Can I Give My Dog Shrimp?

Can I Give My Dog Shrimp?Feeding Fido a few shrimp is harmless, but does this tasty crustacean really belong in a dog’s diet? Make a judgement call after reading about the key considerations.

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Shrimp contains lots of protein which is desirable for dogs. On the other hand, this popular seafood is high in cholesterol. There’s also a bit of an allergy concern.

Sharing shrimp is fine. Most dogs aren’t allergic to prawn, though it is a possibility. Other factors are preparation for pets and whether to serve them raw or cooked.

Can I Give My Dog Shrimp? Answer: Yes

Seafood can sometimes disrupt digestion. Small portions are recommended.

It’s okay to give shrimp to your dog, but don’t feed it to the point where they begin expecting this treat. It could turn into a bad habit. A much better way to provide prawn to your pet is with a high quality grain-free alligator, catfish and shrimp meal dog food.

Bayou biscuits are the treat form of this outstanding protein-packed recipe.

Shrimp is Very Nutritious

Shrimp is a nutritious treat for a dog. Few folks know that the selenium in prawn is an antioxidant. This ocean critter actually has two types of antioxidants which is great.

Phosphorous and vitamin-B12 are plentiful in shrimp. They’re also low in calories, carbs and fat. Sure, cholesterol is a concern. It’s best not to feed them to your dog too often.

The Safest Shrimp Servings

Cooking shrimp will kill off any harmful bacteria. You don’t want your dog to get an upset stomach if you can avoid it.

Serve these ocean critters cooked. This goes for any type of seafood! Of course, never give a pet dog leftover shrimp that’s been sitting around.

Prawn Preparation for Pets

If you give your dog some shrimp, be sure to remove the shell completely. This includes the tail, head and legs. While unlikely, they could cause a digestive blockage.

So even if your dog only gets a morsel of shrimp, as a reward or a treat, make sure it’s fully cooked and properly peeled before letting them indulge.

When Your Dog Disagrees

Dogs do get into things that they shouldn’t. In such cases, and shrimp is no different, expect vomiting or diarrhea or both.

Consider quarantining your dog to an easy to clean up area. Outdoors makes sense because things could get messy. Provide plenty of fresh water.

It’s also possible that they won’t enjoy this food. Check out this rejection!

Shellfish & Allergy Concern

A stomach disagreement is one thing but, much more worrying is if your dog experiences an allergic reaction from eating shrimp. That’s why keeping a pet’s diet simple makes sense.

It’s entirely possible that your dog is allergic to shrimp. You must get a vet’s help if symptoms are concerning. Shellfish, crab included, are common allergens.

Fish, such as salmon, is much less likely to trigger such a reaction.

Conclusion on Shrimp

You can treat your dog to a few shrimp, but limit consumption and don’t make it a habit. Many owners share shrimp without incident. Cook and de-shell your prawns before feeding them to a furry friend. Monitor your dog for allergic reactions, especially when providing shrimp for the first time.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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