Can I Give My Dog Persimmon?

Can I Give My Dog Persimmon?Providing a persimmon is a question mark for more than just a few dog owners. Can canines consume this berry? Let’s clear up the confusion.

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Interestingly, persimmons are actually berries. If you enjoy this fruit, your dog will come face-to-face with these delicious natural treats.

It’s understandable to think twice before feeding a persimmon to a dog. Conflicting info and advice is all over the place. Our answer is clear!

Can I Give My Dog a Persimmon? Answer: Yes, but no pits

They aren’t harmful but your pet’s stomach may not agree.

Much can be said for the health benefits of persimmons. Most notably, they contain lots of vitamin C but dogs produce their own. If you plan to occasionally feed persimmons to a buddy then keep it as a treat only. In other words, don’t depend on persimmons to nourish your dog.

More practical is a highly-rated fruity dog treat that’s healthy and can be fed consistently.

Persimmon for a Pooch

Let’s look at this flavorful delicacy based on nutritional data. Persimmons are a great source of vitamin A, potassium, lycopene, beta-carotene, manganese, folic acid and many others.

These nutrients are significant since many are antioxidants. Dogs, though, have a somewhat different set of dietary priorities. This fruit, however, could have an anti-inflammatory effect. That’s great!

Persimmons & Practicality

Persimmons are indeed healthy. While your dog may benefit in theory, often times it isn’t realistic to expect much in the way of noticeable results.

For practical reasons and more pressing dietary needs, you can’t be feeding your dog persimmons with enough consistency to move the needle – so to speak.

Always Withhold the Seeds

What you should be concerned with regarding the persimmon is actually the pit or seed. The good news is that they aren’t nearly was harmful as peach pits or some other types.

But persimmon pits can inflame your dog’s small intestines and may cause some associated digestive issues. Not to mention that they could present a choking hazard in rare cases.

Sometimes it’s best to avoid complicating your best friend’s life. While many persimmons don’t even contain a pit, be sure to check. Better safe than sorry for your dog’s sake!

Fruits for Dogs in General

Dogs don’t really need to be eating fruits, especially on a regular basis. This obviously goes for the persimmon as well since they tend to contain a lot of fructose which isn’t so great.

That said, many owners feed fruits without incident; take the popular banana for example. But any kind of supplement to your dog’s diet should be secondary to meats and their proteins.

Anytime you introduce a new food, like persimmons, you increase digestive irregularity and stomach ache possibilities. Be realistic in that dogs don’t appreciate food variety like humans do.

Conclusion on Persimmons

You can feed your dog a persimmon, but prepare it and limit consumption. Be realistic about health benefits. There are more important nutritional priorities for dogs. Remove the persimmon’s pit. It’s a potentially harmful aspect of this fruit. As with all humans foods, observe your dog after chow time.

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Dr. Stephanie Flansburg Cruz, a practicing vet, has reviewed and endorsed this article. She has 3 dogs of her own and cares about the welfare of all animals.


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