Can I Give My Dog an Antiemetic?

Can I Give My Dog Antiemetic?Antiemetics are typically used to prevent vomiting and nausea. These types of drugs can be given to dogs as a way to reduce motion sickness. You may be considering this option if you are planning to travel with your pet.

With so many antiemetic brands, available by prescription or over-the-counter, choosing the right one for a canine can be confusing. Let’s discuss usage, dosing as well as alternatives in order to reduce the possibility of exposing your dog to adverse side effects.

Using medication for motion sickness has merits but be sure that your dog isn’t dealing with some other medical issue. Even classic cases of travel sickness can usually be treated without an antiemetic, especially if the underlying issue is anxiety.

Can I Give My Dog an Antiemetic? Answer: Yes, but there are also natural alternatives

Conventional drugs can be safely used to reduce or prevent motion sickness in pets.

Unlike emetics, which can induce your dog to vomit, antiemetics work to suppress that unpleasant gag reflex. As far as we know, there is only 1 antiemetic that’s FDA-approved for dogs. Maropitant was developed by Zeotis and it’s marketed under the trade name Cerenia. There are, however, many other brands which can effectively be given to dogs. A human-formulated antiemetic may carry more risks so learn as much as possible before use.

It’s recommended that you discuss the use of an antiemtic with your vet.

All Natural Remedies

The Thundershirt is usually a good option that can make your dog feel more safe and secure while traveling. Another idea is to use a pet carrier instead of leaving your dog to be tossed and turned while you’re driving.

Many canines actually love a good car ride and will happily stick their head out the window. Other dogs don’t like it one bit, and will tense up knowing they’re going to get queasy.

When to See a Vet

If you’ve tried a few all natural options or if you are planning a rather long road trip with your dog in tow, you’ll want to visit your vet to get the situation under control.

Keep in mind that you need to be there for your dog, because they are not the ones choosing to go for a ride.

It’s very unnatural for them to be whisked around in a car. It’s your responsibility to make the process as enjoyable as possible for your furry friend. They’re counting on you to help them through this.

Some Antiemetic Medications

Some of the antiemetic brands that have been prescribed by vets are Thorazine, Zofran, and others. Of course, each vet will have their own favorite that they’ve seen work in countless animals they’ve prescribed it to.

The important thing to remember is that you want to treat your pet as a special case, and not just lump it with every other “dog”.

What’s the right dosage and medication for one dog is not necessarily the right one for the next.

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