The Truth About Giving Your Dog Bacon!

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Does your pet perk up from the smell of cooked bacon? That isn’t surprising. Many dogs recognize the aroma even before the frying begins!

Can I Give My Dog Bacon?Unfortunately it’s a bad idea to share this type of meat.

That’s right. You should consider skipping these juicy meat strips when it comes to your dog.

The reason is pretty simple.

Rich, greasy and fatty pork is harmful for animals too.

And consider that canine consumption of bacon could eventually cause pancreatitis.

Do Not Feed Your Dog Bacon

A small taste can easily turn into sharing more regularly.

Be smart. Do not give any fried bacon. You want your dog to be around for many years. It can be hard to say no, but be strong.

There is no way around it:

Greasy bacon is detrimental for dogs. Feeding it is, without a doubt, unhealthy over the long term.

Just because this meat has protein doesn’t make it okay.

Bacon And Pet Pancreatitis

Rich and very fatty foods (bacon strips included) can harm your dog’s pancreas.

Inflaming this gland will affect its function and cause terrible health problems.

Such a poor diet will make your dog more prone to pancreatitis. Also consider that this pork is carcinogenic.

Quite scary!

Another factor is the high salt. This may contribute to other problems — like bloating and twisting of the intestines.

Make no mistake about it:

Too much bacon will harm to your dog.

Terrible Telltale Signs

Early indications of pancreatitis include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain

Symptoms are similar to those associated with food poisoning or a drug overdose.

It is difficult to trace some of these signs to pancreas problems. Blood work may be needed to accurately diagnose such a condition.

Put your mind at ease. Simply have a policy of never feeding your dog bacon or any type of pork.

About That Bacon Grease

Bacon grease is even worse!

All the unhealthy fats are in the grease and in a more concentrated form.

This can clog your dog’s arteries. Greasy oil, in any food, is bad for the heart.

Your dog may really love the taste of bacon grease, but a good pet parent will withhold bacon — especially the nasty grease. Yuck!

Never Nourish With Nitrites

Whether raw or cooked, hopefully you agree that bacon isn’t good for dogs.

Did we mention that it can easily cause diarrhea?

There may also be parasites, worms and bacteria in the meat.

Bacon’s curing process involves the use of chemical compounds (nitrites) and other preservatives. This can contribute to cancer as well as kidney, liver, and heart damage.

Still not convinced?

Watch this quick video which nicely sums up the dangers of bacon.

The Bottom Line

Do not share bacon with your dog.

There can be some serious health consequences with pancreatitis of particular concern.

Bacon strips are tasty, but they can really wreak havoc.

Get a supply of dog treats with a bit of low-fat bacon and cheese instead.

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