Can I Give My Dog Advil?

Can I Give My Dog Advil?Advil is an over-the-counter pain medicine developed and intended for people. It’s a popular drug that’s used to relieve rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pain and even pain resulting from wounds or injuries. From headaches to minor aches, it’s commonly used. If your dog has any of these problems maybe you’ve considered using Advil to help them.

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This is a medicine that’s found in most household medicine cabinets. Sometimes it’s assumed that treatments for people are safe and effective for our pet dogs. Here we’ll address whether or not your own medicines, including Advil tablets, are suitable or possibly dangerous for dogs.

The number one cause of canine poisoning is traced to improper use of OTC human medicines. So whenever you are unsure, it’s good to think twice before administering anything possibly dangerous for your dog’s sake.

Can I Give My Dog Advil? Answer: No

You cannot give this to your dog. Advil contains Ibuprofen which is very toxic to dogs.

It’s high level of toxicity can cause bleeding ulcers. Advil can also seriously damage your dog’s internal organs including the liver, kidney, and heart.

The real danger with a drug like Advil is that you cannot see any immediate effects of the poisoning. Although it may provide effective pain relief for your dog, it’s potentially very dangerous. Before you realize it, your pet dog’s internal organs may be slowly failing. At that time it may be too late. Irreversible harm is very possible!

When Your Dog is in Pain

It’s understandable that pet owners want to quickly help when they see their dogs suffering from pain. But administering just any human medicine isn’t the answer and often leads to even more problems.

The best thing to do is to call a vet. A professional animal doctor can prescribe a more suitable drug for your dog. If you can’t get a hold of a veterinarian right away, administer baby aspirin instead. Baby aspirins are safer for dogs, as long as they aren’t used indiscriminately.

Administering Human Meds

Some human OTC medicines can, in fact, be used for treating dogs. Advil is just not one of them. Since humans are bigger and heavier than dogs, dosage can be difficult to estimate.

Obviously people medications need to be given in smaller amounts for canines when appropriate. Aside from size and weight, the dog’s age, breed and overall health is considered when administering these medicines. Only a vet is qualified to make such a determination.

In any case, these products are developed for humans only and the power of them must be respected.

The Real Cause of Pain

Pain relievers, such as Advil, are only meant to provide temporary relief from pain. It’s important to trace the actual reason for your dog’s pain so that you can treat the underlying cause of their discomfort. Inspect your dog to see if there are any signs of sores, wounds or cuts. Gently run your hands over their body checking for painful reactions. There could also be sore muscles or broken bones. Watch for signs of limping as well.

Older dogs often suffer from arthritis or similar types of joint pain. Some pain relievers contain anti-inflammatory properties which help the joints. This doesn’t mean canines should be taking them. If the problem is internal, they need a proper diagnosis first. At that point, they would get a much better alternative to Advil.

Real Help & Baby Aspirin

When possible, withhold giving any type of medication if you haven’t yet consulted with a vet. Your pet may need an x-ray to help determine the real cause of pain.

If you give them baby aspirins, follow the proper dosage. Generally, a safe dose for baby aspirin is 10mg per pound of body weight. Although this medication is safer than other human pain relievers, extended use isn’t recommended for dogs. Even this type of aspirin shouldn’t be given to those prone to ulcers.

Conclusion on Advil

Advil is a definite no-no for dogs because it’s simply toxic. Many other medicines in addition to Advil are also dangerous. When in doubt always consult a veterinarian. Administering certain drugs to dogs about can bring about much more harm than good. It’s not worth the risk!

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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