Can I Give My Dog a Vaccination at Home?

Can I Vaccinate My Dog?Can dogs be given vaccination shots at home? Opinions are all over the place on this topic. There’s also a general mistrust of immunizations. This is a huge issue so let’s discuss it!

The web has spread doubts about what should be routine vaccinations. Make no mistake, you need to get them done for your pet dog. Don’t let rumors affect a furry friend’s health.

Hopefully you agree and so the real question becomes: can you do any vaccinations in the comfort of your own home? We’ll focus on that possibility for your dog’s sake!

Can I Give My Dog a Vaccination? Answer: If you know what you’re doing

Leave it to a professional, unless you are very knowledgeable.

But even inexperienced pet parents can easily provide an effective natural antibiotic for the Parvo Virus. That’s if your dog is already suffering from this viral disease. Regarding the required preventative vaccinations, lots of owners are interested in to administer them. The thinking is: do the required injections yourself and avoid costly vet bills.

Perhaps shots don’t scare you one bit. Whatever your reasoning, read on!

DIY Vaccinations for Dogs

Do-it-yourself vaccination kits exist, but some materials aren’t available for purchase. Cleaning your dog’s teeth and ears is one thing, but vaccines are an entirely different level of responsibility.

On the other hand, you may have specialized experience working with animals. Maybe you’re a nurse, or a doctor, in which case go for it. Otherwise, leave vaccinations to the professionals.

Many governments actually require that a licensed vet administer vaccines. You could have a tough time getting full immunization for your dog without expert help.

Getting the Required Shots

The Rabies vaccine is mandated by law in the United States. View the laws in all 50 states regarding Rabies vaccination to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements.

Almost all states now require that a licensed veterinarian perform the Rabies shot.

Some other core vaccines are also legally required for dogs. This is why it’s crucial to keep good records. Your dog’s medical history will be well-documented if you depend on a vet.

Core Canine Vaccinations

Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus are viral infections that dogs are susceptible to. Fido needs protection by way of vaccination. Many owners also immunize their dogs against Parainfluenza and Bordetella.

Puppies typically are given the core vaccinations from 8-12 weeks after birth.

On a related note, many dogs require antibiotics for certain bacterial infections.

Some Vaccine Side Effects

Know the dangers if you plan to vaccinate at home. Anaphylactic reactions are rare, but your dog could die from this complication without access to life saving measures.

The possibility of an allergic reaction is probably the top reason why you shouldn’t chance it.

Duration Doubts & Timing

Over-vaccinating is another issue. It’s tough to nail down how often a dog should get immunization doses. Most vets say that vaccinating yearly is unnecessary. A frequency of 3 years or so is probably best.

Timing can depend on risk factors including geographic location, breed, age and medical history. Let a vet determine what’s best for your pet dog.

Conclusion on Vaccinating

You probably shouldn’t vaccinate a dog at home. You need a vet to determine the required shots, frequency and risks as they apply to your dog. Most veterinary professionals offer excellent immunization advice. An expert’s help is highly recommended. Avoid vaccination risks so you can focus on the happier aspects of dog ownership!

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