Can I Give My Dog Sardines?

Can I Give My Dog Sardines?Sardines are a good supplementary meal for dogs. This type of fish adds variety to their feeding routine and helps them keep a nice shiny coat. Sardines contain lots of nutritional benefits which are, of course, also great for dogs. There are some interesting things to know about giving your canine sardines. Let’s take a closer look.

The advantages of giving your dog sardines on a weekly basis far outweigh any negatives, though it isn’t something you’ll want to give your pet daily. A couple of times a week is beneficial and a pleasant change to their usually boring kibble. In fact, the best way to feed your dog this treat is to occasionally mix it in with their regular food.

Your dog’s size will help determine how many sardines they should get at any given serving. One tin, but not more than 200 calories, once or twice a week is ideal for most dogs weighing between 10 to 20kg. Larger dogs may benefit from a slightly higher serving size amount.

Can I Give My Dog Sardines? Answer: Yes

If you do give your dog tinned sardines make sure they’re in spring water.

Try to avoid the brine or oil type whenever possible. Purchasing fresh sardines and cooking them yourself is a great treat and the best way to go!

Ensure there are no bones in the fish you are feeding to your dog. Some tinned fish come already boneless. Most don’t so carefully remove any and all bones before serving. Check the label. When cooking sardines you can usually remove the bones quite easily. Once that’s confirmed, cook them in some vegetable or sunflower oil to make an enjoyable meal for your beloved friend.

Advantages of Sardines

Sardines are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Feeding immediately after opening the tin or right after proper cooking is best.

This type of fish, sardines, helps give dogs a great coat and skin. It helps with so many other things as well. Sardines are an ideal choice for dogs suffering with allergies or arthritis. In regards to bone health, the natural oil in sardines can assist with stiff joints since it’s a natural way to relieve mild joint stiffness.

Sardines also help to regulate your dog’s immune system and reduce inflammation. Of course, we all know that Omega 3 is good for the brain. Yes, sardines are ideal for puppies and senior dogs to help with brain health. In general, people in North America, and their dogs, are not eating enough fish and sardines are one way to go!

Fish Options for Dogs

Dogs are somewhat omnivorous, like humans, so they are able to eat meat, fish and vegetables. Get them the best benefits from fish by feeding them tuna and salmon occasionally.

One or two servings each week should provide some extra Omega-3 fatty acids. Sardine fish will help reduce inflammation and relieve joint stiffness in older dogs as required. Besides sardines, tuna and salmon what fish do you feed your dog to keep them happy and healthy?

Moderation is the Key

Dogs do need meat and a balanced diet, which normally consists of quality kibble. Sardines are an added bonus for any pet and with so many advantages, it’s worth giving to them. Even if you don’t personally enjoy sardines your dog may love them! You may struggle with the strong smell of sardines and unfortunately your dog may smell like them for a couple of hours.

Don’t regularly feed your K9 fish because you shouldn’t on a daily basis. They need their meat, so alternate with some red meat a couple of times a week. Beef and lamb are excellent choices. Pork won’t do any harm but is too rich for a dogs’ digestive system.

Fish Bones Warning

Check every piece of fish you give your dog to ensure all the bones are removed. A small bone can easily get lodged in their throat and cause distress resulting in a vet visit. People, although rare, do die from bones blocking their wind pipes and dogs are no different.

A little extra care is all that is needed. Even when the can says boneless, it’s possible for small bones to be left behind. Check every serving so that your dog isn’t harmed while eating their delicious sardine meal.

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Darren October, 2014

I have been giving my 3-legged, ten year old jack Russell sardines for the past couple of months. Suddenly she can jump up onto the sofa and bed, something she hasn’t been able to do for about three years. It’s really weird, like it happened overnight. I can’t imagine this is coincidence.


Peggy February, 2015

Darren, that’s very good to know. I have a once-active Jack Russell Terrier. He’s about 8 pounds overweight and with it being winter and knee-deep in snow, I can’t get him out for our daily walks. Changing him to a grain-free kibble, along with fresh ground broiled meat 5 days a week, and salmon and/or sardines 2 days per week seems to be helping. He’s lost 2 pounds! Plus the constant licking and nibbling at his skin and paws has decreased greatly.


Mona July, 2013

Sardine bones are soft. The bones add nutrition. I’ve been feeding my dogs sardines with bones in them for years and have never run across one problem. Just mix them in with dry kibble. No need for bread.

Also olive oil is good for dogs, just make sure the cans are BPA free! Trader Joe’s has BPA free sardine cans and they are reasonably priced. I split one can of sardines twice a week between my Cockapoos while decreasing their kibble on those days.


James July, 2013

Hi Mona. Thanks for sharing your sardine strategy with us. Trader Joe’s is great by the way!


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