Can I Give My Dog Advil?

Can I Give My Dog Advil?Advil is a medicine developed for and intended for people. It is an over-the-counter drug that is commonly used to relieve pain like rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pain, and even pain from wounds.

Because of its effectiveness, this medicine is typically found in household medicine cabinets for emergency purposes. It is often used as the first aid treatment for headaches as well as other minor aches and pains. As humans share their houses with their pet dogs, it is sometimes assumed that people medicines are safe and effective for them too. But is it really practical to use your own medicines for your dogs?

Think twice before administering any type of human medication to pet dogs, as the number one cause of poisoning in the canine breed has been traced to improper administration of human medicines.

Can I Give My Dog Advil? Answer: No

You cannot give Advil to your dog. Advil contains an ingredient called Ibuprofen, and this substance is very toxic to dogs. Because of its high level of toxicity, it can cause bleeding ulcers to dogs. Moreover, it can also damage the internal organs of the canine species like the liver, kidney, and heart.

Don’t be too sure that the drug is safe if you don’t see any immediate signs of poisoning. Although this human pain reliever can also be effective in providing relief from pain for your dog, it still builds up inside your dog’s body. And before you realize it, your pet dog’s internal organs may be failing slowly until it’s too late to reverse the drug’s effects.

What to Do When Your Dog is in Pain

It is quite understandable for pet owners to panic when they see their pet dogs suffering from pain. But administering just any available human medicine is not the answer, and this can lead to even more problems.

The best thing to do is to call a vet, as a professional animal doctor can prescribe the right type of drug that’s suitable for your dog. If you can’t get hold of a vet right away, you can administer baby aspirins instead. Baby aspirins are proven safe for dogs, as long as these are not used indiscriminately.

Points to Consider When Administering Human Medicines to Dogs

It is important to note that humans are different from dogs. Therefore, the safe dosage for humans is not necessarily safe for dogs too. For one, humans are bigger and heavier than dogs, so the dosage of medicines should be in smaller amounts in dogs too. And aside from the size and weight, the age, breed, and overall health condition of a dog is also considered when administering medicines.

Finding the Cause of Pain

Pain relievers, such as Advil, are only meant to provide temporary relief from pain. It is still important to trace the actual cause of pain so that you can try to find a treatment for the main cause of your pet’s discomfort. You should inspect and check all over your dog’s body to see if there are any signs of wounds or cuts. If there are lesions that are inflamed, the wounds can be very painful indeed.

If you don’t see any visible signs of wounds or abrasions, the pain can be coming from inside. Gently run your hands over your dog’s body to see if there will be any reaction that signifies pain. Is your pet dog sensitive on certain areas of the body? If that’s the case, there could be sore muscles or broken bones. Be particularly observant for any signs of limping.

Withholding Medication, Especially Advil

As much as possible, it would be better if you can withhold giving any type of medication if you have not consulted a vet yet. Your vet may recommend examining your pet first and an x-ray procedure may be necessary to determine the real cause of pain.

If you decide on giving baby aspirins, make sure that you follow the proper dosage so as not to overdose your pet from the medicine. Generally, the safe dosage for baby aspirins is 10mg per pound of body weight but not Advil.

Although this medication is safer than other human pain relievers, extended use is also not recommended for dogs. In fact, baby aspirins should not be administered to dogs that are prone to ulcer.

Providing Relief from Pain for Your K9

Advil is a definite no-no for dogs because it is toxic to your pet. As a responsible dog owner, you should educate yourself as to which types of drugs are safe for your dogs and which types of medicines are dangerous. In case of doubt, you should consult a vet right away. Administering drugs that you know nothing about can bring more harm to your dog, and it is not worth the risk.

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