Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Oysters!

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Do you want to share oysters with your dog?

You’ll be happy to hear that feeding this type of fresh seafood is almost always harmless. Allergic reactions are quite a rare occurrence.

Can I Give My Dog Oysters?Play it safe anyway! Strictly limit your pet’s portions and especially when feeding these sea creatures for the first time.

There are other considerations as well…

Fried oysters are not a good choice — steamed is best for your dog.

And be sure to closely watch your furry friend afterwards.

In Moderation, Your Dog Can Eat Oysters

But give too much and diarrhea would not be surprising.

It cannot be stressed enough:

Limit sharing to a few oysters only. And again, prepare this seafood for your dog in a healthy way.

This advice also applies to:

  • Mussels
  • Winkles
  • Scallops
  • Any other type of sea snail or mollusks

Regarding uncooked oysters, our opinion is that dogs should not be eating raw seafood (oysters included).

Not Toxic – Not Terrific

Toxicity from a dog eating a portion of freshly cooked oysters?

Somewhat surprisingly, it is not a common occurrence.

Nevertheless, closely monitor for signs that your dog doesn’t agree with oysters.

While most animals are not allergic to seafood, you can’t know until adverse reactions begin to show up.

It is actually much more likely that oysters simply wouldn’t sit well with a pet pooch’s stomach.

Always err on the side of caution with the more exotic foods.

One could argue that with many other delicious options, sharing oysters isn’t the greatest of ideas. It really is a judgement call.

Protein Packed Oysters

Some view oysters as fantastic. Indeed there are lots of nutrients!

Much like fish, they offer plenty of protein which seems like a great fit for dogs.

But, also true is that you can add protein in many other more conventional ways.

Be realistic!

One thing is certain:

It is not advisable to rely on oysters for the protein that your dog needs to thrive.

A Precaution to Ponder

As if we didn’t raise enough doubts about oysters and dogs…

There is another reason to closely scrutinize this food.

Here goes…

Dinoflagellates are a type of algae in oysters that can be sort of toxic.

And unfortunately there is no way to know if your seafood supply contains this harmful element or not.

Because cooking oysters does not help in this regard, it’s another reason to be cautious when it comes to the safety of your precious dog.

The Bottom Line

Feeding your dog fresh oysters is likely to be uneventful. Sharing is usually not a problem.

If, on the other hand, this seafood doesn’t sit well with your animal’s stomach you can expect diarrhea. Allergies, while not totally out of the question, are thankfully uncommon.

But another factor to consider is that your dog could be affected by protist organisms sometimes present in oysters.

If you do ultimately decide to give a taste serve them steamed, never fried!

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