Can I Give My Dog Something for Arthritis?

What Can I Give My Dog For Arthritis?Older dogs are prone to arthritis. Overweight canines, with little or no exercise, are also susceptible but the condition can affects man’s best friend at any age.

Arthritis is a quality of life issue. It’s a viscous cycle and can be quite painful for dogs. These aches and pains aren’t completely curable, but there are good pet pain solutions that we’ll be recommending.

How to best help your dog generally depends on the severity of the arthritis. Several different pain meds can be considered. Ideally, a vet’s consultation is best but there are things you can do at home.

What Can I Give My Dog for Arthritis? Answer: There are several options

OTC medications, food supplements and natural remedies are all ways to treat canine arthritis.

The most common conventional remedies are over-the-counter medications because they are fast acting but they carry risks. There are safer alternatives which kick in fairly quickly. My older dog receives GlycanAid which works wonders for her. Veterinarians often consider something like Rimadyl which is a safe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

From Glucosamine to Basil

There’s a wide range of treatment options when it comes to arthritis. Some pets receive daily joint supplements containing chondroitin and glucosamine but the effectiveness is open for debate. There are treats and food supplements containing these compounds and they may help to lubricate and even repair your aging dog’s joints. Even something as simple as basil has anti-inflammatory properties which may help.

Ideas for Arthritis Supplements

Some types of Glucosamine can be directly injected into your dog to treat serious arthritis cases. These are faster acting versus the oral types. Injectables can be used together with oral medications. Also worth looking into are all-natural herbal anti-inflammatory capsules developed specifically for dogs.

Fish oil with fatty acids are rich in Omega-3 and they may help. The human-formulated type may also be given to dogs, but it’s best to run it by a professional for an actionable plan that you can stick to.

Consider Using Vitamin E & C

Vitamin E is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and there’s no reason why this cannot also work for the family dog. Much like fish oil, this natural supplement is beneficial for joint health. You just have to figure out the proper dose. Depending on the size of your dog, you may consider 100 to 400 IU on a daily basis.

Vitamin C also can reduce inflammation. Better yet, it is possible that your dog’s nerve signals will improve which can play a big role in reducing aches and pains brought on by arthritis. Dosage for vitamin C ranges from 500 to 4,000mg, again depending on your pooch’s size.

Telltale Signs of Arthritis

Make sure your best buddy really has the onset of arthritis. Observe their movements and watch for stiffness, particularly when they try standing. Is it difficult for your dog to get up? Also, see if they have a hard time traversing stairs.

Pay attention to when your dog is eating, urinating or doing any activity that requires standing for long periods. If they lose balance or if the legs start to give out easily, these are probably arthritis symptoms. Sleeping too much or less interest in playtime could be a result of aches and pains which bring down mood.

If several of these descriptions apply to your dog then chances are that they may already be suffering from some degree of arthritis or other joint related problems.

Conclusion on K9 Arthritis

When a pet dog is dealing with arthritis some OTC medications can help, but something prescribed by a vet would be more appropriate. Food supplements and other natural remedies can also alleviate pain but they aren’t as fast acting. A lifestyle change may be in order since some dogs don’t fully appreciate their physical limitations. Fido may need to take it easier. Having a loving and compassionate master is the best remedy an arthritic dog can have.

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Styxx October, 2016

I have a 3 year old, 60 pound Boxer with arthritis. What can I give to help with pain?


Lily May, 2016

I just recently read online that you can give your dog apple cider vinegar to treat arthritis. My 12 year old Boxer has arthritis in both of her knees and I treat her with tumeric. I apply it myself by massaging it in. I use 2 Ortocanis dog knee braces (one for each of her arthritic knees). The knee brace and the supplements, I’d say, are what made the most noticeable differences in her quality of life.


David March, 2016

I have been giving my 16 year old Scottie Webbox muscle and joint bites. They are small liver flavored bites. He has has three a day and has been on them for 18 months. He runs around like a puppy.


Stephanie August, 2015

I have a 14 year old Cairn Terrier. In the last year, his age has really started to show. He very much turned into a loner and now sleeps a lot, doesn’t go up the stairs or jump anymore. It was tough watching. Then my vet recommended Hill’s JD dog food made for joints. I really was a skeptic until one day he ran up the stairs to join the family again! He just got better and I’m still in awe of his progress within only 3 weeks.


Jess August, 2015

The origin of all dog breeds is the Wolf which continues to dominate in the wild. Wolfs live off the purest elements, vitamins and minerals which the immune system benefits from. There is no such thing as arthritis in the wild. Save yourself money and take a holistic approach to building your dog’s immune with fresh bones, meat, supplements and vitamins in the closest natural form you can! I have done it with my 9 year old Rottweiler and it cured her of arthritis.


Val October, 2015

There is arthritis in wild but because wolfs live in packs, they are looked after by the others and their life span is only about 8 years. I tried the holistic approach with my German Shepherd but to no avail. Although she has the supplements, it turned out she’s allergic to grain! Pet food is full of rubbish and packed with wheat. It adds to ailments and vet bills.


Jess October, 2015

Val, you should try Wild Oil of Oregano (80% carvacrol) for your German Shepard. Arthritis is a virus and this oil allows the body to seek it out and completely eliminate it from your dog’s system.


Shirley June, 2015

My Chihuahua-mix dog is displaying every symptom of arthritis. She’s 10 years old and she is also overweight. I can’t afford to take her to a vet. Is there something I can purchase in a pet store or online? I’m extremely worried about her and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


Donna August, 2015

I would think that, first and foremost, you must get her weight down. This is a key factor and a healthy diet would probably be best for both her weight and arthritis.


Michelle September, 2015

Hi Shirley. My 8 year old dog started developing arthritis 6 months ago. I was recommended an all-natural joint supplement with organic turmeric, glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. My dog loved the taste and we are not 5 months into taking it and have seen incredible improvement! I love it and it’s made in the USA.


Marian April, 2015

What can I give my 50 pound English Setter to reduce fear of thunderstorms and lightening? I have tried Thundershirt but it doesn’t work. He pants and runs around the house. He’s about 13 years old and a rescued dog.


Rose May, 2015

I had that problem with my older dog, but it was due to a bad tooth. Have you had him checked? We lost our Schnauzer and he also was a rescue. You could try Benadryl, check with vet. Also, a warm blanket may help. Good luck!


Marian May, 2015

Thanks for the info. He was just to the vet for a yearly checkup and rabies shot. He said Benadryl was okay except that it took about 2 hours to get into his system. He also said that there’s a drugstore cream we can try. You put it in the hairless part of the inside ear. I like the idea of a warm blanket, if he’ll stay put for awhile. I appreciate your reply!


Gordon July, 2015

When I start to hear fireworks, or a bad thunderstorm, I put my dog in my bedroom and close the door. Then I turn on a box fan, on high, so he can’t hear anything else.


Aino June, 2015

Thundershirt effect sometimes wear off if it’s used too long. Try wrapping his head with an ace bandage at the same time, not too tight but around the neck and ears. This will diminish hearing a little. You can also use a part of a sweater or sweatshirt sleeve.


Ron March, 2016

I had an Akita with the same problem. I gave her 1mg of Xanax and this calmed her down completely. She lived to be 16 years old which is incredible for that breed.


Ron April, 2015

Can a human joint supplement be given to a dog?


Clar June, 2015

I looked it up and found that you can give human joint supplements to a dog.


Maggie April, 2015

I use baby aspirin for my girls. My mini Schnauzer weighs 20 pounds so I give her 1/2 to 1 tablet. It is extremely helpful for her arthritis.


Mark March, 2015

This had the best impact for my dog. It’s enzyme-based:

LifeSpan Systemic Enzymes for Dog Arthritis, Mobility, and Pain Relief


Yevette January, 2015

My Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Monika is old but I’m not sure how old because she is a rescue dog. Vets estimate 14 years. I have her daughter at home, she is 10 years old. Monika had a cancer operation a year ago but now is suffering with arthritis. She is still lively and eating and drinking. Her back right leg keeps giving way. She was put on Meloxicam and joint tablets. I don’t know what else to do.

My kids say I’m being cruel but there is life in her yet! She gets caught short in the night when I’m in bed and I put puppy pads down but she does not always make them. I love her and so does her daughter. Please somebody what should I do? Phoebe has never been without her and I’ve had Monika for 13 years. I don’t want to prolong her agony and I don’t mind cleaning up after her. My husband died 8 years ago this month and I lost my Dad last year. My girls were there when no one else was. Someone answer my prayer.


Adrienne April, 2015

You will know when it’s time. If she is still lively, eating and drinking then as you said she does have life in her. Your vet will also be able to help you make a decision. I know things might have changed since January, but it sounds like he/she is willing to help you with Monika’s care by prescribing medication. You are willing and able to clean up after her. My belief is that you will know when suffering begins and you will be able to do the right thing by her and by you.


Edna November, 2014

Can I give my dog Ibuprofen? She is 12 years old and seems to be a bit stiff when trying to get on beds or sofas.


Adren January, 2015

Never give Ibuprofen or Tylenol to your dog. They are poisonous and chances are she will die as a result.


Terence January, 2014

Some good ingredients for treating arthritis in dogs:
– Broccoli
– Cantaloupe
– Chicken Gizzard
– Coral Calcium
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

These are all natural ways to treat a dog’s arthritis.


Jeff February, 2015

I heard that sardines in spring-water is good for dog arthritis. Is this true?


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