Read This Before Giving Emetrol to Your Nauseous Dog!

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Emetrol does a good job at alleviating nausea, vomiting and upset stomach. Many dogs often deal with these same issues — no wonder owners ask about this medication!

Can I Give My Dog Emetrol?Providing your pet with Emetrol isn’t such a crazy idea. That being said, it is normal for dogs to vomit on occasion and, in most cases, you don’t need to do anything.

Anyhow, this over-the-counter antiemetic syrup can be given (though several other options should be considered as well).

Dogs Can Take Emetrol

We like that this remedy does not have caffeine, alcohol or aspirin — all of those are off limits to dogs!

Emetrol does not contain antihistamines either.

The product’s active ingredient is phosphoric acid which is not harmful in reasonable amounts. Stick to conservative dosing and it’s fairly safe.

Assuming Emetrol is appropriate for your dog’s situation, you may see improvement within a few hours.

The sweet cherry liquid version is easy to administer at least compared to tablets.

Caution: Be sure to consult with your vet before using this product (or any other antiemetic).

Many Motion Sickness Options

We also need to point out that there are many alternatives for canines, one being Bonine.

While Emetrol may reduce symptoms, Benadryl is another name with much more of a track record when it comes to dogs.

We asked Sara Redding Ochoa (DVM), from Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital, about other options and she told us the following:

“Cerenia and Zofran are excellent for controlling nausea. OTC options include Pesto Bismol, Dramamine or Pepcid. Avoid a hit or miss approach as it could be counterproductive or even harmful. Any dog with recurring or chronic nausea should be diagnosed”

Preventing Dog Dehydration

The type of sickness relevant to Emetrol use can obviously make your dog dehydrated.

Plenty of fresh water is essential whenever a pet is under-the-weather. Emetrol (AKA Nausatrol) certainly won’t prevent such a serious situation!

Pro Tip: Evaluate hydration levels by pulling the skin up between the shoulder blades. Your dog is fine if it springs back into place, but a few seconds delay could mean they’re dehydrated.

Do Not Take Any Chances

Get a veterinarian’s assistance if the dog appears to be dehydrated and cannot keep food down.

It’s possible your buddy could require a drip to reintroduce vital fluids.

Recovery And Eating Again

Once your dog begins to recover consider introducing a plain diet to assist the stomach while it returns to normal.

A mixture of boiled rice and chicken is a great for this purpose.

Start by giving small amounts at regular intervals.

Eventually increase portions for a couple of days before returning things to normal. But, if your dog gets sick again, hold off on food for at least 12 hours.

Do not administer Emetrol again! Instead, lots of fresh water is key. Thereafter, once again try a small amount of food.

The Bottom Line

Liquid Emetrol is not particularly dangerous for dogs, but that doesn’t make it a great choice.

It can work, but this antiemetic also isn’t considered the best solution for canine motion sickness (at least compared to alternatives).

Do not go it alone. Have a professional sign off, rather than a hit or miss approach with Emetrol.

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