Can I Give My Dog Basil?

Can I Give My Dog Basil?Basil is an ingredient in many recipes. It’s certainly healthy and does wonders for a dish. It’s no wonder dog owners ask if this excellent herb can be incorporated into Fido’s meals.

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This amazing plant is not harmful for dogs. This goes for the Thai variety as well as Sweet Basil, also known as Saint John’s Wort. Yes, it even has medicinal properties!

Maybe your basil is dried or in fresh form. Both are okay for canines in small amounts. Adding this herb by sprinkling it onto dog food is an idea to consider. Learn more!

Can I Give My Dog Basil? Answer: Yes

There’s no reason why pets can’t also partake.

Basil may help to alleviate arthritis, a condition that affects so many dogs. Perhaps the best way to add this herb to your buddy’s diet with a high-quality certified organic multivitamin made for dogs. It not only contains basil but turmeric, dandelion, asparagus and many other healthy ingredients.

There’s little doubt, a bit of basil is great for a pet dog.

Pros of Basil For Dogs

There really are no known reasons for excluding a dog from conservative consumption of fresh basil.

In particular, the essential oils are fantastic and the reason why basil smells like it does. These oils contain valuable compounds which can benefit your dog in a number of ways.

Some More Good News

Basil has antiviral, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. It may even be good against fighting cancer. The anti-fungal and even insect-repelling characteristics are attributes dog owners should love.

As mentioned, basil may help with canine arthritis. In addition, the powerful beta-caryophyllene in this herb is known to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBS). These benefits are relevant to dogs.

Can Calm Your Canine

Perhaps the best thing about a dog eating basil is the positive mood altering effects it can have. Basil has long been consumed for its calming effects. Yet another use for a precious pet dog.

Holy basil is known as a calming supplement. It decreases stress hormone levels, specifically Corticosterone, which may reduce your dog’s anxiety.

Few Downsides for Dogs

Give your dog some basil as part of a home cooked meal and they’ll be fine. Just monitor them for allergies, especially if you’re giving it for the first time.

Some dogs are allergic to herbs. Perhaps this concern is real since basil is often eaten uncooked. Many table foods include basil, even if it’s just a pinch. That’s worth considering if you feed scraps.

Herbs and Plant Foods

Herbs are generally healthy for dogs, but there are always exceptions. It’s worth reading about parsley and oregano to learn more.

Again, some pets do not agree with plant-based foods. The oxalates are often insoluble for dogs. Fido also has a carnivorous bias and their digestive system has adapted to that preference.

Keep this in mind whenever feeding a dog human foods. Being cautious about what you feed your buddy is part of responsible pet parenting.

Conclusion on Basil

A small amount of basil is okay and even good for dogs. The health benefits apply to canines as well. Just be conservative when providing it to a furry friend. While unlikely, your dog may be allergic to basil. You can’t know until after feeding time. A sprinkling of fresh basil mixed in with their regular food is a popular way to add it.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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