Can I Give My Dog Bread?

Can I Give My Dog Bread?Questions about giving pet dogs some of the household bread are common since nearly all families keep a supply of this staple food. Here we’ll try to address the pros and cons of feeding bread to canines and put any doubts to rest.

Granted, different variations contain different nutritional values. Needless to say, your dog would likely wolf down any kind that’s sitting on your tabletop. Should they be given bread as a treat or is this food just worthless filler and too high in carbohydrates?

A lot of strict owners view most humans foods as inappropriate for dogs and bread would certainly fall into that category. In truth, it shouldn’t routinely be a snack to munch on for Fido. You can, however, occasionally provide some if you keep it to a minimum.

Can I Give My Dog Bread? Answer: On occasion but not often

But don’t regularly give any kind of bread to your pet dog. There’s generally a lack of nutritional value, relative to the calories, and it can be habit forming.

Regular plain old bread is basically filler although there’s nothing in it that’s very harmful. Most people agree that dogs require a protein-based diet. Gobbling up a loaf of bread, or even a bagel, isn’t going to give them anything other than needless carbs and maybe a slight tummy ache. It can, however, be an occasional snack if given in small amounts.

Of course, if you know that your dog is intolerant to gluten then never give them any bread.

Fat Dogs & Bread

Even though bread isn’t dangerous in itself, there are many valid reasons not to start providing it. First off, it can be exceptionally high in calories, sugar and carbohydrates. Obviously too much bread, any kind, can cause your dog to start packing on the pounds. Much like humans, many pets nowadays also face obesity problems which is very unfortunate. Even regular exercise may not be enough to shed the weight bought upon by too much bread consumption over time.

Other Potential Problems

People know bread is mostly filler but there are implications which are less understood as they apply to dogs. You don’t want to feed them too much because it can expand the stomach which may alter their digestive system for the worse. Finally, feeding bread too often can create a bad habit longer term. This is the case with most foods but a bread dependency in particular is a recipe for an unhealthy and overweight dog.

Some types of breads contain raisins and/or nuts. Serving such a food may seriously poison the family dog since raisins are toxic for them!

When It’s Appropriate

Homemade breads are more wholesome, healthier and much more preferable to any kind that can be purchased at the stores. Regardless of the type of bread, only small portions are advisable as an occasional treat. It’s true that some owners give their dogs bread to ease discomfort when they are showing signs of constipation. This may help but there are better options for a constipated dog. In all other scenarios, there’s really no valid reason to provide this food on any kind of regular basis.

What About The Fiber

Quite simply, humans can get small amounts of nutrients from their daily bread but dogs should not partake. The fact that it may be a good source of dietary fiber does not outweigh the many downsides. If you want to supplement your dog’s diet look to chickpeas, oatmeal or something like pumpkin instead. Such foods are far better options for obtaining similar types of nutrients.

Conclusion on Giving Bread

Bread, the crust or the dough are not good food choices for your best buddy. This food is basically devoid of any significant value and most store bought breads contain unnecessary additives, not to mention too much salt or added sugar. Some of the fancier types may contain ingredients which are dangerous for dogs such as raisins. You can provide some plain bread as a treat, when you don’t have anything more suitable, but try not to make a long term habit out of it for your dog’s sake.

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Joanne June, 2015

My almost two year old Chihuahua got into a sealed bag of hot dog rolls and ate about half of one. From what I’ve read here, he’ll be fine!


Caron May, 2015

Our dachshunds love stale rolls. They chew on them as if they were bones. They will go at it for a couple of days, if the rolls are rock solid. Of course, these don’t replace kibble. They are an occasional added attraction. Is this a problem?


Husna November, 2014

I gave my 2 month old puppy, named Bella, a lot of bread for a period of around 3 days, 3 times daily. Now she is having loose bowel movements. What to do now? How to get her stool back to normal?


Renee January, 2015

That’s way too much bread for any dog, especially a puppy. Dogs will pretty much eat anything we give them. Puppies should not be getting much in people food or scraps at this stage. Get your dog back on puppy prescribed dog food and stools will return to normal. If they don’t after 3-4 days, go to a vet. It could be another problem. Good luck.


Patty September, 2015

We gave our 6 month old Chihuahua some Pepto and it has helped him. You must call your vet because dosage varies based on weight! Good luck and I hope your puppy gets better!


Alex October, 2013

On the one hand you say, bread can be given when your dog is constipated and the next sentence you say, they may show signs of loose bowl movements for some hours or a day; what is right? Giving bread when he is constipated or giving bread when he has loose stool?


Scooby June, 2014

If a dog is constipated, you give them bread. The bread has a mild laxative effect which can cause loose bowel movements.


K October, 2014

Hi Alex. We love our Golden Retriever, however, she loves bread. My fault. I give her a little piece of wheat or white rolled into a ball and she thinks she’s gone to heaven. I feed her Beneful and Blue. She’s getting lots of protein from that. It’s okay to ball up a little piece of bread. She’s happy and her coat is great.

I think dogs are very in tune with humans, hence, if your dog looks you in the eyes – they’re saying I love you. It’s simple. Keep up with the dog food, maybe a little bread and some milk bones from time to time.


Renee January, 2015

My dog is allergic to grain. I found out several months after feeding him, that it caused skin allergies. It’s now taking months to get my dog back on track. You can have your dog tested for allergies. There is a low cost test that analyzes hair and saliva.


Cowgurl November, 2015

If you love your dog, Google “Beneful” because it is a proven fact that many dogs have died from it.


Laura December, 2015

The comment about from K is from Oct 2014 and yours is from only last month in Nov 2015. Within that time there are many dogs who have also not died from eating Beneful. Yes, there are claims against Purina concerning Beneful. Yes it’s good advise to tell them to check out the information, of course. Beneful is still on the shelf, so I’m convinced the problem might have been addressed by Purina.


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