Can I Give My Dog Bread?

Can I Give My Dog Bread?Does your buddy beg for bread? This staple food can be dangerous for your dog. Learn more before sharing slices with a precious pet.

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What’s obvious is that bread contains too many carbs for canines. You can keep portions to a minimum but we don’t recommend that either.

This filler food lacks nutritional value but there’s something more important to consider. Doughy bread, with yeast, can cause gastric dilatation.

Can I Give My Dog Bread? Answer: No, Bloat is possible

Plus a pet pooch will pack on the pounds. There are actually many pitfalls.

Bread isn’t a good choice for a dog treat. White bread in particular lacks vitamins and minerals. Foods with a high Glycemic Index should be restricted for your dog. A loaf of bread, or a bagel, has very high carbohydrates. More seriously, yeast may cause Bloat which is quite scary and can kill a dog.

Limit portions of bread or, better yet, don’t feed this food.

Bread Makes Dogs Fat

You really should not regularly feed bread to a pet dog. Being high in sugar, calories and carbs are just a few obvious reasons. Avoid making your dog sluggish and overweight.

More pets than ever face obesity and only owners are to blame. Regular exercise (play time) is not enough to offset a dog diet consisting of dough.

This young person knows why bread isn’t great! Watch this video…

Problematic for Pets

Everyone knows bread is mostly filler. What you may not realize is this food may affect your dog’s digestive system in some concerning ways.

Too much bread could abnormally expand the stomach, which is bad enough, but any yeast can also complicate matters.

Ethanol poisoning or toxicosis can occur if bread yeast ferments in your dog’s stomach. This condition does happen, it’s called Bloat, and it can be serious.

More Reasons Against

Feeding this filler food with regularity will create a bad begging habit. This will not only be unhealthy but also difficult to reverse.

Some breads contain raisins and/or nuts which are potentially toxic for dogs. Yet another reason why pets should not partake.

Better Quality Breads

Homemade breads will obviously be a bit healthier for your dog compared to those with preservatives.

By the same token, whole grain is superior to regular supermarket white bread. Nevertheless, none are a particularly good idea.

It is true that bread is sometimes given to ease stomach discomfort or minor canine constipation. There are usually better options.

Fido’s Dietary Fiber

There are some nutrients in bread but, still, it’s a net negative for dogs. We don’t think the dietary fiber outweighs the many downsides.

If you want to supplement your dog’s diet look to chickpeas, oatmeal or pumpkin. There are better options for similar nutrients, including fiber.

Conclusion on Giving Bread

Bread is not a good choice for your dog. It lacks nutrition, is high in carbs and yeast is potentially hazardous for hounds. It’s also too filling. The dog is likely to be overweight from eating bread often. Using any kind, as a treat, can turn into begging and the beginning of obesity.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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