Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Cream Cheese!

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Are you wondering if your dog can handle eating some cream cheese?

Can I Give My Dog Cream Cheese?Straight to the point:

This spread is not exactly toxic, but that doesn’t mean sharing is smart.

Eating cream cheese obviously won’t be beneficial for your dog.

But is it harmful?

Honestly, there are some potential downsides. For example, lots of canines are lactose intolerant. Keep reading to learn more…

Your Dog Should Not Eat Much (if any) Cream Cheese

A small amount will likely be uneventful, though a bout of diarrhea would not be surprising.

Cream cheese isn’t the worst thing you could feed your dog. That said, the high levels of fat as well as lactose and other ingredients should make you think twice.

The point is this:

Tossing your dog a bagel, particularly one loaded up with this white spread, is not a great idea.

The Lactose is a Factor

It is true that cream cheese typically doesn’t have as much lactose as, for example, low-fat milk.

In any case, your dog’s ability to process it is uncertain. Sure, many owners feed their pets all kinds of foods that contain lactose without incident.

At the very least, go easy with the cream cheese and especially the first time your dog gets a taste!

But, again, our view is that you’d be wise to not share at all.

Some Other Considerations

Besides lactose, cream cheese has high levels of fat.

Let’s face it:

This spread is rich which means it is not optimal for dogs. So, don’t view this food as creamy and tasty.

You have to carefully examine what you’re introducing. The thing is most cream cheeses contain stabilizers and that aren’t good for dogs!

Further, let’s also not forget about all those calories.

You would be making matters worse, particularly if you already have an overweight pet.

Cream Cheese In Recipes

Are you getting the impression that cream cheese should not be given to dogs no matter what?

Actually we’ve only addressed straight cream cheese. A compromise is using it as an ingredient.

Check out this recipe for dogs!

There is also nothing wrong with treating a best friend to dog biscuits with some cream cheese frosting. It’s all about using it in a smart way and in moderation.

Cream Compared To Cottage

Looking for a better alternative to cream cheese?

Cottage cheese!

It is lighter and more healthy. Yet, it cannot possibly replace your dog’s regular chow.

Cottage cheese can, however, provide extra protein for a recovering dog.

In that sense, it is superior and more useful.

The Bottom Line

While not a great choice, many dogs can handle tiny amounts of cream cheese.

But this spread is not something that is healthy. So, if you do share, watch for signs that your buddy can’t handle it.

Remember that cream cheese is fairly rich. And your dog could also be lactose intolerant meaning it may not agree with their stomach.

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4 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Cream Cheese!”

  1. What about vegetarian cheese?

  2. Our late Yellow Labrador (he was almost 13 years old when he passed) in his later years would only take pills with cream cheese. Not regular cheese or peanut butter! With both, he’d eat the cheese or peanut butter and spit out the pill.

    But with cream cheese, he couldn’t wolf it down fast enough! I agree with the comments. In small amounts, it should be okay.

    1. I had the same experience with my Yorkie. She would spit out the pill with all other foods, except cream cheese.

  3. Why does anyone give their dog human food? They don’t seem to care until you decide to give it to them. It just seems careless to give your dog food that is so bad for humans – much less dogs.

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