Can I Give My Dog Zantac?

Can I Give My Dog Zantac?Zantac alleviates heartburn and acid indigestion. If a pet dog seems to be experiencing similar symptoms, can this popular product be safely given?

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Most over-the-counter drugs come with higher risks for animals. Zantac obviously wasn’t formulated with dogs in mind. That said, some vets do prescribe this people pill.

But many owners and vets advocate not giving dogs any sort of human medications, including Zantac. That’s the side we’re on. Canine health problems should be addressed, first, with a proper diagnosis.

Can I Give My Dog Zantac? Answer: Not Recommended

Also known as Ranitidine, this drug shouldn’t given unless under strict guidance from a vet.

The symptoms your dog is showing may be the sign of a bigger problem. A vet can assesses the situation and come up with a way to treat the condition. You don’t want to cover up or subdue symptoms that could lead to a long-term problem.

If you must administer Zantac to your dog, never give them more than 1mg per pound of their body weight when you add it to their meals.

Dogs and Digestion

Dogs are able to process all sorts of things that a human would have problems with. Since their major way of communicating with the world is to put things in their mouth, they end up eating lots of things they shouldn’t.

They’re also known to be fast eaters, so it’s no surprise that they end up getting indigestion, upset stomach and acid reflux.

Your part as the owner is to try to make sure that they only eat their dog food, and then to make note of anything that goes in that shouldn’t have.

Possible All-Natural Fix

There are specially designed dog bowls that are supposed to make it so your dog slows down when they eat. You can also try raising their bowl up so they have a better angle when they eat.

Both of these methods can help reduce the amount of times your dog gets acid reflux, and can also help with their digestion overall.

The raising of the bowl will help them take in less air, so they won’t be as gassy, and slowing then down when they eat can help them from feeling the effects of eating too fast, or too much at once.

Tip: Try breaking up larger servings into multiple feedings per day.

Upgrading Their Food

Some dogs experience stomach problems because of a low-grade dog food diet. Instead of having to give your dog medicine to account for the cheap dog food, it makes more sense to give them the best food you can budget, and then not have so many other problems down the road.

The effects of a poor diet will manifest in ways that you might not link back to being because of the food.

Their coat might not be as shiny, they won’t have as much energy, and they’ll tend to get sick more often, and recover more slowly. Today there are premium dog foods that are formulated so your dog has everything they need to stay healthy and symptom free.

Conclusion on Zantac

When it comes to taking care of a dog, they’re pretty easy, and easy going. As long as they have a good dog food, fresh water to drink, and get regular exercise, you can expect many years of enjoyment from them, without having to worry about vet visits or medicating your dog with things like Zantac.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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