avocados (they contain persin, a highly toxic substance), fat trimmings (too much fat causes pancreatitis), grapes/raisins (causes kidney damage and death if eaten in a large dose), dairy products (causes diarrhea in about 50% of dogs), onions/garlic (causes anemia), and salty foods (salt isn’t good for any of us).

Table foods should be kept to a minimum unless your vet tells you other whys. If you notice a change in your dogs behavior after a new food or if you think he may gotten into something contact your vet immediately since it could be fetal.

Use Good Judgement

Never give your dog coffee, it’s like giving them alcohol or drugs. When we take a dog into our homes we are promising to care for the animal like it was our own child. Most of people today wouldn’t do anything to hurt our children, so why do something that could cause your dog harm? Dogs are mostly helpless when it comes to dieting and exercising so it is up to their owner to be sure they’re getting the proper care.

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