Read This Before Giving Your Dog Theraflu!

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Are you wondering if Theraflu is safe for dogs?

First thing’s first: This product comes in several different formulations.

Can I Give My Dog Theraflu?Every type of Theraflu is potentially dangerous for your dog—they actually all contain the same active ingredient.

Do not even consider using this medication!

When it comes to dogs, Acetaminophen is easily harmful.

Do Not Give Your Dog Theraflu

This particular over-the-counter brand is generally unsafe for animals.

Your best course of action is to see a trusted veterinarian, especially if symptoms linger.

But your dog likely does not require a pharmaceutical for a case of the sniffles or similar mild symptoms. A cold usually passes without the need for risky meds.

In any case, Theraflu is a bad choice and certainly isn’t a solution!

Harmful Active Ingredient

At last count, there are over a dozen variations of Theraflu.

They do this to occupy as much shelf real estate as possible. The truth is they’re all similar.

Every single Theraflu product contains Acetaminophen.

Theraflu Label w/ Ingredient Highlight

Whether you have ExpressMax™ day or night or a multi-symptom version of Theraflu, it does not matter.

All powder, liquid, syrup and caplets are off limits for your dog — at least without professional guidance.

No exceptions!

Theraflu really is risky for pets. This goes for anything that contains Acetaminophen.

Accidental Canine Consumption

Has your dog somehow gotten into your supply of Theraflu?

This is worrying because the active ingredients are toxic. It comes down to sensitivity of the drug and the dosage consumed.

Hopefully your dog will vomit, purging their system to a degree.

A vet visit is advised.

It’s often the case that activated charcoal or hydrogen peroxide are used for such poisoning predicaments.

Warning: Go it alone and there is really no safe Theraflu dose for your dog. Any amount would be cause for concern.

Puppies And Small Breeds

Hopefully you are convinced about being very cautious when it comes to Theraflu.

It is even more unsafe for puppies and smaller breeds. Obviously, pregnant and nursing pups should never be given any.

Even if you have a big healthy dog, forget about providing Theraflu! The risks outweigh any benefits.

Fact: Many pets die from these exact active ingredients each and every year.

Some Better Alternatives

Does your dog have a cough, fever or other flu-like symptoms?

Some antihistamines and even decongestants can be used on animals, but Theraflu is highly questionable.

Benadryl, for example, would be safer.

There is also a much safer product specifically designed for dogs called Vet Rx which is 100% natural.

But, again it’s often the case you don’t need to do anything. Canines usually bounce back quickly from colds.

On the other hand…

Something like Kennel Cough could be your dog’s underlying problem. If so, that would require your vet’s diagnosis and treatment regimen.

The Bottom Line

If going it alone, do not provide Theraflu to your dog.

The active ingredient, Acetaminophen, can be toxic for animals.

Pets do not typically need medication for symptoms commonly alleviated with Theraflu.

In any case, this product is generally a bad choice for pets. We think it’s too dangerous for dogs!

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