Can I Give My Dog Bread?

Can I Give My Dog Bread?Dogs will eat just about anything including the bread on your tabletop. A dog’s diet must consist of nutrients obtained by eating specific foods and a loaf of bread isn’t exactly one of them. Giving your dog treats in the form of human food isn’t usually advisable. Savory leftover rolls from dinner shouldn’t become a snack to munch on for your pet.

If all the meals we ate were healthy and safe for our dogs to devour, then there would be no need for dog food. The truth is dogs require a protein-based diet and gobbling up a loaf of bread isn’t going to give them an ounce of anything other than needless carbs and maybe a slight tummy ache.

It’s understandable that you might not always be able to keep your eyes on your dog, and when this happens accidents can arise. One day you might come home to a dog bloated and satisfied after raiding your cupboards and eating a bunch of bread. If this ever happens, there’s no need to panic. There’s a lot going around about how dangerous it can be for a dog to consume bread, but we’ve got the low-down for you.

Can I Give My Dog Bread? Answer: Occasionally 

But bread shouldn’t be given to your dog often because of it lacks nutritional value.

Bread is basically filler but, at the same time, nothing in it is actually considered poisonous. It can be an occasional snack if given in small amounts. Of course, if you know your dog is intolerant to gluten then never give your canine any bread.

Why Bread is Bad

Obviously, a healthy diet plays an important role in your dog’s well-being. Bread is exceptionally high in carbohydrates and too much of it can cause your best buddy to pack on the pounds. Much like humans, many pets nowadays are packing on too many pounds which is generally unhealthy.

All dogs are naturally active and running around in the yard is a great way for them to keep in shape. If your dog puts on the weight, playing catch or chasing the cat won’t be as fun as it used to be, mainly because they will have become more sluggish.

Sooner or later, you’ll find your dog lounging in front of the television set for weeks at a time. An inactive dog is not only a sign of old age, but can also be a sign of poor health.

When Bread is Appropriate

If taken occasionally in small portions, it can be a perfect addition to your dog’s diet. Wheat is a great source of fiber and that’s one thing dogs don’t get enough of with their regular meals. If your dog is showing signs of constipation, you can actually give your dog a piece of bread to ease the discomfort.

Your dog might experience a loose stool for a couple of hours or maybe even the whole day, but at least the feeling of being bloated will be gone. Do keep in mind that if your dog ever does scarf down bread, limit water or any other liquids to avoid contributing to the current state of your dog.

Fiber in a K9 Diet

Hands down, bread is one of the best ways to get fiber into anyone’s diet, however it may not always be readily available. If you want to prevent your dog from feeling constipated, see to it that your dog gets enough fiber.

Conclusion on Bread

An easy and great way to incorporate fiber into your dog’s diet is to mix your dog’s regular food with a little bit of bran or oatmeal. Two teaspoons should be enough, depending on the size of your dog.

This is a great alternative to bread as it doesn’t include any other unnecessary constituents like salt or added sugar which can be found in most commercial breads. If you want to try something new, canned pumpkin added to your dog’s meal is also a great source of fiber. If you have some other great ideas for adding fiber to a dogs’ diet or better alternatives to bread please share them in the comment section.

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Joanne June 29, 2015

My almost two year old Chihuahua got into a sealed bag of hot dog rolls and ate about half of one. From what I’ve read here, he’ll be fine!

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Caron May 4, 2015

Our dachshunds love stale rolls. They chew on them as if they were bones. They will go at it for a couple of days, if the rolls are rock solid. Of course, these don’t replace kibble. They are an occasional added attraction. Is this a problem?

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Husna November 17, 2014

I gave my 2 month old puppy, named Bella, a lot of bread for a period of around 3 days, 3 times daily. Now she is having loose bowel movements. What to do now? How to get her stool back to normal?

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Renee January 26, 2015

That’s way too much bread for any dog, especially a puppy. Dogs will pretty much eat anything we give them. That is wrong of you to do. Puppies should not be getting much in people food or scraps at this stage. Get your dog back on puppy prescribed dog food and stools will return to normal. If they don’t after 3-4 days, go to a vet. It could be another problem. Good luck.

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Alex October 24, 2013

On the one hand you say, bread can be given when your dog is constipated and the next sentence you say, they may show signs of loose bowl movements for some hours or a day; what is right? Giving bread when he is constipated or giving bread when he has loose stool?

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Scooby June 30, 2014

There is nothing wrong with either sentence. If a dog is constipated, you give them bread. The bread has a mild laxative effect which can cause loose bowel movements.

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K October 10, 2014

Hi Alex. We love our Golden Retriever, however, she loves bread. My fault. I give her a little piece of wheat or white rolled into a ball and she thinks she’s gone to heaven. I feed her Beneful and Blue. She’s getting lots of protein from that. It’s OK to ball up a little piece of bread. She’s happy and her coat is great.

I think dogs are very in tune with humans, hence, if your dog looks you in the eyes – they’re saying I love you. It’s simple. Keep up with the dog food, maybe a little bread and some milk bones from time to time.

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Renee January 26, 2015

My dog is allergic to grain. I found out several months after feeding him, that it caused skin allergies. It’s now taking months to get my dog back on track. You can have your dog tested for allergies. There is a low cost test that analyzes hair and saliva.

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