Can I Give My Dog Rolaids?

Can I Give My Dog Rolaids?Treating a pet dog with some Rolaids is an interesting idea. Canines deal with gastro issues with more often than people think, but you have to consider practicality and the potential for negative effects.

We’ve covered Pepcid AC and Tums, among others, for treating these types of common pet problems but let’s address the Rolaids brand for dogs. It’s a valid question since this product is well known for suppressing heartburn and acid indigestion.

In fact, Rolaids claims to neutralize more acid compared to the competition. But there are so many competitors that dog owners are often confused about treating themselves, let alone their 4-legged friends! In any case, here’s our verdict on this particular over-the-counter medicine.

Can I Give My Dog Rolaids? Answer: Yes, the liquid version with vet approval

But also consider alternative antacids. Your vet can recommend the best brand for your dog’s particular situation.

Since these products are developed for people, stronger antacids would tend to be ill-suited and often harmful for dogs. A vet should make this call. Just as your pharmacist provides you with a safe dose accompanied with instructions for medication usage, you need to be careful about your dog’s intake of human over-the-counter medicines.

Be Cautious With Rolaids

Rolaids may not be lethal to dogs in low doses, but if they get to your supply and eat too many the result could be fatal. Relative to their body weight and biological system, harm is possible which is why giving your dog Rolaids is a big responsibility.

Regularly giving Rolaids, and in improper doses, can cause a long list of adverse health effects. These include kidney stones, decreased muscle flexibility, constipation, diarrhea and alkalosis among others. An active ingredient in Rolaids is calcium. That sounds great but too much calcium intake can be harmful for your dog.

How Do Dogs Spell Relief?

If you use Rolaids to treat your dog’s symptoms just remember that it doesn’t cure anything but simply provides relieve for what could be a more serious medical condition. For this reason, providing your dog Rolaids on an ongoing basis is not optimal or recommended. If you know they are regularly experiencing gastrointestinal issues, visit a vet as soon as possible.

Tablets vs. Liquid Rolaids

Almost everyone has heard of Rolaids but many people aren’t aware Rolaids also comes in liquid form. In theory, your dog may be better off taking Rolaids as a liquid simply because you can dilute it more effectively.

Since Rolaids is formulated for humans and their body weight range it may be too strong, especially smaller to medium sizes dogs. Many owners have reported success with administering similar medicines in liquid form which is why we favor the liquid form.

Some Other Antacid Brands

Weigh all your options for giving your dog either Rolaids or some other over-the-counter antacid brand. Here is a list which you can investigate further: Equate, Eno, Tums, Mylanta, Pepto Bismol, Milk of Magnesia, Maalox, Alka-Seltzer and Gaviscon.

There are also other less popular brands. Before using any of these on your dog, ask yourself if it would be better to address the underlying problem. I hear from many owners who simply can’t afford to properly treat their dogs and instead resort to treating just symptoms. It’s unfortunate but understandable.

But check with your local vet regarding giving your dog an antacid over-the-counter medicine. It can’t hurt to inquire about the use of Rolaids or other alternatives for your dog’s sake.

Conclusion on Rolaids

Rolaids is a possible treatment option for dogs. The liquid form may be most practical. As with any human drug, there’s a delicate balance because it’s designed for people. Use a conservative Rolaid dose and closely observe your dog for negative reactions. This includes Rolaids and OTC antacids in general.

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