Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Olives!

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Olives seem like a harmless enough food for dogs. But is that actually true?

Good news! Your furry friend can be fed a small amount of this bite-sized Mediterranean snack. Olives aren’t toxic.

With that being said, it is important to remove pits. Doing that will avoid any possibility that your dog could choke.

Can I Give My Dog Olives?You also have to keep in mind that canned foods typically contain lots of added sodium and other preservatives.

Your Dog Can Have a Few Rinsed And Pitless Olives

Moderation is a must and especially if they are loaded up with salt.

The thing is preservative-laden olives are much like cheap cherries. They obviously aren’t healthy for people or their dogs.

So it cannot be stressed enough:

Canned olive consumption should be limited. Don’t get carried away! And it’s really best to avoid salty brine as well as other questionable ingredients.

That’s why it is very important to read labels!

Pro Tip: Rinse off those olives for your dog. That’ll make them a bit healthier, but also easier on the kidneys.

Canned Black Olives

There are black and green olives — there is a difference!

The black variety tend to contain a bit less sodium compared to green olives.

Nevertheless, we still recommend that you keep your dog’s portions reasonable. And, again, clean them off before feeding this special snack.

Are Green Olives OK?

Green olives are usually picked at an earlier stage compared to ripe black olives.

This means green are unripened (comparatively) but the nutrition is nearly identical.

Quite honestly, you do not need to overly concern yourself with which type to feed your dog. The olive’s color isn’t a major factor.

Focus your efforts on rinsing off excess sodium and, again, removing pits if necessary.

The Stuffing Matters

Some olives are stuffed full of things like:

  • Blue cheese
  • Feta
  • Anchovies
  • Pimentos
  • Jalapeno

What’s in your olives?

It could be a feeding factor for Fido.

Fantastic Fat in Olives

Here is a surprise:

The fat found in olives is fine for dogs because it is unsaturated. In fact, it may actually:

They are heart healthy indeed!

The above is a big part of what makes olives desirable — minus the sodium factor of course.

In reality though your dog probably doesn’t need their blood pressure or cholesterol lowered.

So be realistic about what olives can do.

And ration portions based on the dog’s size and appropriate caloric intake.

The Bottom Line

You can feed your dog some olives, either black or green.

But make a strong effort to lower the sodium, particularly with preserved canned products.

At least in theory, olives can be healthy for dogs. The key is to share in moderation, and also remember to go completely pitless, i.e., no kernels.

Last but not least, thoroughly rinse before sharing a few olives.

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5 thoughts on “Read This Before Feeding Your Dog Olives!”

  1. My dog ate a black olive, pit included. Will this hurt him?

  2. My dog loves green olives but I wouldn’t give them to her every day just like I wouldn’t eat them myself every day. She loves feta cheese as well and must take after her mother.

  3. If you want to add oil, add coconut oil in dog food. It’s healthy.

  4. Is it okay to cook with extra virgin olive oil rather than vegetable oil? My dog is fat intolerant and one thing I cook for her is boneless, skinless chicken breast. If I don’t add oil they come out very dry. I use veggie oil now but a lot of recipes call for olive oil. Does olive oil have a taste where veggie oil doesn’t?

    1. I recommend boiling the chicken in chicken broth. Then, shred it and mix in some of the leftover chicken broth to keep it moist. My dogs both love this and no oil is needed!

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