Panadol For a Pet Dog’s Pain? Read This First!

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Perhaps your dog has a persistent pain problem and you are wondering if Panadol is a safe enough option?

Here’s the deal:

It is true that Panadol can provide short-term relief. But, without your vet’s instructions, this drug is too risky for your dog.

Can I Give My Dog Panadol?The active ingredient, Acetaminophen, can be seriously harmful ie. organ damage or even organ failure!

Panadol Is Generally UnSafe For Dogs

This particular acetaminophen brand is well-known outside of the United States.

In any case…

It really is best to avoid giving your dog Panadol (AKA Paracetamol) unless your veterinarian expressly signs off and provides you with detailed instructions.

FYI: Regular Tylenol is basically the North American equivalent to Panadol. Both pain killers have a low margin of safety for dogs.

All Versions Are Easily Toxic

We don’t recommended that your dog take any version of Panadol. That said, some versions are worse than others.

For example:

Panadol Ultra contains caffeine in addition to acetaminophen. This adds an extra element of danger.

Panadol Poisoning Signs

Have you mistakenly given your best buddy Panadol?

Mild toxicity tends to cause upset stomach and tiredness.

But that’s not all…

Is your dog staggering, vomiting and/or acting restless? Is there blood in their stool or is their urine unusually dark-colored?

The above side effects require your vet’s help ASAP.

The situation may or may not be urgent. We’d like to stress, once more, the following:

Your dog’s liver and kidneys are susceptible once they ingest Paracetamol/Acetaminophen (APAP).

At What Paracetamol Dose?

European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) Committee For Veterinary Medicinal Products published a report on Paracetamol that found, “Lethal oral doses in the dog and cat are around 500 mg/kg bw and more than 50mg/kg bw, respectively.”

Converted to pounds, the amount relevant to canines is appropriately 227 milligram per pound of weight body.

But, in actuality, even low dosing of Panadol can be perilous for your dog!

Good Panadol Alternatives

Figuring out what to give your dog for pain can be tricky.

Your veterinarian should determine the optimal treatment based on your furry friend’s particular situation.

Want to be proactive and research your options?

Look into carprofen NSAIDs, such as Rimadyl or Vetprofen, and be sure to discuss them with your vet. These drugs are formulated for animals and reduce inflammation (something that Panadol doesn’t even do)!

Last but not least…

Baby aspirin can also be used to alleviate your dog’s minor aches and pains.

The Bottom Line

Panadol is an effective pain pill with fast-acting analgesic properties, but it is off limits to your dog if you plan to go it alone.

Thankfully, there are safer alternatives.

Investigate non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are specifically designed with dogs in mind.

Whatever you do avoid providing your precious pet pooch with Paracetamol.

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4 thoughts on “Panadol For a Pet Dog’s Pain? Read This First!”

  1. My dog has arthritis and is being tested by MRI, CT scan, X-ray and Ultrasound for joint aspiration of the shoulder as well as a bone tumor. She has been limping for 4 months with arthritic pain in all her joints (except her knees).

    My specialist and my regular vet told me to give her Panadol 500mg (2 times a day) for pain, but I don’t want her to have NSAIDs as she had one once and experienced gastritis. I also don’t want to compromise her internal organs.

    She is already on a lot of natural supplements including bovine cartilage, serra enzyme, deer velvet, rosehip powder, curcumin, krill oil and CBD oil. If she has a tumor she is going to need better relief. Can you suggest a safe pain killer?

  2. My dog has diarrhea and is losing weight.

  3. Is it safe to give a puppy Panadol?

  4. Paracetamol has been prescribed by my vet for my dog, who has pain from a tumor and has reacted badly to opiates. However, I’m scared to give it to him as he has had such severe reactions to all other pain relief. What should I do now? He seems to be in discomfort but Paracetamol could kill him?

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