Can I Give My Dog Trout?

Can I Give My Dog Trout?You have to be extremely careful when it comes to feeding Fido trout. This particular type of fish comes with real dangers for dogs.

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Many owners are aware of a condition known as Salmon Poisoning Disease (SPD). Unfortunately, this isn’t commonly associated with canine trout consumption.

The truth is that trout, whatever species, carries the same potentially deadly parasite which can be fatal for your precious pet dog. You must learn more!

Can I Give My Dog Some Trout? Answer: Be Very Careful – Never Raw

There’s a real lack of awareness about this member of the salmonid family.

Trout falls into the same category of fish that can contain the Rickettsial parasite or Nanophyetus salmincola. These fluke are downright dangerous for your dog and that means you should never feed Trout in raw form. It’s not okay to throw a furry friend this fish head!

We should note that there is quality dog food that incorporates trout. It does offer lots of nutrients so it’s not all gloom and doggie doom.

Trout Without SPD

By thoroughly cooking your trout fish it is likely that your dog will benefit and not have to suffer with Salmon Poisoning Disease.

It’s well known that fish is healthy and canines can utilize rainbow trout, for example, for its rich potassium, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids as well as protein. It also happens to be low in contaminants.

If it weren’t for the risks healthy trout would be absolutely outstanding for four-legged friends, and that’s not a fish story!

Flukes Fatal for Fido

Too many dogs have sadly died (usually 7 to 10 days later) following salmon or trout consumption, but not before they suffered with bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, elevated fever and other terrible side effects.

Don’t let this happen to your dog! Never feed raw trout and most of the risks will be eliminated. Avoid this fish altogether and you’ll have piece of mind that your buddy won’t experience SPD. That’s a judgement call.

One thing is sure, if your pet dog does get sick you’ll certainly need professional help and fast. The use of an antibiotics is urgent as are various anti-parasitic drugs that the vet will advise you on.

Is Cooked Trout Okay?

You can provide a dog with portions of cooked trout provided you are sure it is fresh. The parasites, often found in less than fresh fish, is what’s so darn health hazardous for hounds – not the fish itself.

Again, some pet parents skip trout and other Salmonids and that is totally understandable. We have elected to avoid this family of ray-finned fish. It’s a conservative approach with trout.

That doesn’t mean fish in general should be a scary food for your dog. Tuna is just one example.

Conclusion on Trout

It’s questionable to give a dog trout. Raw is off limits since SPD is serious and often fatal. Make no mistake, fluke parasites in Trout can be very harmful for your dog. Salmon Poisoning Disease is misleading as it actually applies to several other types of fish including trout.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.

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