Can I Give My Dog Carrots?

Can I Give My Dog Carrots?Obviously carrots offer many health benefits. As children we often heard something like, “eat your carrots, they’re good for your eyes!” but does this actually apply to dogs as well?

Carrots won’t cause any harm unless diabetes is a factor in which case sugar and carbohydrate intake should be restricted. Carrots can, in fact, be a very healthy treat and even a vitamin supplement for your dog but there’s more to know!

Hopefully your best buddy can digest and properly absorb this vegetable’s wonderful nutrients. The problem is that the vitamins and minerals are deeply embedded in the cellulose. If so, their immune system will strengthen and there are so many other positives!

Can My Dog Have Carrots? Answer: Yes

Carrots can provide amazing benefits to dogs including healthy skin and coat as well as improved vitality.

Dogs generally respond well to consuming raw carrots and also enjoy the crunchiness. However, many pets don’t digest them as well as humans do. But make no mistake, carrots can be fantastic for canine digestion when they are served effectively. That’s why we sometimes give our best buddies Olewo Carrots when they have diarrhea or upset stomach. They’re specially prepared for dogs and are non-GMO. Works every time!

What’s Up Doc!

This very popular vegetable is packed with vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1 and B6. Carrot aren’t just good for the eyes but they promote general well-being and a strong immune system. As a bonus, they are good for maintaining strong and healthy canine teeth. Raw carrots are low in calories and make for a nice treat on occasion. However, large amounts can be unhealthy for your dog because they’re high in carbohydrates. Logically, too much of anything is unhealthy.

If your dog has diabetes ask your vet before you give them any kind of table foods. Carrots contain natural sugars and could cause sugar levels to go up.

Tip on Feeding Carrots

Carrots, and even carrot juice, can be given to dogs in moderation. Cooked carrots can also be fed but don’t add spices or sugar or salt. It may be best to give your dog baby carrots. At the very least, larger carrots should be cut up to improve digestive and prevent them from choking. Your dog may have a hard time digesting vegetables in general, since dogs are primarily carnivores. You may see pieces of undigested vegetables in their bowel movements.

For teething puppies, frozen carrots will feel good on the gums.

Carrots vs. Dog Treats

Help your dog stay fit by providing them with healthy foods. Many conventional dog treats eventually cause health problems and obesity. Just because the marketing on a retail box says certain dog biscuits are great, it doesn’t mean they actually are. Carrots are a healthy alternative for them!

If you want to give your pup some treats designed for dogs, look for one without artificial sweeteners, sodium, sugar, dairy or just too many fillers. Believe it or not, a carrot-flavored grain-free dog treat (also works as a dental chew) is actually very popular!

Regarding Table Scraps

On occasion people sneak their dogs a scrap or two from the dinner table. This can be harmless but does run the risk of causing your four-legged friend’s digestive system to get overworked. They could end up with gas, a belly ache and sometimes diarrhea or constipation.

In this case, carrots could actually come to the rescue. They are, therefore, an okay table scrap for dogs. Cooked or raw, your dog may benefit in the digestion department. So rather than risking another one of those terrible upset stomachs, be smart about what you give them.

Conclusion on Carrots

Carrots are definitely a great treat, health supplement and potential digestive aid for your puppy or adult dog. With all its nutrients, this classic vegetable can make for an overall healthier dog with several side benefits such as stronger teeth and healthier coat. It also won’t contribute to obesity later in life when their digestive tracts start to slow down. Just be sure to serve it in such a way that they can properly digest it. But, as a reminder, vegetables should never replace their regular dog food.

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Kate January, 2014

I’ve been giving my Springerpoo vegetables since she was a little pup (only one year now) and she loved practically any raw veg I could throw at her, literally! Great when she was teething and kept her off my chair legs, although the coffee table still lost it’s corners. Raw carrots still go down well and she often has a steamed one chopped up in her tea.

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Patty January, 2014

I juice organic carrots and apples in the morning and put the pulp in ice cube trays with a little water and freeze them for snacks for our dogs instead of throwing pulp out. Just making sure the pulp is okay?

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Susan September, 2013

I cut up the larger carrots from my garden and freeze them in 2-3″ chunks. My 4-month old puppy loves them, and they help with his teething!

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James November, 2013

That is a great idea for carrots Susan!

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Nancy M July, 2013

I gave my first Shih Tzu baby carrots, and unflavored, unsalted brown rice cakes. He had some food allergies and was on a micro biotic diet so they were the only treats he was allowed. My new little guy gets raw carrots and rice cakes. He also loves plain Greek yogurt.

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Anna November, 2012

I know a dog that jumps for carrots.

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Rhene September, 2013

That would be my dog 😉

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